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Soul Mates & Chinese Astrology

Soul Mates & Chinese Astrology
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Soul Mates Destiny Links

The Law of attraction tells us that certain souls seek each other out and neither race, nor creed, nor family background or any variety of differences will deflect certain karmic connections. At times karmic connections bring together seemingly disparate entities because the souls recognize the energy of their true life partner.

There are also karmic connections with family members, friends, work colleagues, pets and business partners. Plans are made and rendezvous committed to from one lifetime to the next, this is why there is at times overwhelming familiarity with kindred spirits, those who find familiar souls will be happier than those who don’t.


January 30, 1881February 17, 1882Metal Snake
February 18, 1882January 7, 1883Water Horse
February 8, 1883January 27, 1884Water Goat
January 28, 1884February 14, 1885Wood Monkey
February 15, 1885February 3, 1886Wood Rooster
February 4, 1886January 23, 1887Fire Dog
January 24,1887February 11, 1888Fire Pig
February 12, 1888January 30, 1889Earth Rat
January 31, 1889January 20, 1890Earth Ox
January 21, 1890February 19, 1891Metal Tiger
February 20, 1891January 29, 1892Metal Rabbit
January 30, 1892February 16, 1893Water Dragon
February 17, 1893February 5, 1894Water Snake
February 6, 1894January 25, 1895Wood Horse
January 26, 1895February 12, 1896Wood Goat
February 13, 1896February 1, 1897Fire Monkey
February 2, 1897January 21, 1898Fire Rooster
January 22, 1898February 9, 1899Earth Dog
February 10, 1899January 30, 1900Earth Pig
January 31, 1900February 18, 1901Metal Rat
February 19, 1901February 7, 1902Metal Ox
February 8, 1902January 28, 1903Water Tiger
January 29, 1903February 15, 1904Water Rabbit
February 16, 1904February 3, 1905Wood Dragon
February 4, 1905January 24, 1906Wood Snake
January 25, 1906February 12, 1907Fire Horse
February 13, 1907February 1, 1908Fire Goat
February 2, 1908January 21, 1909Earth Monkey
January 22, 1909February 9, 1910Earth Rooster
February 10, 1910January 29, 1911Metal Dog
January 30, 1911February 17, 1912Metal Pig
February 18, 1912February 5, 1913Water Rat
February 6, 1913January 25, 1914Water Ox
January 26, 1914February 13, 1915Wood Tiger
February 14, 1915February 2, 1916Wood Rabbit
February 3, 1916January 22, 1917Fire Dragon
January 23, 1917February 10, 1918Fire Snake
February 11, 1918January 31, 1919Earth Horse
February, 1, 1919February 19, 1920Earth Goat
February 20, 1920February 7, 1921Metal Monkey
February 8,1921January 27, 1922Metal Rooster
January 28, 1922February 15, 1923Water Dog
February 16, 1923February 4, 1924Water Pig
February 5, 1924January 24, 1925Wood Rat
January 25, 1925February 12, 1926Wood Ox
February 13, 1926February 1, 1927Fire Tiger
February 2, 1927January 22, 1928Fire Rabbit
January 23, 1928February 9, 1929Earth Dragon
February 10, 1929January 29, 1930Earth Snake
January 30, 1930February 16, 1931Metal Horse
February 17, 1931February 5, 1932Metal Goat
February 6, 1932January 25, 1933Water Monkey
January 26, 1933February 13, 1934Water Rooster
February 14, 1934February 3, 1935Wood Dog
February 4, 1935January 23, 1936Wood Pig
January 24, 1936February 10, 1937Fire Rat
February 11, 1937January 30, 1938Fire Ox
January 31, 1938February 18, 1939Earth Tiger
February 19, 1939February 7, 1940Earth Rabbit
February 8, 1940January 26, 1941Metal Dragon
January 27, 1941February 14, 1942Metal Snake
February 15, 1942February 4, 1943Water Horse
February 5, 1943January 24, 1944Water Goat
January 25, 1944February 12, 1945Wood Monkey
February 13, 1945February 1, 1946Wood Rooster
February 2, 1946January 21, 1947Fire Dog
January 22, 1947February 9, 1948Fire Pig
February 10, 1948January 28, 1949Earth Rat
January 29, 1949February 16, 1950Earth Ox
February 17, 1950February 5, 1951Metal Tiger
February 6, 1951January 26, 1952Metal Rabbit
January 27, 1952February 13, 1953Water Dragon
February 14, 1953February 2, 1954Water Snake
February 3, 1954January 23, 1955Wood Horse
January 24, 1955February 11, 1956Wood Goat
February 12, 1956January 30, 1957Fire Monkey
January 31, 1957February 17, 1958Fire Rooster
February 18, 1958February 7, 1959Earth Dog
February 8, 1959January 27, 1960Earth Pig
January 28, 1960February 14, 1961Metal Rat
February 15, 1961February 4, 1962Metal Ox
February 5, 1962January 24, 1963Water Tiger
January 25, 1963February 12, 1964Water Rabbit
February 13, 1964February 1, 1965Wood Dragon
February 2, 1965January 20, 1966Wood Snake
January 21, 1966February 8, 1967Fire Horse
February 9, 1967January 29, 1968Fire Goat
January 30, 1968February 16, 1969Earth Monkey
February 17, 1969February 5, 1970Earth Rooster
February 6, 1970January 26, 1971Metal Dog
January 27, 1971February 14, 1972Metal Pig
February 15, 1972February 2, 1973Water Rat
February 3, 1973January 22, 1974Water Rat
January 23, 1974February 10, 1975Wood Tiger
February 11, 1975January 30, 1976Wood Rabbit
January 31, 1976February 17, 1977Fire Dragon
February 18, 1977February 6, 1978Fire Snake
February 7, 1978January 27, 1979Earth Horse
January 28, 1979February 15, 1980Earth Goat
February 16, 1980February 4, 1981Metal Monkey
February 5, 1981January 24, 1982Metal Rooster
January 25, 1982February 12, 1983Water Dog
February 13, 1983February 1, 1984Water Pig
February 2, 1984February 19, 1985Wood Rat
February 20, 1985February 8, 1986Wood Ox
February 9, 1986January 28, 1987Fire Tiger
January 29, 1987February 16, 1988Fire Rabbit
February 17, 1988February 5, 1989Earth Dragon
February 6, 1989January 26, 1990Earth Snake
January 27, 1990February 14, 1991Metal Horse
February 15, 1991February 3, 1992Metal Goat
February 4, 1992January 22, 1993Water Monkey
January 23, 1993February 9, 1994Water Rooster
February 10, 1994January 30, 1995Wood Dog
January 31, 1995February 18, 1996Wood Pig
February 19, 1996February 6, 1997Fire Rat
February 7, 1997January 27, 1998Fire Ox
January 28, 1998February 15, 1999Earth Tiger
February 16, 1999February 4, 2000Earth Rabbit
February 5, 2000January 23, 2001Metal Dragon
January 24, 2001February 11, 2002Metal Snake
February 12, 2002January 31, 2003Water Horse
February 1, 2003January 21, 2004Water Goat
January 22, 2004February 8, 2005Wood Monkey
February 9, 2005January 28, 2006Wood Rooster
January 29, 2006February 17, 2007Fire Dog
February 18, 2007February 6, 2008Fire Pig
February 7, 2008January 25, 2009Earth Rat
January 26, 2009February 13, 2010Earth Ox
February 14, 2010February 2, 2011Metal Tiger
February 3, 2011January 22, 2012Metal Rabbit
January 23, 2012February 9, 2013Water Dragon



