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The Rabbit

The Rabbit
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1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Natural Energy: Yin (Negative)

Natural: Element: Wood

The fourth position is the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit. The Rabbit is one of harmony, creativity and good judgement. Hares are kind and sensitive and will avoid any form of conflict. Those born into the year of the Rabbit, learn the lesson of detachment.  The Rabbit prefers to listen to their own advice and intuition rather than take  advice from others. They do not like to take risks, which means they at times miss out on opportunities. They are refined, peaceful and diplomatic and very adaptable in their business life. Rabbits are wonderful parents and keep a home with meticulous care, always striving to maintain balance and harmony. Time and energy is put into their few, carefully chosen close friends. Indulgent and experimental lovers, they require security and stability in a relationship.  They like to travel, and in a working environment are the diplomats. Rabbits are team spirited and very adaptable in their business life. Career options are biologist, naturalist, diplomat, antique dealer or interior designer.

Character Traits

Caring, intuitive, peaceful, sensitive, alert, friendly, clever, intelligent, sexy, stylish, diplomatic and refined.


Hares prefer to work alone and in a calm relaxed environment, they are articulate and good communicators and their colleagues can always depend on them. The Hares intelligence and intuition benefits them greatly in the business world, which is why they make great diplomats and politicians. The Hare is flexible and will work well in any type of profession or career. Good careers for Rabbits include: writer, publisher, actor, fashion designer, therapist, doctor, administrator, public relations, and teacher.


They are sexual, and give their all in a relationship, with a tendency at times to choose relationships that are not conducive to their wellbeing. An understanding partner brings out a more daring side to their nature. The Rabbit can have an over giving nature, so they need to choose partners who will not take advantage of them. The Hare is a symbol of fertility, they are die hard romantics and enjoy intimate delights. The Hare will expect loyalty and security from their lovers.

Love Compatibility

Once a Rabbit commits they are eternally loving and devoted to their partners, they are gentle intuitive lovers, who desire the perfect partner, in their eyes. The perfect partner is someone who will love, care for and pamper them, they choose older and younger lovers. They require a partner to understand their need for freedom and independence, and it does take the rabbit time to settle down. Rabbits are considerate and attentive lovers, who do not fall easily in love, as their requirements in a partner are specific.

Rabbit – Rat

Two intelligent souls loving the finer things in life, but the Rat proves to be a little too detached for the Rabbits requirements. As friends there is long term success for these souls with their positive outlook on life.

Rabbit – Ox

The Ox does not offer the pampering, and luxuries the Rabbit so desires. The Ox is down to earth and stable in love, leaving the Rabbits romantic nature unfulfilled, they are disparate natures who are loners at heart.

Rabbit – Tiger

The Rabbit is often a friendly guide for the Tiger, however the Tiger’s blunt manner unsettles the Rabbit’s delicate sensibilities. They would be wise to look elsewhere for a partner.

Rabbit – Rabbit

A beautiful paring of soul mates, they covet beauty, love to love and relish being in love with each other. Together they create a home full of beautiful things, and are in tune on all levels. They both relish each other and life, they find great joy in a passionate partnership and eternal friendship.

Rabbit – Dragon

These souls seem to find themselves linked karmically as friends, colleagues, tutors, classmates and marriage partners. They are actually at odds with each other, with the Rabbit being quiet and dignified and the Dragon outgoing and outspoken, this creates friction between the two.

Rabbit – Horse

This is a union of complementary energies working together to create an harmonious environment and partnership. The Rabbit will keep the home fires burning while the Horse explores new opportunities for the benefit of them both.

Rabbit – Goat

These souls complement each other spiritually and emotionally, with an eager anticipation to find and create beauty in their life. Their union is one of mutual understanding and commitment to each other, together they are romantic and considerate.

Rabbit – Monkey

The Monkeys subterfuge unsettles the Rabbit, causing the Rabbit to behave out of character to compete with the Monkey. This is not a relationship where each soul nurtures the other, the Monkey is too mischievous for the Rabbit.

Rabbit – Dog

These souls have a tendency to magnetise towards each other with instant rapport ensuing, there is a certain familiarity as soon as they meet. The challenge for this pair is their disparate natures, with the Rabbit detached and requiring a certain freedom, while the Dog commits wholeheartedly, and is ready to nurture and be nurtured.

Rabbit – Pig

An elegant and beneficial meeting of two souls destined to be together, walking with a dignified grace through life, hand in hand. An unquestioningly loving and nurturing relationship.



Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbits are the least sensitive and emotional of all the Hares. The Metal element provides the Hare with much courage, which is something the Hares tend to lack. Metal Hares have vision and ambition which will often bring the Hare success. They are resilient and determined and will adapt well to any work environment. Metal Rabbits are more intense in their actions, whether they’re work-related or romantic.

Water Rabbit

The water element provides extra strength to the Rabbit’s intuition, but the water can also make them extra sensitive to their environment. Water Rabbits like to go with the flow and will do anything to avoid conflict. Water Rabbits are loving and caring people who will never lose their temper. They love poetry, art and music and like spending time studying philosophy.

Wood Rabbit

The double wood element makes the Hare very generous and giving, but they must be careful not to be taken advantage of. Wood Rabbits are kind and warm hearted and like to express their talents through art. With money matters they tend to be big spenders, and will often leave nothing in their savings. They are romantic and will often buy their lovers many gifts and presents. They are overly giving and tend to forget themselves, the Wood Rabbit needs to learn how to nurture self.

Fire Rabbit

The fire element gives courage and passion to the shy Hare. These Rabbits are always ready for a new adventure and many will have careers as explorers. They are blessed with natural beauty and loving hearts, and they make excellent lovers. They have soft natures and are highly intelligent, and unlike the other Rabbits they never lose their temper. These Rabbits are much better at handling their finances and will usually gather wealth quickly. Fire Rabbits are also good at completing their long-term goals.

Earth Rabbit

They are honest and forthright but can be harsh with their advice. Money, material goods, and home life are very important to them. They are hardworking and cautious and will study the situation carefully before making a decision. They are highly creative and successful but can become bored easily.

Famous Rabbits

John Cleese, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Elisabeth Shue, Drew Barrymore, Quentin Tarantino, Jet Li, Kate Winslet, Helen Hunt, Tori Amos, Ming-Na Wen, Johnny Depp, James Galway, Bob Hope, John Hurt, Michael Keaton, Brigitte Nielsen, Tatum O’Neal, Jane Seymour, Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther, Confucius, Albert Einstein, Queen Victoria, Orson Wells, Arturo Toscanini, Arthur Miller, Longfellow, Walt Whitman, Wilbur Wright, Andy Warhol, Henry James, George C. Scott, Judy Collins, Francis Ford Coppola, Anjelica Huston, and Sting.




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