A spell making a request to the Universe to help you earn money doing what you love and what you are good at. Recite the following.

Now to unveil all within
Powers to encourage what is meant to be
I awaken
I see all there is for me
Unseen powers nourish and shape
I immerse in all I can be
Talent I have
Talent set free
Potential am I
Lid is lifted
Genie is free
Now to be all I can be
Now to unveil all I am
I am becoming
I am to be
What is within will be set free
I look and now do see
The beauty of everything waiting to be
Like flower blossoming under sunlight
Lid is lifted
Genie is free
I do take flight
Now to be all that I can be
Encapsulate that which is hidden within
Now to come forth when bidden
My light revealed for all to see
Potential waits to be born
Potential mine
I claim with reverence all I am
I claim with knowing all I can do
I claim absolutely all I can be
Now to unveil it is to be
I awaken


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