The signs that are drawn together have a soul connection, out of the 12 Chinese Astrology signs, they are arranged in groups of three, these signs are complementary to each other and have a heart connection. The three complementary signs are called Trines.

Compatible Trines

Compatible Trinity – Rat – Dragon -Monkey

Each sign is a passionate, sensual and ardent lover, they are accomplished and always finish what they start, they can be unpredictable and rush in where angels fear to tread. They each have a potent yang energy and magnetic personality, they are always in a hurry and what everything done yesterday. They are irrepressible and irresistible soul mates.

Compatibility Trinity – Ox – Snake – Rooster

These three are masterful planners, they take their time with everything they do, they are soul mates who give their all to life, they are organized and they always follow through. They take time to grow into themselves and have the attitude that patience is a virtue, instant gratification does not appeal to them and they know good things are worth waiting for. They are inner souls ruled by yin energy, they are fixed signs and carefully plan every action, in their journey through life they apply themselves wholeheartedly.

Compatibility Trinity – Tiger – Horse – Dog

These souls are of the world and care deeply about humanity, they are compelled to seek out humanitarian causes and search for each other as though each is fitted with a homing device. They are the humanitarians and philanthropists they seek to heal on all levels. They feel an utter compulsion to find their soul mate, they are wonderful communicators, have a regal air and have no interest in petty machinations. They are imbued with a powerful yang energy making them very passionate and utterly loyal once their karmic partner has been found.

Compatibility Trinity – Rabbit – Goat – Pig

This trinity comprises romantics with a love for all that is beautiful, they lean towards an elegant peaceful and dignified life, drawn to those souls with a similar aesthetic. They have a creative approach and have a patient approach to all things. They enjoy the finer things in life, and love to be in love, they turn lovemaking into an art, they have a gentle and loving nature. They are repelled by anything, loud, harsh and are unsettled by ugly actions or behavior, they always wish to look upon that which is beautiful, whether this be an environment or a person. They are deep yin energies who gravitate to a yang lover.


Sign IncompatibilitySoul Mates & Chinese Astrology

When opposites connect their is constant upheaval, someone who may easily interact with others yet seems to clash with you on all levels. Your opposite will leave you feeling uncertain and out of balance, it will be an enervating experience. It is surprising how often polar opposites are magnetized by the differences and come together in spite of them. This type of relationship cannot be maintained as they will eventually push each other away due to opposing natures.

The sensuous snake will always annoy the upstanding and uncomplicated pig, while the Dragons is too dramatic for the earthy Dog. The anxious Rat will feel that the Horse is far too cavalier and devil may care to have a calm and tranquil partnership. Strangely enough opposites who enter into a business relationship and have a particular goal, often test each other to become the best they can be culminating into a profitable outcome for each of them. In the case of a business relationship it is often the case that each partner has within them what the other lacks.

