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The Monkey

The Monkey
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1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Natural Energy: Yang (Negative)

Natural Element: Metal

The Monkey occupies the ninth position by Buddha’s side, the monkey possess such character traits as mischievousness, curiosity, intelligence and resourcefulness. They are  eccentric and highly intelligent. The monkey is a trickster and master of practical jokes, although with their playful way they can sometimes hurt the feelings of others. The monkey will spend most of its time plotting and scheming ingenious plans. Although monkeys are intelligent and creative they sometimes have difficulty exhibiting these qualities. Monkeys are warm and confident and blessed with an excellent memory. Their cleverness and cunning can often help them to squeeze out of tricky situations. Monkeys are high-spirited, and  their enterprising nature tends to bring them tremendous success in their chosen profession. Monkeys make enjoyable and pleasant company, you will often find these die hard romantics in romantic settings and venues, many famous people are born under this sign.

Character Traits

Sexual, energetic, entertaining, witty, intelligent, sociable, talkative, generous, versatile, restless,  competitive, inventive and  inquisitive.


These multi talented monkeys usually have no trouble succeeding in any career field. Monkeys are at their best in any profession that requires creativity, or the handling of complex tasks. Monkeys have a great love for travel, and will often be in careers such as a pilot, flight attendant or travel agent. These souls are natural comedians and make excellent stand up comics or actors, also they are effortless troubleshooters and advisers. On the negative side, Monkeys have also been known to be crooks, outlaws and professional gamblers. Other good careers for Monkeys include:  engineer, scientist, air traffic controller, stock market trader, film director, jeweller and sales representative.


Monkeys are charming and promiscuous, and generally  aren’t quick to settle down. Usually a monkey will settle down once they find the perfect partner. Monkeys are naughty in the bedroom and have a tendency to attract unusual sexual pleasures. A variety of partners is the key to a happy love life for monkeys.

Love Compatibility

Monkeys have an irrepressible childlike charm, they are charismatic and engaging entities, they can fall in love suddenly and fall out of love just as fast, that is until they meet their match. They are passionate and mischievous and although it takes time for them to commit, once they do they will dote on their chosen partner, offering humour, stimulating conversation, loyalty, mystery and playfulness.

Monkey – Rat

Passionate and sensual lovers, completely uninhibited, they each give of themselves unreservedly. They are like minded, and find each other intellectually stimulating. There is no question about their soul mate status

Monkey – Ox

The passionate Monkey can become resentful of the Ox’s lesser need for sexual stimulation, creating a rift in the relationship. Both are independent and are comfortable doing their own thing, both enjoy the art of sex and lovemaking, but the imbalance of libidos is an issue.

Monkey – Tiger

The Tiger does not trust the Monkey, therefore does not relax in the company of the Monkey. The Monkey has a way of keeping secrets yet eliciting confidences from the Tiger, this is not a match made in heaven.

Monkey – Rabbit

The Rabbit gives the Monkey too much leeway within the relationship, and the Monkey resents having to shoulder all the responsibility. The Rabbit has their running shoes on from the beginning.

Monkey – Dragon

They are meant to be together, soul mates who yearn for each other, and when they meet know it is right. This relationship between these strong souls can endure the test of time successfully.

Monkey – Snake

Physically they are a match made in heaven and will never tire of each other, they will always have a stimulating connection, with each wanting to please the other. Both give in equal amounts and are destined to walk life’s path together.

Monkey – Horse

If the clever Monkey is successful in convincing the Horse of a life ahead full of adventure and possibilities, the Horse will succumb. They are capable of an unusual and eclectic journey through life.

Monkey – Goat

The Monkey and the Goat enjoy the instant attraction and  harmonious relationship  for a time, but is must be financially rewarding to keep the Monkey interested. Should the Goat dictate terms the Monkey will immediately run.

Monkey – Monkey

Together they are inspired and industrious, making quite a team, offering fun and adventure. It is a dynamic pairing which will take some masterful handling to maintain.

Monkey – Rooster

There is enough positive friction to keep these souls busy and interested in each other for the rest of their lives. This means that sparks will fly, but they will both enjoy the fireworks.

Monkey – Dog

The Monkey is like a tonic for the Dog, offering passion, playfulness and some lighthearted fun and games. The Dog becomes more playful under the instruction of the Monkey, there is a delightful soul connection between the two.

Monkey – Pig

The Monkey’s trickiness and the Pig’s naivety often create havoc, even though these signs invariably are attracted to each other and come together often.



Metal Monkey

Metal monkeys are ambitious, intelligent and good at handling money, they are strong and determined which often brings success. The double metal makes these monkeys very confident and they can easily utilise their abilities. Metal Monkeys are very loyal, towards their friends, family, lovers and boss.

Water Monkey

Water Monkeys crave  attention and love  being in the limelight. They are also very sensitive and can easily be hurt by the cruel words of others. Water Monkeys are team players and very good at cooperating. If the Monkey applies their talents they will emerge successful in life.

Wood Monkey

The wood Monkey is funny, talented lovable and strong willed, they have excellent communication skills and are far more capable then the average Monkey. The Wood element helps the Monkey relax their rather eccentric traits. The Wood Monkey can either have the perfect  love life, or it could be a complete downhill ride.  They are naturals in the art  communication.

Fire Monkey

The fire combined with metal makes these Monkeys powerful and determined. They are sharp, quick and full of creative ideas. They will often wake up with energy and excitement, and seek adventure in their day. They are very competitive, and excellent at completing their goals, others enjoy their company and you will often find them surrounded by friends.

Earth Monkey

Earth Monkeys are optimistic joyful people with total belief in themselves. They are dependable and take their love life and work life seriously. These Monkeys are very interested in pursuing their intellectual development. They are entrepreneurs, and often successful in business, they have great strength, honesty and big hearts.

Famous Monkeys

Tom Selleck, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Will Smith, Dana Delany, Tom Hanks, Gillian Anderson, Patricia Arquette, Michael Douglas, Chelsea Clinton, Danny DeVito, Patti LaBelle, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Jerry Hall, Glenn Gould, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Rumsfeld, Macaulay Culkin, Harry Houdini, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Ted Kennedy, EleanorRoosevelt, Alice Walker, Martina Navratilova, Delta Burke, Andy Garcia, J.M. Barrie, David Copperfield, Joe Cocker, Bette Davis, Julius Caesar, Milton, Byron, Charles Dickens, Buster Keaton, Frederico Fellini, Rex Harrison, Susan B. Anthony, Annie Oakley, and the Marquis de Sade.


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