Money Spells

Spell to help you to save

Spell to help you to save
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Spell to help you to save

Spell to help you to save and have more financial freedom.

Recite the following.


Good fortune I preserve

Willingness to change is now mine

I yield to the power of my potential

Major growth is to be mine

Reason and common sense do flow

I am inspired

Thoughtful action is required

Funds received cautiously handled

Finances controlled attention paid

No detail ignored

 Restraint be mine

Actions considered

Diligent behavior will be maintained

Unseen powers active here

Willing mind

Willing heart

Finances safe I do maintain

Money flows in I do retain

I re-evaluate and organise

I am inspired

I wait in readiness for self-transformation

With vigilant willingness

Good fortune I preserve

Profound knowing does now guide

I do behold all that can be

The power is now within me

Money mine

Wisdom mine

It will be

This spell is to encourage a positive frame of mind, which will rouse you to begin a financial plan for yourself, by paying yourself no less than ten percent as soon as you receive money you will be able to watch your finances grow which will then allow you to have more choices in your life, you will be able to have the joy of watching your coffers fill readily, thus feeling empowered financially as you exert control over your financial situation.


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