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The Ox

The Ox
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1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985. 1997, 2009

Natural Energy: yin (negative)

Natural Element: Earth

The second position by Buddha’s side, the Ox is one of strength, patience and physical endurance. Those born into the years of the Ox learn the lesson of endurance. Tolerant and  dependable they will never take the short cut, always prepared to finish what they started no matter how long it takes, they are a most reliable sign. You know when you give something to the Ox to do, it will be painstakingly attended to from beginning to end. Open to the opinions of others, although they always manage to do it their way, dancing to the beat of their own drum is their usual style. They seek comfort within the home environment, finding pleasure in the simple things in life. The Ox’s physical endurance and strength is unmatched by the other signs, and no matter what, their patience and capability will ensure there perseverance. They are as they present themselves with no hidden agenda, slow to anger unless pushed to the extreme, they can be unforgiving. They are conscientious, a little dogmatic, dependable and very reliable, they can struggle with their feelings. Within a family setting their expectations are high, wanting things their way, they are extremely protective of those they love, and stable in their familial role. They require monogamy and seek lifelong partners, they are sensuous and loving, although work often comes first. The Ox is a protective and loyal partner. A trustworthy and capable employee who can sometimes be too giving in a work environment, they are clear headed, focused and know how to channel their energy, they are extremely self sufficient. Suitable occupations are, paramedic, government in its various forms, police officer, and statistician.

Character Traits

Patient, stable, skilful, hardworking, determined, kind, reliable, confident, dexterous, sensuous and conscientious


They enjoy work that is routine and predictable, they pay exceptional attention to detail, with a perfectionist approach. They are methodical and excel in specialised jobs. They are competent and capable and remain calm under pressure. The Oxen work at their best when allowed to work alone. Good career choices for Oxen include: , real estate agent, painter, carpenter, archaeologist, mechanic, engineer, banker, broker, military officer and interior designer.


The relationship with the Ox will be testing, they want a long term relationship, if you fall in love with an Ox be prepared to be flexible. The Ox is not very sociable and tends to put work before their partner, the Ox is one of monogamy. They will search long and hard for their lover, then settle down into a deeply loving relationship. The Ox will be a protective and dependable partner.

Love Compatibility

The Ox will choose a partner carefully, they are in no hurry and are quite independent, they are patient and consistent within a relationship. They are not keen on flights of fancy and would prefer to be alone than waste their time in fanciful flirtations. In love they are easily hurt, hence the need for them to be protective towards themselves, they do not give their hearts readily. They require a partner who will not let them down emotionally, they are gentle souls to be with.

Ox – Rat

The Rat could not wish for a more devoted partner than the gentle, attentive, loving Ox, their family values are in sync and each is enamored by the other.

Ox – Ox

Gentle souls who have a capacity to float through life on a cloud of love, mutual respect and understanding. Both with strong minds and an enormous capacity for compassion.

Ox – Tiger

Within a relationship both like to lead, therefore it is necessary for each to give the other the floor, and allow the other to follow their agreed to life roles, unhindered and supported.

Ox – Rabbit

The Rabbit will be perfectly happy to let the Ox take the lead within the relationship, both offer a yin energy and are sensitive to the needs of the other. The Rabbit will expect to live in a comfortable environment and receive an adequate amount of attention.

Ox – Dragon

Strong personalities vying for the way they think things should be, could cause tension in a long term relationship. For this to work they would have to show empathy and respect for each others place in the world and refrain from being dogmatic.

Ox – Snake

There is an intense karmic understanding that is undeniable within this soul pairing, they view the world in the same way, they have an intuitive sense of the needs of each other, a unique bond.

Ox – Horse

Neither has the faintest idea of what is going on inside the others head, the adventurous Horse and the home loving Ox, have a different outlook on what makes a relationship harmonious. Together they would constantly be at odds with each other.

Ox – Goat

The Goat runs and is impulsive, while the Ox is serene and can float along not getting worked up about things. Each has an entirely different perspective and perception of the way they see life and love. This would be an uneasy alliance.

Ox – Monkey

The Ox enjoys sex and is a loving partner, but if preoccupied can seem uninvolved, this is in conflict with the ardent and sexually motivated Monkey. This imbalance can put a spanner in the works of an otherwise loving relationship.

Ox – Dog

Together they can at times be deep and dour, with a pessimistic outlook on life, however as partners in a relationship there is immense feeling and understanding. With a positive outlook they could have a long and loving relationship, with compassion and understanding.

Ox – Pig

These souls have a natural understanding, and together could have a special and nurturing relationship, although under normal circumstances they would not be drawn to each other. If however, through some serendipitous intervention, they do meet, each will be charmed by the other.


Metal Ox

Strong and hardworking but can be a little insensitive, they have a tendency to unwittingly bruise the delicate sensibilities of others, it is necessary to be a little robust to interact with the Metal Ox. They are trustworthy, dependable and extremely hardworking and will do anything to succeed. Metal Oxen make exceptional business leaders.

Water Ox

More flexible sincere and patient, than his irrepressible brother, pays attention to the feelings of others, and takes a more delicate approach. Water Oxen are sincere, quick thinking and patient and will be considerate to the feelings of others. The water element gives the Ox’s intuition something that the Ox tends to lack.

Wood Ox

The Wood Ox is a team worker, always working well alongside others, is a most dependable colleague, and a spectacular team leader, bringing out the best in others. Wood Oxen are also known to be outspoken and quick tempered. They are highly ethical and will set high goals for themselves in all areas of their life, they will usually be financially successful. The wood element will give a calming effect to the Ox’s character.

Fire Ox

Born leaders with a short fuse, they love a challenge and expect everyone to live up to their expectations, they are capable of extraordinary feats. They can be somewhat impulsive and tend to act first and think later. The fire element will give the Ox passion and creativity, but it can make them volatile. The fire Ox will often hold positions of importance.

Earth Ox

Earth Oxen are gifted and highly successful individuals, the earth element will give the Ox extra wisdom and resourcefulness. They set high goals for themselves and will often not stop until they are achieved. They are honest, kind hearted and sincere, which makes them well liked by others. Earth Oxen are lovers who are understanding and sympathetic towards their partners.

Famous Oxen

Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Princess Diana of Wales, Meg Ryan, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Neve Campbell, Jim Carrey, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Richards, Kate Moss, Melissa Etheridge,Anthony Hopkins, Napoleon, Idi Amin, Malcolm X, Geronimo, Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, Lafayette, Nehru, Richard the Lion-heart, the Marquise de Pompadour, Aristotle, Robert Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin, Dante, Renoir, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel, Walt Disney, Bruce Springsteen, Clark Gable, Peter Sellers, Richard Burton, Hans Christian Andersen, Richard and Pat Nixon, Gerald Ford, Gore Vidal, Art Buchwald, Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis Jr, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, William Buckley, Colin Powell, and Margaret Thatcher.

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