Polar Opposite Signs

Rat – Horse

Ox – Goat

Tiger – Monkey

Rabbit – Rooster

Dragon – Dog

Snake – Pig

Soul Mate Sparring Partners

These are the very complicated unions that are in the neverland of intense passion and equally intense disagreement and argumentativeness. They are neither compatible nor in opposition. These are the dramatic and complex paradox of karmic soul mate signs, many signs of this nature spend a lifetime together, until death do they part. Others seem to endure a relationship with undercurrents and conflict that both are disinclined to walk away from.

The Goat, Rabbit and Pig will always be drawn together in friendship, however the Goat and the Horse are the true soul mates, caring deeply for each other. The Rat, Dragon and Monkey can do anything together and are compatible entitities, but the true soul mate bond for the Rat, is the attentive and dependable Ox.

Soul Mates & Chinese Astrology

The Soul Mates

Rat – Ox

Tiger – Pig

Rabbit – Dog

Dragon – Rooster

Snake – Monkey

Horse – Goat

Sparks fly in the wrong way with the Dragon and the Dog as they are constantly at odds with each other and both like to do things their way. The Dog and Rooster encounter challenge and friction with neither understanding the other. The Tiger and the Monkey get on each other’s nerves with opposing outlooks. There is often open hostility between the Tiger and the Snake.

Karmic Friction

Rat – Goat

Ox – Horse

Tiger – Snake

Rabbit – Dragon

Monkey – Pig

Dog – Rooster

Eclectic Relationships

These signs do not come within the Trinity and they are not soul mate – friction opposites, yet they can often connect in the most surprising and unusual ways, the higher the number the stronger the connection.


Rat + Rat = eclectic mix – marriage material

Rat + Ox = eclectic mix – soul mates

Rat + Tiger = eclectic mix – balance and tolerance required

Rat + Rabbit = eclectic mix – conflicts

Rat + Dragon = eclectic mix – long term potential

Rat + Snake = eclectic mix – conflict

Rat + Horse = eclectic mix – conflict

Rat + Goat = eclectic mix – implausible

Rat + Monkey = eclectic mix – long term potential

Rat + Rooster = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rat + Dog = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rat + Pig = eclectic mix – quirky


Ox + Rat = eclectic mix – soul mates

Ox + Ox = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Ox + Tiger = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Ox + Rabbit = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Ox + Dragon = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Ox + Snake = eclectic mix – long term potential

Ox + Horse = eclectic mix – implausible

Ox + Goat = eclectic mix – conflict

Ox + Monkey = eclectic mix – conflict

Ox + Rooster = eclectic mix – long term potential

Ox + Dog = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Ox + Pig = eclectic mix – tolerance required


Tiger + Rat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Tiger + Ox = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Tiger + Tiger = eclectic mix – conflict

Tiger + Rabbit = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Tiger + Dragon = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Tiger + Snake = eclectic mix – implausible

Tiger + Horse = eclectic mix – long term potential

Tiger + Goat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Tiger + Monkey = eclectic mix – conflict

Tiger + Rooster = eclectic mix – quirky

Tiger + Dog = eclectic mix – long term potential

Tiger + Pig = eclectic mix – soul mates


Rabbit + Rat = eclectic mix – conflict

Rabbit + Ox = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Rabbit + Tiger = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rabbit + Rabbit = eclectic mix – marriage material

Rabbit + Dragon = eclectic mix – conflict

Rabbit + Snake = eclectic mix – marriage material

Rabbit + Horse = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rabbit + Goat = eclectic mix – marriage material

Rabbit + Monkey = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Rabbit + Rooster = eclectic mix – conflict

Rabbit + Dog = eclectic mix – soul mates

Rabbit + Pig = eclectic mix – marriage material

DRAGONSoul Mates & Chinese Astrology

Dragon + Rat = eclectic mix – marriage material

Dragon + Ox = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Dragon + Tiger = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Dragon + Rabbit = eclectic mix – conflict

Dragon + Dragon = eclectic mix – long term potential

Dragon + Snake = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Dragon + Horse = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Dragon + Goat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Dragon + Monkey = eclectic mix – long term potential

Dragon + Rooster = eclectic mix – soul mates

Dragon + Dog = eclectic mix – conflict

Dragon + Pig = eclectic mix – quirky fun


Snake + Rat = eclectic mix – conflict

Snake + Ox = eclectic mix – long term potential

Snake + Tiger = eclectic mix – implausible

Snake + Rabbit = eclectic mix – long term potential

Snake + Dragon = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Snake + Snake = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Snake + Horse = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Snake + Goat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Snake + Monkey = eclectic mix – soul mates

Snake + Rooster = eclectic mix – long term potential

Snake + Dog = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Snake + Pig = eclectic mix – conflict


Horse + Rat = eclectic mix – conflict

Horse + Ox = eclectic mix – implausible

Horse + Tiger = eclectic mix – long term potential

Horse + Rabbit = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Horse + Dragon = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Horse + Snake = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Horse + Horse = eclectic mix – long term potential

Horse + Goat = eclectic mix – soul mates

Horse + Monkey = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Horse + Rooster = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Horse + Dog = eclectic mix – long term potential

