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Prosperity spell requesting abundance

Prosperity spell requesting abundance
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Prosperity spell requesting abundance

With this spell you are asking for prosperity. You are sending a message to the ether requesting abundance.

You will need:
One yellow candle.
One silver item.
One teaspoon of saffron.
One teaspoon of salt.
The juice of one lemon.
One teapot.
One cup of water.
One wooden spoon.
Rose essence.
A garden, if you don’t have a garden, a pot plant is suitable.
This spell is the be after dark.

Light the candle. Place the cup of water, the saffron, the salt, the juice of one lemon and two drops of rose essence, into the teapot. Stir nine times clockwise with the wooden spoon. Place the lid on the teapot and put your hands on either side of the teapot.

Recite the following:

Wealth aplenty will be mine. Golden coins rain down upon me. Make me richer by and by. Let this be done.

When your chant is complete, pour the contents of the teapot into your garden or plant pot. Sit and focus on the candle flame imagine that you are prosperous, do this for ten minutes, then let the candle burn down.

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