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The Goat

The Goat
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1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Natural Energy: Yin (Negative)

Natural Element: Earth

The eighth position in the Chinese zodiac, the Goat is associated with serenity and peace. These souls learn the lesson of “propriety”. The goat is an extreme pacifist and detests violence of any kind. The goat possesses intelligence, creativity, dependability and calm. They have a keen sense of right and wrong and live by their strong values and beliefs. Goats are not judgemental and will consider all points of views before making a decision. Goats are entertaining people who will often be found in social gatherings, these  articulate and imaginative souls are often gifted artists, writers and musicians. They are very reserved and like to spend much time contemplating their thoughts. The goat feels most comfortable at home, cooking, painting and enjoying their creative pursuits. Goats would prefer to spend money on a few expensive items, rather than buying many cheaper products. They are intuitive and known to be financially fortunate.

Character Traits

Creative, friendly, cautious, gentle, easygoing, romantic, sincere, optimistic, calm, imaginative, adaptable, orderly, pleasant, honest and refined.


Goats are well liked by their co-workers and enjoy working in groups, they are not interested in power or status, and will only take leadership roles if asked. Goats are very good at detailed and analytical work and can be perfectionists. The goat prefers to avoid stressful and strenuous work, and like to be in a field that gives them creative freedom.  Good career choices for Goats include:  actor, editor, florist, interior designer, hair stylist, illustrator, art teacher and musician.


Goats are very sexy, sexual beings, with an attuned intuition that makes them great lovers. The Goat can have rather elevated sexual appetites and will not quit until these needs are fulfilled. These romantics  will need to experience a variety of lovers before setting down. Goats are private people so it may take some time to get to know them. The goat is a sign of fertility.

Love Compatibility

Goats are romantics, loving seduction and sensuality, art, music, creating a beautiful and warm loving home, this they feel they were born to do. They prefer not to be bothered with the machinations that take place in the world, instead wanting to make their environment a work of art. They require a partner who will complement and pay them plenty of attention, give them gifts and make sure they can live in the manner they desire.

Goat – Rat

They can stand next to each and look at the world with each perceiving an entirely different view. The up at the crack of dawn Rat is frustrated by the Goat’s less than get up and go attitude. Although they have many mutual interests, the way they each want to conduct themselves in the world is too different for a complementary alliance. Friendship would work well.

Goat – Ox

Clashes on a grand scale take place if these souls decide to try a partnership, both are opinionated with radically different temperaments. The predictable Oxen always manages to raise the ire of the Goat.

Goat – Tiger

Socially they are just enough for each other, as a partnership there will be ongoing conflict with short lived pleasant interludes. A social friendship stands more chance than a relationship.

Goat – Rabbit

Together these soul mates will lead an elegant, dedicated, loving life, with an appreciation for that which is beautiful. They are soulful entities with spiritual awareness, a friendship for life and a durable partnership.

Goat – Dragon

The attraction is natural and spontaneous, often leading to a partnership with all the elements for a successful long term union. The Dragon may need to temper their moods to keep harmony within the relationship and must try to not to bruise the Goat’s delicate sensibilities.

Goat – Snake

They just can’t get going, they are like a stream that doesn’t flow, the water is there but nothing is happening. They just don’t have the wherewithal to take them anywhere.

Goat – Horse

Two halves forming a blissful whole, this should be a risk free union, with the complementary yin Goat and yang Horse, they can float through life on a cloud of love.

Goat – Goat

With their sensitivity and love of beauty, these gentle souls are an inspired match, they are romantic and sensuous, caring deeply for each other. Their finances may need to be handled wisely, possibly by a professional.

Goat – Monkey

Instantaneous, dramatic, passionate for a time, but it doesn’t take long for the allure of this relationship to dissipate. The Monkey has a mercurial outlook, and this is not a strong foundation on which to build a relationship, it will end in tears.

Goat – Rooster

A relationship at odds from the outset, the industrious Rooster can’t help but push the more languid Goat to be more purposeful. The light in this partnership would dull very early.

Goat – Dog

When these souls get together there is often a dour pessimism that forms around them, creating anxiety and friction. The Dog has certain ideas about what the Goat should be doing, and the Goat resents the interfering.

Goat – Pig

Friends, lovers, soul mates, a destiny link offering an auspicious journey through life. The Goat’s romantic streak warms the heart of the Pig, while the Pig teaches the Goat the benefits of balance and caution.


Metal Goat

Metal goats have a forthright personality, and their determination can get them past most obstacles. They have tough-exteriors but are softies inside. Metal Goats are well cultured and have a love of art, poetry and song. The metal element provides extra strength to the goat character.

Water Goat

Water gives the fun loving carefree goat a heightened intuition and stronger emotions, although the water can make the goat overly sensitive. The Water goat has a  laid back way, and prefers to go with the flow. They are pleasant and enjoyable to be around, yet at times they can be highly stressed and lack self confidence.

Wood Goat

The Wood element gives strength to the  Goat’s talents, and they will often have careers as artists, musicians and actors.  They make enjoyable companions and generous friends, though  sometimes their generosity can be taken advantage of. Goats are very compassionate individuals who enjoy spending time with their friends. A lesson for the wood goat is to take more time caring for themselves.

Fire Goat

Fire Goats are self confident and often use their charm to get what they want. The Fire element gives the normally reserved goat a boost of passion, charisma and confidence. They are very sociable and will keep a close circle of friends. Unlike the other goat types, wood goats are much less sensitive and reserved.

Earth Goat

The double earth strengthens all of the Goat’s skills and abilities, they proceed with both feet firmly on the ground. They have high morals and values and are deeply attracted to all matters spiritual. Family is  most important  to the Earth Goat as is their career and missionary work. They are independent conservative and practical.

Famous Goats

Bill Gates, Chow Yun-Fat, John Kerry, Pamela Anderson, Eva Peron, Oliver North, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, William Shatner, Joe Pesci, Billy Bob Thornton, Hulk Hogan, Jim Jones, Billy Idol, Harry Connick Jr, George Harrison, Christopher Walken, Michelangelo, Winslow Homer, Franz Liszt, Grandma Moses, Liberace, Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Mark Twain,




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