Horse + Pig = eclectic mix – quirky fun


Goat + Rat = eclectic mix – implausible

Goat + Ox = eclectic mix – conflict

Goat + Tiger = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Goat + Rabbit = eclectic mix – long term potential

Goat + Dragon = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Goat + Snake = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Goat + Horse = eclectic mix – soul mates

Goat + Goat = eclectic mix – long term potential

Goat + Monkey = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Goat + Rooster = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Goat + Dog = eclectic mix – conflict

Goat + Pig = eclectic mix – long term potential


Monkey + Rat = eclectic mix – long term potential

Monkey + Ox = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Monkey + Tiger = eclectic mix – conflict

Monkey + Rabbit = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Monkey + Dragon = eclectic mix – long term potential

Monkey + Snake = eclectic mix – soul mate

Monkey + Horse = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Monkey + Goat = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Monkey + Monkey = eclectic mix – long term potential

Monkey + Rooster = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Monkey + Dog = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Monkey + Pig = eclectic mix – implausible


Rooster + Rat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rooster + Ox = eclectic mix – long term potential

Rooster + Tiger = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Rooster + Rabbit = eclectic mix – conflict

Rooster + Dragon = eclectic mix – soul mates

Rooster + Snake = eclectic mix – long term potential

Rooster + Horse = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Rooster + Goat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Rooster + Monkey = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Rooster + Rooster = eclectic mix – conflict

Rooster + Dog = eclectic mix – implausible

Rooster – Pig = eclectic mix – long term potential


Dog + Rat = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Dog + Ox = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Dog + Tiger = eclectic mix – long term potential

Dog + Rabbit = eclectic mix – soul mates

Dog + Dragon = eclectic mix – conflict

Dog + Snake = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Dog + Horse = eclectic mix – long term potential

Dog + Goat = eclectic mix – conflict

Dog + Monkey = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Dog + Rooster = eclectic mix – implausible

Dog + Dog = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Dog + Pig = eclectic mix – quirky fun


Pig + Rat = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Pig + Ox = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Pig + Tiger = eclectic mix – soul mates

Pig + Rabbit = eclectic mix – long term potential

Pig + Dragon = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Pig + Snake = eclectic mix – conflict

Pig + Horse = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Pig + Goat = eclectic mix – long term potential

Pig + Monkey = eclectic mix – implausible

Pig + Rooster = eclectic mix – tolerance required

Pig + Dog = eclectic mix – quirky fun

Pig + Pig = eclectic mix – long term potential

The Twelve Animal Signs And Love


Rats are ardent lovers who come to life when the sky is dark, the Rat requires love and affection and feel that being in love is a natural state, they want to be understood by their partner. When in love their partner is cherished above all others, and in return the Rat asks to be loved and cherished. Rats can often feel lonely, they do not like to be alone and will always be seeking out companionship, they have few close friends and when in love they yearn to be understood. They are passionate lovers.

Rat – Rat

Romantic and passionate lovers who both want to lead within a relationship, they are like minded who give and absorb each other. Their highly strung positive yang energies can cause them to overreact.

Rat – Ox

The Rat will give their all to their soul mate Ox, relinquishing body, mind, spirit, finances and often good sense. Within this relationship the Rat can feel very vulnerable, this is a tender and potent combination.

Rat – Tiger

The Tiger’s attitude and behavior leaves the Rat feeling somewhat unfulfilled, leaving each one feeling out of balance and out of sorts.

Rat – Rabbit

The Rabbit does not offer the Rat the communication that is necessary to the Rat within a relationship, the Rabbit will always be less committed within this relationship.

Rat – Dragon

These two value emotional security and take marriage very seriously, if either was tempted to stray it is more than likely that the emotional security and commitment would prevent them from straying.

Rat – Snake

The Rat loves to love and loves to make love, to the Rat it is an art form, this attracts the sensuous Snake immensely, the Snake is less sensitive than the Rat. If there was any infidelity on the part of the Snake, they would not be forgiven by the Rat.

Rat – Horse

This relationship is doomed to failure, yet it is surprising how often these disparate souls try to make a relationship work. The Horse is unable to give the Rat the attention needed and the Horse’s preoccupation with its own desires leaves the Rat feeling empty.

Rat – Goat

This is a strange alliance to say the least, the energetic Rat becomes frustrated with the unhurried Goat, these energies do not balance create.

Rat – Monkey

These souls throw themselves into the art of love, they are sensual and erotic lovers, completely unreserved with each other. They are in tune on all levels sharing intellectually as well as emotionally.

Rat – Rooster

Both love to converse and bounce around ideas, hopes, dreams, each loving to talk and to be heard. However the Rooster has a particularly critical outlook which the Rat does not respond well to.

Rat – Dog

These souls seem to always be at odds with each other, and the Dog’s sensitivity tends to be aggravated by the Rat’s behavior, with these two there is a constant power struggle, a never ending battle of wits. Should the Rat show any signs of infidelity the Dog would find this unforgivable.

Rat – Pig

The Rat feels warm and fuzzy with the understanding, attentive and cuddly Pig, harmony reigns supreme with these two souls. The empathetic Pig is like balm to the soul of the Rat.


