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The Snake

The Snake
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1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Natural Energy: Yin – (Negative)

Natural Element: Fire

The Snake holds the eighth position in the Chinese Zodiac, and is charming, popular and charismatic, Snakes move quietly among people exuding a magnetic energy, they are always well mannered and dignified. Snakes have a tendancy to make snap decisions and rarely sit on the fence, being quite definitive in their attitude and outlook. It is not difficult to fall head over heels in love with a Snake personality, many Snakes are regarded as being over-sexed. Snakes are the philosophers of the world and have the ability to weigh people up quickly and decisively. They are highly intelligent and irresistible and first impressions are very important to them, most Snakes have a natural psychic ability. Snakes are very careful with their finances,  they don’t like parting with money and are often very lucky financially . Snakes can be quite possessive towards their lovers and friends, they also can’t help exaggerating and telling white lies quite often. In a relationship the Snake is obsessive, jealous and possessive. Snakes have exceptional wisdom and live very much in their mind, they are always planning for the future. Success and fame often come easily to the enigmatic Snake, they are often involved in religious and mystical matters. A Snake will never give in, and are always ready to fight for what they believe in. They are incredibly compassionate creatures and will readily help others.

Character Traits

Possessive, willful, obsessive, jealous, ambitious, philosophical, psychic, empathic, industrious, determined.


The Snake will often have many different careers in their lifetime, they are always ready to leap from one thing to another, especially if they feel they have gone as far as they can go where they are, they love a challenge. Snakes are very creative individuals and are pedantic about paying attention to detail, in life and work they often make snap decisions. Snakes can have many different goals all at the same time and work effortlessly towards a conclusion, they work well alone and are their own wise counsel. Snakes are, Jewellers, scientists, artists, Astrologers, spiritual leaders, potters.

Love Compatibility

The Snake likes to immerse entirely into a relationship and wants to share everything, needing to know all about their partner. The Snake is an intuitive and giving lover and soul mate, choosing a mate with care and in an unhurried manner. Sensual, sexual and imaginative, they like love to progress slowly, and to unfold as a flower does when it meets the Sun’s rays. The Snake is quite possessive and requires the full attention of their life partner.

Snake – Rat

They are capable of a passionate and sensual relationship, however the Snake is emotionally stronger than the Rat and the Rat is in danger of suffering a broken heart. The Rat would need to proceed with caution.

Snake – Ox

They recognise qualities in each other that they are drawn to, allowing them to move forward unhindered, and to enjoy a deep and abiding friendship and a passionate and romantic soul partnership.

Snake – Tiger

The cautious in love Snake can be unsettled by the irrepressible nature of the Tiger, the Tiger wants to move forward in leaps and bounds, while the Snake would prefer to gracefully and slowly pace themselves. The Snake would constantly feel at odds in this relationship.

Snake – Rabbit

The Snake must be the leader in this relationship and this relationship has merit, they both love beautiful things and care for the home, they are attentive towards each other. There is the possibility of the Rabbit being overwhelmed by the Snake.

Snake – Dragon

The Snake must allow the Dragon freedom of movement and be less possessive, if this is agreed upon, this will be a strong and happy relationship. Trouble will arise if the Snake tries to restrict the movement of the Dragon and they will breathe fire.

Snake – Snake

They coil around each other in complete contentment, there is a spiritual and physical connection, there is an overabundance of yin energy and each will be waiting for the other to take charge. This is something they work through easily, there is an ethereal beauty about this soul partnering.

Snake – Horse

They are different in their nature, the Horse is outward, the Snake is inward, yet there is no lacking in physical attraction, and they can have a sensual and lively partnership. Blending the way they view and interact in the world is the challenge, the Snake communes inwardly while the Horse is outward bound. This can create disharmony between them.

Snake – Goat

With each waiting for the other to take the lead, there is not enough energy for this relationship to last the distance. They each possess gentle yin energy, which is not enough to create the sparks to light an enduring fire.

Snake – Monkey

The relationship between Snake and Monkey is physical and sensual, they are immensely attracted to each other. They can expect a long and fortuitous journey through life, the one conflict they could not overcome is infidelity by either party.

Snake – Rooster

There is a different energy flow between these souls, yet there is great understanding and magnetism, enough to make them a formidable combination, there is a certain seriousness about life that they share. Their body clocks may function quite differently with the Rooster being an early bird and the Snake a creature of the night.

Snake – Dog

They are souls of the world and enjoy many deep and meaningful conversations about life, love and the history of the universe. To them life is full of wonder and they want to discover everything life has to offer, they form a soul union and an everlasting friendship.

Snake – Pig

The Pig is too naive to inspire the Snake long term even though there is attraction with these two deep intuitive souls, the Snake can be too secretive for the Pig, this creates a jarring note. They are opposites who would be working against the odds to be together.



Metal Snake

Metal Snakes are extremely willful individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Snakes are always ready to protect themselves and those they love, and are very thrifty with their finances, money is very important to them. Snakes always take great care of their possessions and love beautiful things. They are prepared to work very hard so they can gather all that money can buy. Metal Snakes move with stealth and silence, you have to be quick or you may miss them. It is important for those associated with a Snake personality to realise they always like to be number one.

Water Snake

Water Snakes are fantastic organisers and are well suited in a position of power, they have a knack of aligning people and utilising their strengths, influence and insight. They are intellectual, quick and wise, determined and resolute. That which they desire they usually attain, and they love to be congratulated, the Snake does not wish to be an unsung hero, plenty of attention is what they require. Snakes care deeply for their family and friends, but tend to mask this side of their nature where their career is considered, not wishing to share any personal details

Wood Snake

The element of Wood gives the Snake a firm foundation on which to build. The Wood Snake is less egotistical than those influenced by the other elements. Wood Snakes like steadiness in their lives, in love, friendship and with family, everything must be balanced and in harmony, they care deeply for those in their life. Wood Snakes tend to be loners and usually sort difficulties out without consulting with others. Wood Snakes possess kindness and compassion.

Fire Snake

Fire Snakes are quite dynamic and can be extreme, they always speak their mind and are very opinionated, they can be eccentric and exuberant, they are vibrant characters. This does add a twist to this dynamic, vibrant and extrovert personality. Fire Snakes are wise, philosophical and have exceptional insight, Fire Snakes possess wisdom. They are the great communicators of the world, and seem able to talk about anything with a knowing that leaves others breathless. The Snake has uncanny powers of deduction and can change even the most stubborn mind.

Earth Snake

Earth snakes tend to lead a serene life and enjoy earthy conversations, they are more open than the other Snake elements. The Earth Snake does not like to take risks and will approach projects and relationships with caution, and steady calculation. This Snake is rarely roused to anger and enjoys at ease in most relationships, both personal and business. Material satisfaction is very important to the Earth Snake and they will work hard in their chosen career and in their relationships.

Famous Snakes

Bob Dylan, Greta Garbo, Art Garfunkel, Audrey Hepburn, Paul Hogan, Liz Hurley,Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Mike Oldfield, Ryan O’Neal, Dorothy Parker, Brad Pitt, Brooke Shields, Paul Simon, Dionne Warwick, Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Woolf, Susannah York, Randy Crawford, Kim Basinger, Carol King.


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    it says that metal snakes always have money I don’t but everything that is said is a reflection of me down to the last t why have my dreams not yet been met I feel at age 54 I should be living my dream have tried everything but nothing works can you help me with this pls

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