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The Dragon

The Dragon
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1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Natural Energy: Yang (Positive)

Natural Element: Earth

The fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon denotes mystery, power and vitality. In China Dragons are mythical being who command the forces of nature. Those born into the year of the Dragon learn the lesson of unpredictability. Powerful, warm hearted, charismatic and born leaders. They are ambitious and like to live by their own rules. They draw people to them like a magnet, although they do like to be alone. They love a challenge and their greatest successes will come from the work they do alone. Sudden fits of temper, although short lived, can be daunting to others. The term, ‘fire breathing Dragon,’ comes to mind. Dragons are free spirited characters, they are a little unpredictable and are easily able to overcome obstacles. They are known to be temperamental, very adventurous, ambitious and creative. Full of optimism and enthusiasm, they must learn to be alert to the feelings of others. When young it is necessary to keep them motivated, they are indulgent and protective parents. Dragons love the idea of love, but can sometimes create difficulties for themselves in a relationship, they are passionate and intense but can be commitment phobic. They need friends around them, although can be a little unreliable. They are visionaries in their work environment, and capable of decision making, but will need to quell personal insecurities at times. Occupations suitable are the military, entrepreneur, artist, journalist, writer, athlete, business leader.

Character Traits

Exciting, creative, ambitious, brave, optimistic, idealistic, powerful, intelligent,  dynamic, vital, confident, brave and adventurous.


Dragon’s always want to take the lead, so don’t waste your time disagreeing. They are brilliant and their talents cannot be missed. They need careers where they will have total creative freedom. Good career options for the Dragon are manager, inventor, lawyer, computer analyst and architect.


When they commit, it is for life, but it may be heavy going until that point in time, this is not an easy relationship, but is a rewarding one nevertheless. Dragons give true love and need a partner who is tough skinned. The Dragon will never give up their independence and are known to have quick vengeful tempers. Dragons love love and will place much of their energy into their relationship, but can also be emotionally demanding of their partner. The Dragon is great in short term relationships but can tend to become bored with daily routine. The Dragon often will attract the unusual.

Love Compatibility

The Dragon is one of the more eccentric souls, travelling through life with assurity and confidence, they know where they are going and chart a determined course to get there. They are passionate about life and passionate lovers, they are extremely independent with an adventurous spirit. They certainly know how to create a life worth living, and once they choose their life partner, will work with them to create a beautiful and loving home. Random commitment is not their style and they understand the need for complementary natures to work together in life. The Dragon does have a tendency towards lusty infatuation, which is always short lived.


Dragon – Rat

Only a life filled with spontaneity and variety will be suitable for these souls, from this they will flourish together. As marriage partners they will work as a dedicated team, and the social butterflies are ever ready to give each other the floor, with the Rat happy to allow the Dragon adequate time in the spotlight.

Dragon – Tiger

Together they are a dramatic team, strong, forthright energies who have a tendency to live life like a roller coaster ride. They are passionate, highly strung and will lead an eventful and flamboyant life, loving each other ardently.

Dragon – Rabbit

The rather brusque approach of the Dragon offends the delicate sensibilities of the Rabbit, the Dragon can be too forceful for the gentle and courteous Rabbit.

Dragon – Dragon

They are like a royal couple and each require the other to hold them in the highest esteem, they have all the elements to glide through life, each shining like a star, each adoring the other.

Dragon – Snake

The Snake will have a possessive approach towards the Dragon and Dragons require the space to embrace their independent nature. If this can be done and there is fidelity, the relationship will continue, if however they do part, they will remain lifelong friends

Dragon – Horse

This relationship is clash of the Titans with neither relinquishing center stage, with both vying for attention this will be a momentary union.

Dragon -Goat

This relationship has lifelong potential, providing the Dragon is sensitive to the needs of the Goat, there is often success when a male Dragon and female Goat form a partnership. There is a strong attraction between these souls.

Dragon – Monkey

The nature of these souls works like a magnet drawing them together, they bond readily and easily, each providing the other with a true soul mate. They are on the same wave length, both are innovative and love a challenge, there is immense attraction between them and longevity is their destiny.

Dragon – Rooster

A meeting of the minds, each quick witted and intelligent, each able to hold the others interest, they have a bold outlook on life, and journey together with passion and endurance.

Dragon – Dog

The Dragon and Dog are complete opposites, yet each is intrigued by what makes the other tick, rather than being lovers, they can share an inspiring and challenging friendship or business partnership.

Dragon – Pig

The Dragon loves the nature of the Pig and basks in the gentle attention, it is an unhindered romantic journey, providing the Dragon remains faithful, this would be devastating and difficult for the Pig to overcome.



Metal Dragon

The metal element will strengthen all of the Dragon’s qualities. They are Determined in their convictions and will fight for what they believe in. They are exhibitionists with huge egos and will seek positions of power. Metal Dragons are honest, stubborn, serene and passionate and are often admired for their individuality. They will often hold positions of authority and like to live life to the fullest. They can win anyone over with their charm.

Water Dragon

Water calms the fire and allows the Dragon to be open to other points of view.  They research thoroughly before making a decision and are open to others ideas. They are creative and innovative. The Water Dragon is considered the most unique of all signs in the Chinese zodiac. They are extremely lucky and extremely passionate, which will benefit them greatly in their careers. They are beautiful and will attract a similar partner to themselves. The water element helps them to focus more on the well being of others, rather than on themselves.

Wood Dragon

Strong artistic leaning, they love to be creative and innovative,  they get on well with others, although want to be the center of attention. They love to entertain and their artistic side is strong. The souls born under this sign are stubborn, honest, brave, very passionate and others will enjoy their company. Wood Dragons are beautiful, elegant and totally committed to their relationships. The Wood element will heighten all of the Dragon’s creative talents.

Fire Dragon

Quick to react emotionally, the Fire Dragon can act recklessly, and without thought of the consequences of their actions. They can sometimes make very bad decisions. The fire element will add extra passion to the already vibrant Dragon. They are giving, generous and love to entertain. One downside to the fire Dragon is their quick temper which can flare up at any moment.

Earth Dragon

More grounded and in control of their emotions than the other signs, they are level headed and supportive of others. They do like to be admired. The wood Dragon is wise and works well in a team. They are serene and loving people who will live life to the fullest. Loyalty and friendship are important values to the Earth Dragon, who will be an honest friend for life. The Earth Dragon is a serene and loving person who will seek a long term relationship.

Famous Dragons

Alicia Silverstone, Robin Williams, Roseanne Barr, Deng Xiaoping, Courtney Cox, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Dan Aykroyd, Julia Ormond, Patrick Stewart, Calista Flockhart, Sarah Bernhardt, Salvador Dali, Sigmund Freud, Joan of Arc, Bing Crosby, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Bo Diddley, Tom Jones, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Raquel Welch, Pearl Buck, Lewis Carroll, Lady Godiva, J. Paul Getty, Marlene Dietrich, Faye Dunaway, Joan Baez, Frank Zappa, Mae West, Joseph Campbell, Shirley Temple Black, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer.


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