The Ox will choose a partner carefully, they are in no hurry and are quite independent, they are patient and consistent within a relationship. They are not keen on flights of fancy and would prefer to be alone than waste their time in fanciful flirtations. In love they are easily hurt, hence the need for them to be protective towards themselves, they do not give their hearts readily. They require a partner who will not let them down emotionally, they are gentle souls to be with.

Ox – Rat

The Rat could not wish for a more devoted partner than the gentle attentive loving Ox, their family values are in sync and each is enamored by the other.

Ox – Ox

Gentle souls who have a capacity to float through life on a cloud of love, mutual respect and understanding. Both with strong minds and an enormous capacity for compassion.

Ox – Tiger

Within a relationship both like to lead, therefore it is necessary for each to give the other the floor, and allow the other to follow their agreed to life role, unhindered and supported.

Ox – Rabbit

The Rabbit will be perfectly happy to let the Ox take the lead within the relationship, both offer a yin energy and are sensitive to the needs of the other. The Rabbit will expect to live in a comfortable environment and receive an adequate amount of attention.

Ox – Dragon

Strong personalities vying for the way they think things should be, could cause tension in a long term relationship. For this to work they would have to show empathy and respect for each other’s place in the world and refrain from being dogmatic.

Ox – Snake

There is an intense karmic understanding that is undeniable within this soul pairing, they view the world in the same way, they an intuitive sense of the needs of each other, a unique bond.

Ox – Horse

Neither has the faintest idea of what is going on inside the other one’s head, the adventurous Horse, and the home loving Ox have a different outlook on what makes a relationship harmonious. Together they would constantly be at odds with each other.

Ox – Goat

The Goat runs, is impulsive, while the Ox is serene and can float along not getting worked up about things. Each has an entirely different perspective and perception of the way they see life and love. This would be an uneasy alliance.

Ox – Monkey

The Ox enjoys sex and is a loving partner, but if preoccupied it is not especially necessary, this is in conflict with the ardent and sexually motivated Monkey. This imbalance can put a spanner in the works of an otherwise loving relationship.

Ox – Dog

Together they can at times be deep and dour with a far from optimistic outlook on life, however as partners in a relationship there is immense feeling and understanding. With a positive outlook they could have a long and loving relationship with compassion and understanding.

Ox – Pig

These souls have a natural understanding and together could have a special and nurturing relationship, although under normal circumstances they would not be drawn to each other. If however through some serendipitous intervention they do meet, each will be charmed by the other.


These independent souls require an understanding partner who recognizes their independent nature, the Tiger cannot be contained or restrained, they have a powerful mind and intense emotions. A Tiger likes to be with someone who has a strong sense of self and knows where they are going, they like thinkers and are attracted to strong personalities. They are very passionate partners who are extremely loyal towards those they love.

Tiger – Rat

Within a relationship they are not at ease together, the secretive Rat frustrates the open Tiger. Their mutual disconnectedness would eventually put a strain on the most well intentioned partnership.

Tiger – Ox

The Tiger and Ox will have a battle of wits until they tire, they pull in different directions, the Tiger outgoing the Ox more introverted. The unease would not sustain a long term relationship.

Tiger – Tiger

Two strong personalities competing for the spotlight, each nudging the other out of the way, this struggle could go on endlessly until each is exhausted. Under one roof long term, this partnership does not bode well.

Tiger – Rabbit

The Tiger dares, the Rabbit does not, the Tiger moves forward, the Rabbit is content. The Tiger would easily overwhelm the Rabbit, this relationship would be difficult to complement either soul long term.

Tiger – Dragon

This is a relationship that can have longevity, together there is nothing these magnificent energies cannot attain. Together they are far seeing and far reaching, they care deeply for each other.

Tiger – Snake

Within a relationship the Tiger finds the Snake too languid, it is as though the Snake is moving in slow motion, and the Tiger is moving double speed. The sensuous Snake will approach things slowly taking as much time as they think they need, leaving the Tiger champing at the bit.

Tiger – Horse

Destiny links, karmic partners, they are made for each other, equally they love challenges, they view life with wonder and believe there is magic in the world, and care about those in the world. They are ardent lovers, with a genuine liking and understanding of each other.

Tiger – Goat

If they embark on a relationship there are challenges from the outset, with the independent Tiger being frustrated by the Goats lack of drive. Their differences seem too diverse to be overcome.

Tiger – Monkey

The wise choice would be for these souls to become friends rather than lover, although both are passionate the Tiger has no patience for the Monkey’s scattered behavior and impractical ideas.

Tiger – Rooster

There can be sudden passion between these souls, but long term their strong personalities would create clashes similar to lightening strikes across the sky, they would exhaust each other emotionally and verbally.

Tiger – Dog

Two beautiful energies drawn together in mutual understanding, a relationship written in the stars. They intertwine like climbing roses creating a beautiful, long term, romantic, communicative, passionate relationship.

Tiger – Pig

There is a gentle longevity between these two, a natural soul understanding, together they are affectionate and loving, each appreciating the qualities within the other. They can walk through life together in tranquility and joy.


Once a Rabbit commits they are eternally loving and devoted to their partners, they are gentle intuitive lovers, who desire the perfect partner in their eyes. The perfect partner is someone who will love, care for and pamper them, they choose older and younger lovers. They require a partner to understand their need for freedom and independence, and it does take the rabbit time to settle down. Rabbits are considerate and attentive lovers who do not fall easily in love as their requirements in a partner are specific.

