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The Rat

The Rat
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1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Natural Polarity: yang (positive)

Natural Element: Water

The first position by Buddha’s side, the Rat is one of great charm and charisma and is a natural survivalist. Those born into the year of the Rat learn the lesson of “concealment”. The Rat symbolises such character traits as creativity, curiosity, imagination and intelligence. They are enthusiastic and full of energy but can be a little pushy at times. The Rat’s main desire is power and wealth and they will constantly seek material security. The Rat represents fertility and has an uncanny ability to avoid dangers. Rats are perfectionists with exceptional organisational skills. Loyal, caring and utterly devoted to their families, they make wonderful parents, the children of a Rat will never lack attention. As a lover you will find them to be sensual, they are naturally romantic, their candle-light dinners appear to be effortless, as do their loving gestures. Always expect the unexpected from the Rat. Talkative and fascinating, you will always have interesting conversations with the Rat. Spend time with a Rat and they will know more about your life than you do, as they are in possession of an insatiable curiosity. Ever ready to give helpful advice, but don’t expect them to confide, they have a tendency to be secretive. They are likely to have a handful of close friendships in their life to whom they offer unwavering loyalty. In their working environment they are competent and do need to be praised for their accomplishments, if not they become restless and look elsewhere to use their skills. Professions suitable to the Rat are politician, stockbroker, lawyer, and accountant.

Character Traits

Charming, compassionate, industrious, practical, thrifty, caring, discreet, intelligent, calm, commutative, observant, self motivated and resourceful.


Exceptional problem solver, canny business sense, status and money go hand in hand for the Rat. The Rat loves the finer things in life. They are creative, and perfect everything they do. As a politician they would apply their sense of knowing and wisdom, they are writers, musicians and lawyers.


Being in a relationship with a Rat you will not any lack attention, but be forewarned they like to get their own way most of the time. If they feel a relationship is not working they will end it immediately. One thing is for sure, you will always know where you stand in a relationship with a Rat.

Love Compatibility

Rats are ardent lovers who come to life when the sky is dark, the Rat requires love and affection and feel that being in love is a natural state, they want to be understood by their partner. When in love their partner is cherished above all others, and in return the Rat asks to be loved and cherished. Rats can often feel lonely, they do not like to be alone and will always be seeking companionship, they have few close friends, and when in love they yearn to be understood. They are passionate lovers.


Rat – Rat

Romantic and passionate lovers who both want to lead within a relationship, they are like minded souls who give to and absorb each other. Their highly strung positive yang energies can cause them to overreact.

Rat – Ox

The Rat will give their all to their soul mate Ox, relinquishing body, mind, spirit, finances and often good sense. Within this relationship the Rat can feel very vulnerable, this is a tender and potent combination.

Rat – Tiger

The Tiger’s attitude and behavior leaves the Rat feeling somewhat unfulfilled, leaving Rat and Tiger feeling out of balance and out of sorts.

Rat – Rabbit

The Rabbit does not offer the Rat the communication that is necessary to the Rat within a relationship, the Rabbit will always be less committed to this relationship.

Rat – Dragon

These two value emotional security and take marriage very seriously, if either was tempted to stray it is more than likely that the emotional security and commitment would prevent them from doing so.

Rat – Snake

The Rat loves to love and loves to make love, to the Rat it is an art form, this attracts the sensuous Snake immensely, the Snake is less sensitive than the Rat. If there was any infidelity on the part of the Snake, they would not be forgiven by the Rat.

Rat – Horse

This relationship is doomed to failure, yet it is surprising how often these disparate souls try to make a relationship work. The Horse is unable to give the Rat the attention needed and the Horse’s preoccupation with its own desires leaves the Rat feeling empty.

Rat – Goat

This is a strange alliance to say the least, the energetic Rat becomes frustrated with the unhurried Goat, these energies do not have any balance.

Rat – Monkey

These souls throw themselves into the art of love, they are sensual and erotic lovers, completely unreserved with each other. They are in tune on all levels, sharing intellectually as well as emotionally.

Rat – Rooster

Both love to converse and bounce around ideas, hopes, dreams, each loving to talk and to be heard. However the Rooster has a particularly critical outlook, which the Rat does not respond well to.

Rat – Dog

These souls seem to always be at odds with each other, and the Dog’s sensitivity tends to be aggravated by the Rat’s behavior, with these two there is a constant power struggle, a never ending battle of wits. Should the Rat show any signs of infidelity the Dog would find this unforgivable.

Rat – Pig

The Rat feels warm and fuzzy with the understanding, attentive and cuddly Pig, harmony reigns supreme with these two souls. The empathetic Pig is like balm to the soul of the Rat.


Metal Rats

Strong willed individuals with a steely determination, they can be temperamental and are prone to envy. There is never a dull moment with this sign. They can be overly emotional, and their moods can be somewhat extreme. They will not act with haste, but take their time to asses all the information before making a move.

Wood Rats

They exhibit faux confidence, but cover up well. Despite their lack of confidence they are usually very successful in any endeavor they put their mind to. Wood Rats adore their family and are loyal and supportive friends.

Fire Rats

Enjoy spontaneity, travel and adventure, they do not like routine. They will often take any task that will allow them to experience a new adventure. Fire Rats are generous and giving and loved by all their friends. The fire element adds passion and energy to the Rat.

Earth Rats

The most stable of the Rat family, preferring to put down roots and always enjoy coming home. The earth Rat is loving and dependable, preferring quiet pleasures. The earth element provides the Rat with wisdom that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Water Rats

Water element adds extra strength to Rats already excellent communication skills. They are influential, talented and excellent problems solvers, they will often seek public positions. Water Rats are practical and understanding and well liked by others.

Famous Rats

David Duchovny, Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant, Ozzy Osbourne, Alan Alda, Samuel L. Jackson, Al Gore, Sarah Vaughan, Joan Jett, Vanessa Redgrave, Daryl Hannah, Richard Simmons, Howard Dean, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn, Cameron Diaz, William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Jules Verne, Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, T.S. Eliot, Eugene O’Neill, Margaret Mitchell, Racine, George Sand, Defoe, Jules Renard, Toulouse-Lautrec, Amadeus Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Irving Berlin, Joseph Hayden, Zubin Mehta, Aaron Copeland, T.S. Eliot, Claude Monet, Prince Charles, and Presidents George Washington and Franklin Pierce.

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