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The Horse

The Horse
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1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

Natural Energy: Yang (Positive)

Natural Element: Fire

The seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse represents vitality youthfulness and freedom, those souls born into the year of the Horse, learn the lesson of “decisiveness,”. They are naturally adventurous, active and youthful at heart. Gregarious and self-reliant, they love being the center of attention, they are very intelligent and love to learn something new, although there is the tendency to start things and not finish them. The Goat can react if they feel they are not getting the attention they deserve. They like to get their own way always and can take a tantrum if they don’t get it. Horses like freedom in all areas of their life, they are very outspoken, enjoying adventure and action, extroverts who like to be on the go, free spirits who need room to move. They can act without thinking and have an opinion about everything. They are headstrong, ambitious and very competitive, social and intelligent, they have difficulty being silent and reflective. For them to settle down, they need to feel absolutely adored, and need someone who allows them to have their own space, should they settle and have a family they will revel in the role of partner and protector. Physically attractive, ardent lovers, throwing themselves into the game of love and they are quite flirtatious, with a healthy libido. They like to work with their hands, and often build or make items for their home. Professionally they need to be kept interested and challenged. Horses want to be the dominant energy in all social situations, and  make sure they are the center of attention, they act on a whim and expect friends to understand, they are always optimistic. They love working around people and want freedom of movement in their work environment.

Character Traits

Brave, youthful, energetic, confident, intelligent, headstrong, competitive, ambitious, hardworking and independent,


The Horse loves and needs to be around others, thriving on the interaction and attention, they can handle most jobs and are good communicators.  The Horse hates taking orders and will avoid jobs that are routine. They are quick learners and capable of handling any job. The Horse loves power and will seek positions of authority. Good career choices for Horses include:  instructor, sales representative, journalist, publicist, languages,  translator, performer, librarian, bartender, pilot or tour operator.


Spontaneous in relationships, Horses give of themselves fully. Those loved by a Horse will not want for attention. Horses are usually physically attractive, charming and full of charisma, their high energy will often attract lovers,  the Horse can also be a physically exhausting lover.  The Horse is spontaneous and will fall fast for their lover giving of themselves completely.

Love Compatibility

In love the Horse craves a dynamic relationship, they will enter into a partnership, but must feel free at the same time. They can dive into a passionate affair and end it just as passionately. They are led by the dictates of their heart, when they do fall in love their entire being is overwhelmed, they make considerate, attentive, sensual soul partners, eager to nurture their love through life.

Horse – Rat

These souls will always be attracted to one another, but the Horse is not attentive enough for  Rats who need to communicate with their partner. The Horse seems to the Rat, to be in their own world, this would not be a long term nurturing relationship, there would be too many tensions.

Horse – Ox

The Ox is dedicated to making a beautiful and harmonious home, the Horse needs to be out there is the world. The Horse feels the Ox’s attitude is too authoritative, they really don’t understand each other at all.

Horse – Tiger

Yang energies that are made to be together, a true soul partnership, with each loving and supporting the other in all aspects of life. Fond friends as well as ardent lovers.

Horse – Rabbit

The Horse and Rabbit are an exceptional balance for each other, with the Rabbit completely content to attend to the home, while the Horse is out in the world and taking on the challenges inherent. Together they form an easygoing and loving soul partnership, the Horses yang energy and the Rabbits yin energy are completely in harmony.

Horse – Dragon

There is absolutely no flexibility between these strong willed souls, both vying for center stage, neither wanting to be usurped by the other. If they do form a partnership, it will be a troubling one with conflict.

Horse – Snake

Physical attraction and fond liking for each other is not enough to overcome the emotional differences, the Snake’s world is an internal one, while the horse yearns to bound free and explore externally. There is usually division between these souls.

Horse – Horse

Two souls loving freedom and adventure, with an overabundance of yang energy, it is imagined this would be an ideal match. Should they decide to form a partnership, their naturally independent streaks would keep them apart for periods of time, this would not be a stable relationship.

Horse – Goat

They are the two parts that make up the whole, with the yang of the Horse and the yin of the Goat, they each offer the other all they need. They are destiny personified.

Horse – Monkey

The wily Monkey works very hard, using every trick in its arsenal to lure the Horse, at the same time the Horse is just as keen to be with the Monkey. Their adventurous spirit will make their union spontaneous and slightly unpredictable. They have enough energy and motivation to make this a long lasting and successful union.

Horse – Rooster

To say the least, the energy between the Horse and the Rooster is tepid, there is not enough positive energy between them to make this a worthwhile pursuit. Even as friends there would be a lack lustre interaction.

Horse – Dog

These souls can do great things together, there is a certain altruistic world outlook they both hold. They are aligned on all levels, and together can achieve much, often with this pairing they do things on a grand scale, especially in their humanitarian pursuits.

Horse – Pig

Some souls have the ability to aggravate others, and this is just what the Horse does to the normally easy going and gentle Pig. They do not see eye to eye on any level, should they somehow manage to form a partnership, it would be a difficult journey for both.


Metal Horse

Metal Horses are strong willed and volatile, fast and assured decision makers, quick to act and very decisive about all matters. In their relationships they require plenty of attention, praise and freedom for it to work. They are free-spirits who will jump from job to job, or relationship to relationship. Metal Horses make better friends then partners. The metal element will give the Horses a perfect balance of all the best qualities.

Water Horse

The Water Horse has difficulty making decisions, which is a frustrating personality quirk for others. They are cheerful, lighthearted and happy individuals, and will be full of energy all the time. Water Horses are hardworking, and take their careers seriously. They are sentimental, and believe in true, eternal love. Once they find the right partner, they will commit to them for life. The water element will heighten the Horses communication skills and creative abilities.

Wood Horse

Stable strong, and fast to make decisions, successful in both  personal and professional relationships. Wood Horses are able to make better decisions than the other Horse types, the Wood element balances the Horse’s volatile emotions, and helps them to remain calm and relaxed. Wood Horses are highly intelligent and good natured. They will live life to the fullest and share what they have with their friends.

Fire Horse

The fire Horse lives on the edge and is challenging and compelling to be around, you never quite know what will happen next, this is the allure. A constant fire will burn within the fire Horse, and this passion will be in all areas of their life. They are hardworking entrepreneurs who will always be successful. Fire Horses are inspirational, they love music, reading and  travel. They are ardent lovers who will shower their love with gifts, kisses and poems. The fire will add even more passion to these high spirited beings.

Earth Horse

The Earth Horse will meet their goals no matter what, if they say they will do it, so they will. The Earth Horse comes complete with a fantastic sense of humor. The earth element will give the Horse much needed stability and canniness. They are serious and determined and will strive to achieve their goals. They are tolerant and honorable and take their love and business life seriously. As lovers they are romantic, and will always be taking their partner on romantic getaways in exotic places.

Famous Horses

Jimi Hendrix, Kevin Costner, Cindy Crawford, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Paul McCartney, Sam Cooke, Stone Gossard, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Ross Perot, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Joanne Woodward, Barbra Streisand, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Turner, Buffalo Bill Cody, Leonard Bernstein, Frederic Chopin, Vivaldi, Puccini, Degas, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Rev. Billy Graham, Linda Evans, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Ingmar Bergman, Neil Armstrong, Rembrandt, Jean Renoir, Samuel Beckett, Davy Crockett, Charlemagne, Khrushchev, Aldous Huxley, e.e. cummings, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Theodore Roosevelt.


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