Rabbit – Rat

Two intelligent souls loving the finer things in life, but the Rat proves to be a little too detached for the Rabbits requirements. As friends there is long term success for these souls with their positive outlook on life.

Rabbit – Ox

The Ox does not offer the pampering, and luxuries the Rabbit so desires. The Ox is down to earth and stable in love, leaving the Rabbits romantic nature unfulfilled, disparate natures who are loners at heart.

Rabbit – Tiger

The Rabbit is often a friendly guide for the Tiger, however the Tigers blunt manner unsettles the Rabbit’s delicate sensibilities. They would be wise to look elsewhere for a partner.

Rabbit – Rabbit

A beautiful paring of soul mates, they covet beauty, love to love and relish being in love with each other. Together they create a home full of beautiful things, and are in tune on all levels. They both relish each other and life, they bind great joy in a passionate partnership and eternal friendship.

Rabbit – Dragon

These souls seem to find themselves karmically linked as friends, colleagues, tutors, classmates and marriage partners. They are actually at odds with each other with the Rabbit being quiet and dignified and the Dragon outgoing and outspoken this creates friction between the two.

Rabbit – Horse

This is a union of complementary energies working together to create an harmonious environment and partnership. The Rabbit will keep the home fires burning while the Horse explores new opportunities for the benefit of them both.

Rabbit – Goat

These souls complement each other spiritually and emotionally, with an eager anticipation to find and create beauty in their life. Their union is one of mutual understanding and commitment to each other, together they are romantic and considerate.

Rabbit – Monkey

The Monkeys subterfuge unsettles the Rabbit causing the Rabbit to behave out of character to compete with the Monkey. This is not a relationship where each soul nurtures the other, the Monkey is too mischievous for the Rabbit.

Rabbit – Dog

These souls have a tendency to magnetize towards each other with instant rapport ensuing, there is a certain familiarity as soon as they meet. The challenge for this pair is their disparate natures with the Rabbit somewhat detached and requiring a certain freedom, while the Dog commits wholeheartedly ready to nurture and be nurtured.

Rabbit – Pig

An elegant and beneficial meeting of two souls destined to be together, walking with a dignified grace through life hand in hand. An unquestioningly loving and nurturing relationship.


The Dragon is one of the more eccentric souls, travelling through life with assurity and confidence, they know where they are going and chart a determined course to get there. They are passionate about life and passionate lovers, they are extremely independent with an adventurous spirit. They certainly know how to create a life worth living, and once they choose their life partner will work with them to create a beautiful and loving home. Random commitment is not their style and they understand the need for complementary natures to work together in life. The Dragon does have a tendency towards lusty infatuation that is always short lived.

Dragon – Rat

Only a life filled with spontaneity and variety will be suitable for these souls, from this they will flourish together. As marriage partners they will work as a dedicated team, and the social butterflies are ever ready to give each other the floor, with the Rat happy to allow the Dragon adequate time in the spotlight.

Dragon – Tiger

Together they are a dramatic team, strong, forthright energies who have a tendency to live life like a roller coaster ride. They are passionate and high strung and will lead an eventful and flamboyant life, loving each other ardently.

Dragon – Rabbit

The rather brusque approach of the Dragon offends the delicate sensibilities of the Rabbit, the Dragon can be too forceful for the gentle and courteous Rabbit.

Dragon – Dragon

They are like a royal couple and each require the other to hold them in the highest esteem, they have all the elements to glide through life each shining like a star, each adoring the other.

Dragon – Snake

The Snake will have a possessive approach towards the Dragon and Dragons require the space to embrace their independent nature. If this can be done and there is fidelity the relationship will continue, if however they do part they will remain lifelong friends

Dragon – Horse

This relationship is clash of the Titans with neither relinquishing center stage, with both vying for attention this will be a momentary union.

Dragon -Goat

This relationship has lifelong potential providing the Dragon is sensitive to the needs of the Goat, there is often success when a male Dragon and female Goat form a partnership. There is a strong attraction between these souls.

Dragon – Monkey

The nature of these souls works like a magnet drawing them together, they bond readily and easily, each providing the other with a true soul mate. They are on the same wave length, both are innovative and love a challenge, there is immense attraction between them and longevity is their destiny.

Dragon – Rooster

A meeting of the minds each quick witted and intelligent, each able to hold the other’s interest, they have a bold outlook on life and journey together with passion and endurance.

Dragon – Dog

The Dragon and Dog are complete opposites yet each is intrigued by what makes the other tick, rather than being lovers they can share an inspiring and challenging friendship or business partnership.

Dragon – Pig

The Dragon loves the nature of the Pig and basks in the gentle attention, it is an unhindered romantic journey providing the Dragon remains faithful, this would be devastating and difficult for the Pig to overcome.


The Snake likes to immerse entirely into a relationship and wants to share everything, needing to know all about their partner. The Snake is an intuitive and giving lover and soul mate, choosing a mate with care and in an unhurried manner. Sensual, sexual and imaginative, they like love to progress slowly and unfold as a flower does when it meets the Sun’s rays. The Snake is quite possessive and requires the full attention of their life partner.

