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Improved attitude towards your finances spell

Improved attitude towards your finances spell
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Spell to help create a new and improved attitude towards your finances

This is a spell for those who have difficulty saving, a spell to help create a new and improved  attitude towards your finances and how to handle them.


Items: One wooden spoon

One teaspoon of basil in a saucer

One silver teaspoon

Frangipani oil essence

One green candle in holder


Ritual: Place the candle at 12o’clock behind the saucer with the basil, light it, put two drops of frangipani essence on the basil. Balance the wooden spoon across the saucer face up, place the silver spoon next to it face up. Recite the following.

Deities of opulence guide me now

Gods of Earth and all that grows

Imbue me now with wisdom yours

Deities of opulence I will follow

Prosperity now I build upon

All I need will now be mine

My fate is sealed all is well

It is to be




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