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The Tiger

The Tiger
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1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Natural Energy: Yang (positive)

Natural Element: Wood

The third position in the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger, denotes such traits as nubile, honorable, extreme and rebellious. Those born into the years of the Tiger learn the lesson of nobility. In China it is believed that the Tiger, not the lion, is the king of the beasts. Brave unpredictable and competitive, protecting their loved ones at any cost, don’t let their calm appearance fool you.  Born to lead possessing a resilient stubborn streak, they are charming and well liked. Not motivated by success, yet always tending to be successful in an effortless manner. Tigers are born leaders drawn to adventure and excitement, usually blessed with good fortune and a capacity to overcome odds, they remain active their entire lives, they are optimistic with a sense of purpose. They are intelligent, charismatic and generous, with an innate curiosity. They are givers who draw others to them with their kind nature. Passionate, flirty and unconventional lovers, they will hold on to their freedom for as long as they can, they can be promiscuous. The most loyal and dependable friend anyone could wish for, always considering the wellbeing of others. Disciplined and supportive leaders in their work they can easily manage positions of power. They are entrepreneurs, actors, group leaders, teachers and are drawn to military life.

Character Traits

Lucky, loyal, honorable, ambitious, generous, curious, charismatic, bold, sensitive, intelligent and reckless.


Loving a challenge, the minute they master one thing they are ready to move on to the next. The Tiger makes an influential leader and will quickly rise through the ranks. They are loyal formidable and honest. Suitable careers for Tigers include: office manager, travel agent, musician, actor, artist, writer, pilot, flight attendant, comedian, chauffeur and advertising agent.


Passionate, creative, expressive and loyal, no-one could wish for a more loyal and dependable partner in love. They usually like to be the boss in their relationships. The Tiger has an endless thirst for sexual pleasures and enjoys a rather promiscuous lifestyle. The Tiger is adventurous and will only settle down later in life. Tigers have a tendency to try and dominate in their relationships

Love Compatibility

These independent souls require an understanding partner who recognises their independent nature, the Tiger cannot be contained or restrained, they have a powerful mind and intense emotions. A Tiger likes to be with someone who has a strong sense of self and knows where they are going, they like thinkers and are attracted to strong personalities. They are very passionate partners who are extremely loyal towards those they love.

Tiger – Rat

Within a relationship they are not at ease together, the secretive Rat frustrates the open Tiger. Their mutual disconnectedness would eventually put a strain on the most well intentioned partnership.

Tiger – Ox

The Tiger and Ox will have a battle of wits until they tire, they pull in different directions, the Tiger outgoing, the Ox more introverted. The unease would not sustain a long term relationship.

Tiger – Tiger

Two strong personalities competing for the spotlight, each nudging the other out of the way, this struggle could go on endlessly until each is exhausted. Under one roof long term, this partnership does not bode well.

Tiger – Rabbit

The Tiger dares, the Rabbit does not, the Tiger moves forward, the Rabbit is content. The Tiger would easily overwhelm the Rabbit, this relationship would be difficult to complement either soul long term.

Tiger – Dragon

This is a relationship that can have longevity, together there is nothing these magnificent energies cannot attain. Together they are far seeing and far reaching, they care deeply for each other.

Tiger – Snake

Within a relationship the Tiger finds the Snake too languid, it is as though the Snake is moving in slow motion, and the Tiger is moving double speed. The sensuous Snake will approach things slowly taking as much time as they think they need, leaving the Tiger champing at the bit.

Tiger – Horse

Destiny links, karmic partners, they are made for each other, equally they love challenges, they view life with wonder and believe there is magic in the world, and care about those in the world. They are ardent lovers with a genuine liking and understanding of each other.

Tiger – Goat

If they embark on a relationship there are challenges from the outset, with the independent Tiger being frustrated by the Goats lack of drive. Their differences seem too diverse to be overcome.

Tiger – Monkey

The wise choice would be for these souls to become friends rather than lovers, although both are passionate, the Tiger has no patience for the Monkey’s scattered behavior and impractical ideas.

Tiger – Rooster

There can be sudden passion between these souls, but long term their strong personalities would create clashes similar to lightning strikes across the sky, they would exhaust each other emotionally and verbally.

Tiger – Dog

Two beautiful energies drawn together in mutual understanding, a relationship written in the stars. They intertwine like climbing roses, creating a beautiful, long term, romantic, communicative, passionate relationship.

Tiger – Pig

There is a gentle longevity between these two, a natural soul understanding, together they are affectionate and loving, each appreciating the qualities within the other. They can walk through life together in tranquility and joy.


Metal Tiger

They set goals and are competitive, they can be quite single minded once they commit to something and will maintain the intensity from beginning to end. They have a tendency to jump to conclusions. They are sharp and assertive and nothing can stop them from completing their goals. They are commanding leaders but are known to have fierce tempers.

Water Tiger

Gentle and tranquil, good at reading situations, they make fantastic mediators. They are intuitive and can easily weigh up situations. They are emotional, sympathetic and warm hearted, but are known to have very short tempers. The water element adds extra strength to their already powerful intuition.

Wood Tiger

Ever ready to help others, they meld into any situation or environment in which they find themselves. They are compassionate and helpful and work well in a team. Wood Tigers are strong individuals but can also be very sensitive.  The double wood element adds charm and charisma to the wood Tigers character. As a lover they are romantic and will always choose a beautiful partner, but they can be jealous and suspicious

Fire Tiger

They are eccentric and find the positive in any situation, believing there is an answer to everything. The fire adds even more passion to the Tiger’s personality. They are optimistic and will always look for the bright side.

Earth Tiger

The most grounded of the signs, patiently evaluating all angles before acting. No impulsive actions with this one. The earth Tiger is well focused and will stay on a task until it’s completed, this trait ensure success. Earth Tigers are charismatic, practical and well known for their wit. They can at times be short sighted and can have furious tempers. They are usually warm people who are completely loyal to their friends

Famous Tigers

Demi Moore, Steve Irwin, Tom Cruise, Rosie O’Donnell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks, John Corbett, Martin Short, Rush Limbaugh, Paula Abdul, Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, Phil Collins, Enya, Elliot Gould, Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles de Gaulle, Bo Gritz, Ho Chi Minh, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Karl Marx, Princess Anne, Sun Yat-sen, Will Geer, Alec Guinness, Queen Elizabeth II, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Emily Bronte, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Isadora Duncan, Rudolph Nureyev, John Steinbeck, Oscar Wilde, Jean Kirkpatrick, Germaine Greer, and Peter Gabriel.


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