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The Rooster

The Rooster
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1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Natural Energy: Yin (Negative)

Natural Element: Metal

The Rooster takes tenth position by Buddha’s side in the Chinese Zodiac, this is a position of strength, attention, and honour. The Rooster learns the lesson of application, Roosters are flamboyant, they are attracted to social occasions. The Rooster works with great determination, their eye is always on achieving their goals. Those born under this sign are loyal, trustworthy and blunt when it comes to offering their opinions. Roosters would rather be admired for their good looks than for their intelligence.  Roosters are brave, confident and brilliant, and at their best in a crowded room. Roosters enjoy spending their time dreaming and mediating about grand ideas and philosophies. They are extremely social beings, and love being the center of attention, they can also easily be influenced by the flattery and sweet comments of others. Roosters are proud and extremely organised and always keep their home neat and tidy.


The best careers for a rooster include an accountant, artist, actor or police officer, actually any profession that requires a uniform would impress the Rooster. Roosters are highly motivated and hard-working, they are articulate and knowledgeable, and know how to gain attention. Joyful, witty and amusing, the rooster will never miss an opportunity to mention their accomplishments. They are very good in roles in the military, however a Rooster would never make a good spy as they crave attention and adore praise. Other good career choices for Roosters include:  Fireman, model, dentist, book keeper, restaurant owner and bodyguard.

Character Traits

Protective, entertaining, courageous, ambitious, resilient, proud, cultivated, knowing, impulsive, provocative, flamboyant and extravagant.


As a lover the rooster needs to be in control, to be the boss, and needs a partner who is thick-skinned. The Rooster will be generous and often buy expensive dinners, wine, exotic holidays and expensive gifts. The Rooster also has a very straight forward honest approach, but that doesn’t always work well with sensitive individuals. Underneath the Rooster’s tough exterior you will find a warm caring and loving heart.

 Love Compatibility

Rooster – Rat

In this relationship both wear their boxing gloves, the Rat critiques the Rooster and the Rooster reacts, not responding well to any criticism. They both have lively minds and are highly intelligent, this can be a stimulating friendship, but a long term relationship is likely to be doomed.

Rooster – Ox

This is an entirely inspired and stimulating relationship, that has all the elements necessary for a successful long term partnership. Both are capable of running a warm and welcoming home, the Rooster is efficient and organised which the Ox loves. This is a durable and entirely satisfying long term soul partnering.

Rooster – Tiger

There is no ease of communication with these souls, they are at odds from the start, they can successfully have a passionate affair, but long term they would not be able to maintain a relationship.

Rooster – Rabbit

The Rooster looks down upon the delicate sensibilities of the Rabbit, even with effort on both sides the chances of a successful long term union is remote.

Rooster – Dragon

The Dragon is well and truly entranced by the lively and talkative Rooster, they can embark on a titillating relationship that offers each of them a dedicated and inspiring partner. Once they commit they are an item for life.

Rooster – Snake

The intuitive, relaxed and passive Snake is too philosophical for the aggressive and fast moving Rooster, they are both calculating, in control and physically appealing. They are an out of balance pair.

Rooster – Horse

Neither feels inclined to expend any effort for the other, individually they are strong souls, together they are lack energy.

Rooster – Goat

The Goat cannot be bothered with the Roosters fast pace and critical nature, and would prefer a more relaxed and less judgemental partner. Neither gets what they want from this pairing.

Rooster – Monkey

Together they are a lively, spontaneous and interactive couple, with both loving to communicate. They are both opinionated and have many combustible debates which each of them heartily enjoy. They work well together and thoroughly enjoy each others company.

Rooster – Rooster

They are more like sparring partners than soul partners, they are two highly strung combative souls each wanting their own way and each wanting to be center stage. This relationship would be full of conflict.

Rooster – Dog

When these souls are together they antagonise each other, which leads to verbal confrontations, they each bring out the worst in each other. No matter how hard they try there is nowhere for these souls to go.

Rooster – Pig

The Pig is a soothing partner for the Rooster, the Pig’s kindness and calm is readily imbued by the Rooster. The Pig will adore and respect the Rooster, while offering wise counsel, together they have the makings of a long term sincere and loving partnership.



Metal Rooster

Metal roosters are strong individuals who easily distinguish right from wrong. They are egotistic and will constantly search for anyone who can help inflate their gigantic egos. They are perfectionists, uncompromising and tend to be moody and outspoken at times. These highly talented roosters have a very analytical approach to life.

Water Rooster

The water helps make the Roosters more empathetic and adaptable, they are strong, reserved and energetic, and don’t feel the need to draw as much attention. They enjoy solitude and often spend quiet time alone. Water Roosters are hardworking people and good at finding their way out of problems. The water provides the Rooster with a calming effect and enormous energy. They are incredible lovers, and they take great interest in poetry art and song.

Wood Rooster

The wood element gives the Roosters great wisdom, which will benefit them throughout their lives. More team oriented, these Roosters will have many friends and acquaintances. Wood Roosters are soft, gentle and easy going people, who can overcome sadness and bad feelings quickly. They are confident, successful and enjoy spending their time searching for knowledge.

Fire Rooster

The Fire gives the already passionate Fire Rooster extra heat, and adds to their daring personality.  These roosters are very image conscious, and will spend much time perfecting their image. They make great leaders and wonderful lovers, but sometimes their strong ego may clash with their partner.

Earth Roosters

The earth element ensures that the Earth Rooster is grounded, and more resourceful than other types. Earth Roosters are high spirited, strong minded and brilliantly intelligent, they usually go through life without much difficulty. They have high standards and are motivated by success, as a result their careers will easily outshine others.

Famous Roosters

Steve Martin, Renee Zellweger, Chris Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, LeVar Burton, Melanie Griffith, Deborah Harry, Dean Koontz, Nancy Kerrigan, Dolly Parton, Rudyard Kipling, Enrico Caruso, Groucho Marx, Ethel Merman, Stephen Foster, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins, Gloria Estefan, Errol Flynn, Richard Harris, Steffi Graf, Larry King, Yoko Ono, Nancy Reagan, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Strauss, Catherine the Great, Brigham Young, the Duke of Marlborough, Peter Ustinov, Katharine Hepburn, Debra Kerr, William Faulkner, Marian Anderson, Prince Philip, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, George Segal, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett,  Van Morrison, and Bette Midler.


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