Snake – Rat

They are capable of a passionate and sensual relationship, however the Snake is emotionally stronger than the Rat and the Rat is in danger of suffering a broken heart. The Rat would need to proceed with caution.

Snake – Ox

They recognize qualities in each other they are drawn to allowing them to move forward unhindered, and to enjoy a deep and abiding friendship and a passionate and romantic soul partnership.

Snake – Tiger

The cautious in love Snake can be unsettled by the irrepressible nature of the Tiger, the Tiger wants to move forward in leaps and bounds, while the Snake would prefer to gracefully and slowly pace itself. The Snake would constantly feel at odds in this relationship.

Snake – Rabbit

The Snake must be the leader in this relationship and this relationship has merit, they both love beautiful things and care for the home, they are attentive towards each other. There is the possibility of the Rabbit being overwhelmed by the Snake.

Snake – Dragon

The Snake must allow the Dragon freedom of movement and be less possessive, if this is agreed upon this will be a strong and happy relationship. Trouble will arise if the Snake tries to restrict the movement of the Dragon and they will breathe fire.

Snake – Snake

They coil around each other in complete contentment, there is a spiritual and physical connection, there is an overabundance of yin energy and each will be waiting for the other to take charge. This is something they work through easily there is an ethereal beauty about this soul partnering.

Snake – Horse

They are different in their nature, the Horse is outward, the Snake is inward, yet there is no lacking in physical attraction and they can have a sensual and lively partnership. Blending the way the view and interact in the world is the challenge, the Snake communes inwardly while the Horse is outward bound. This can create disharmony between them.

Snake – Goat

With each waiting for the other to take the lead, there is not enough energy for this relationship to last the distance. They each possess gentle yin energy which is not enough to create the sparks to light an enduring and sustaining fire.

Snake – Monkey

The relationship between Snake and Monkey is physical and sensual, they are immensely attracted to each other. They can expect a long and fortuitous journey through life, the one conflict they could not overcome is infidelity by either party.

Snake – Rooster

There is a different energy flow between these souls yet there is great understanding and magnetism, enough to make them a formidable combination, there is a certain seriousness about life they share. Their body clocks may function quite differently with the Rooster being an early bird and the Snake a creature of the night.

Snake – Dog

They are souls of the world and enjoy many deep and meaningful conversations about life, love and the history of the universe. To them life is full of wonder and they want to discover everything life has to offer together, they form a soul union and an everlasting friendship.

Snake – Pig

The Pig is too naive to inspire the Snake long term even though there is attraction with these two deep intuitive souls, the Snake can be too secretive for the Pig which creates a jarring note. They are opposites who would be working against the odds to be together.



In love the Horse craves a dynamic relationship, they will enter into a partnership but must feel free at the same time. They can dive into a passionate affair and end it just as passionately. They are led by the dictates of their heart, when they do fall in love their entire being is overwhelmed, they make considerate, attentive, sensual soul partners, eager to nurture their love through life.

Horse – Rat

These souls will always be attracted to one another, but the Horse is not attentive enough for  Rats who needs to communicate with their partner. The horse appears to the Rat to be in its own world, this would not be a long term nurturing relationship, there would be too many tensions.

Horse – Ox

The Ox is dedicated to making a beautiful and harmonious home, the Horse needs to be out there is the world. The Ox feels this behavior is sacrilege, the Horse feels the Ox’s attitude is too authoritative, they really don’t understand each other at all.

Horse – Tiger

Yang energies that are made to be together a true soul partnership, with each loving and supporting the other in all aspects of life. Fond friends as well as ardent lovers.

Horse – Rabbit

The Horse and Rabbit are an exceptional balance for each other with the Rabbit completely content to attend to the home, while the Horse is out in the world and taking on the challenges inherent. Together they form an easygoing and loving soul partnership this is the Horses yang energy and the Rabbits yin energy in complete harmony.

Horse – Dragon

There is absolutely no flexibility between these strong willed souls, both vying for center stage, neither wanting to be usurped by the other. If they do form a partnership it will be a troubling one with conflict.

Horse – Snake

Physical attraction and fond liking for each other is not enough to overcome the emotional differences, the Snake’s world is an internal, while the horse yearns to bound free and explore externally. There is usually division between these souls.

Horse – Horse

Two souls loving freedom and adventure with an overabundance of yang energy, it is imagined would be an ideal match, however should they decide to form a partnership. There naturally independent streaks would keep them apart for periods of time, this would not be a stable relationship.

Horse – Goat

They are the two parts that make up the whole, with the yang of the Horse and the yin of the Goat, they each offer the other all they need. They are destiny personified.

Horse – Monkey

The wiley Monkey works very hard, using every trick in its arsenal to lure the Horse, at the same time the Horse is just as keen to be with the Monkey. Their adventurous spirit will make their union spontaneous and slightly unpredictable. They have enough energy and motivation to make this a long lasting and successful union.

Horse – Rooster

To say the least the energy between the Horse and the Rooster is luke warm there is not enough positive energy between them to make this a worthwhile pursuit. Even as friends there would be a lack lustre interaction.

Horse – Dog

These souls can do great things together there is a certain altruistic world outlook they both hold. They are aligned on all levels and together can achieve much, often with this pairing they do things on a grand scale especially in their humanitarian pursuits.

Horse – Pig

Some souls have the ability to aggravate others and this is just what the Horse does to the normally easy going and gentle Pig. They do not see eye to eye on any level, should they somehow manage to form a partnership it would be a difficult journey for both.


Goats are romantics loving seduction and sensuality, art, music, creating a beautiful and warm loving home, this they feel they were born to do. They prefer not to be bothered with the machinations that take place in the world, instead wanting to make their environment a work of art. They require a partner who will complement and pay them plenty of attention, give them gifts and make sure they can live in the manner they desire.

Goat – Rat

They can stand next to each and look at the world with each perceiving an entirely different view. The up at the crack of dawn Rat is frustrated by the Goat’s less than get up and go attitude. Although they have many mutual interests, the way they each want to conduct themselves in the world is too different for a complementary alliance. Friendship would work well.

Goat – Ox

Clashes on a grand scale take place if these souls decide to try a partnership, both are opinionated with radically different temperaments. The predictable Oxen always manages to raise the ire of the Goat.

Goat – Tiger

Socially they are just enough for each other, as a partnership there will be ongoing conflict with short lived pleasant interludes. A social friendship stands more chance than a relationship.

Goat – Rabbit

Together these soul mates will lead an elegant, dedicated, loving life, with an appreciation for that which is beautiful, soulful entities with spiritual connectedness, a friendship for life and a durable partnership.

Goat – Dragon

The attraction is natural and spontaneous often leading to a partnership with all the elements for a successful long term union. The Dragon may need to temper its moods to keep harmony within the relationship and not sending the Goat out of balance.

Goat – Snake

They just can’t get going, they are like a stream that doesn’t flow, the water is there but nothing is happening. They just don’t have the wherewithal to take them anywhere.

Goat – Horse

Two halves forming blissful whole, this should be a risk free union, with complementary yin Goat and yang Horse, they can float through life on a cloud of love.

Goat – Goat

With their sensitivity and love of beauty, these gentle souls are an inspired match, romantic and sensuous caring deeply for each other. Their finances may need to be handles wisely, possibly by a professional.

Goat – Monkey

Instantaneous, dramatic, passionate for a time, but it doesn’t take long for the allure of this relationship to dissipate. The Monkey has a mercurial outlook where the Goat is concerned and this is not a strong foundation on which to build a relationship, it will end in tears.

Goat – Rooster

A relationship at odds from the outset, the industrious Rooster can’t help but push the more languid Goat to be more purposeful. The light in this partnership would dull very early.

Goat – Dog

When these souls get together there is often a dour pessimism that forms around them, creating anxiety and friction. The Dog has certain ideas about what the Goat should be doing and the Goat resents the intervention.

Goat – Pig

Friends, lovers, soul mates, a destiny link offering an auspicious journey through life. The Goat’s romantic streak warms the heart of the Pig, while the Pig teaches the Goat the benefits of balance and caution.


Monkey’s have an irrepressible childlike charm, they are charismatic and engaging entities, they can fall in love suddenly and fall out of love just as fast, that is until they meet their match. They are passionate and mischievous and although it takes time for them to commit. Once they do they will dote on their chosen partner, offering humour, stimulating conversation, loyalty, mystery and playfulness.

Monkey – Rat

Passionate and sensual lovers, completely uninhibited, they each give of themselves unreservedly. They are like minded and find each other intellectually stimulating. There is no question about their soul mate status

Monkey – Ox

The passionate Monkey can become resentful of the Ox’s lesser need to sexual stimulation, creating a rift in the relationship. Both are independent and are comfortable doing their own thing, both enjoy the art of sex and lovemaking, but the imbalance of libido is an issue.

Monkey – Tiger

The Tiger does not trust the Monkey therefore does not relax in the company of the Monkey. The Monkey has a way of keeping secrets yet eliciting confidences from the Tiger, this is not a match made in heaven.

Monkey – Rabbit

The Rabbit gives the Monkey too much leeway within the relationship and the Monkey resents having to shoulder all the responsibility. The Rabbit has its running shoes on from the beginning.

Monkey – Dragon

They are meant to be together, soul mates who yearn for each other and when they meet know it is right. This relationship between these strong souls can endure the test of time successfully.

Monkey – Snake

Physically they are a match made in heaven and will never tire of each other, they will always have a stimulating connection with each wanting to please the other. Both give in equal amounts and are destined to walk life’s path together.

Monkey – Horse

If the clever Monkey is successful in convincing the Horse of a life ahead full of adventure and possibilities, the Horse will succumb. They are capable of an unusual and eclectic journey through life.

Monkey – Goat

The Monkey and the Goat enjoy the instant attraction and  harmonious relationship  for a time, but is must be financially rewarding to keep the Monkey interested. Should the Goat dictate terms the Monkey will immediately run.

Monkey – Monkey

Together they are inspired and industrious making quite a team, offering fun and adventure. It is a dynamic pairing which will take some masterful handling to maintain.

Monkey – Rooster

There is enough positive friction to keep these souls busy and interested in each other for the rest of their lives. This means that sparks will fly but they will both enjoy the fireworks.

Monkey – Dog

The Monkey is like a tonic for the Dog, offering passion, playfulness and some lighthearted fun and games. The Dog becomes more playful under the instruction of the Monkey, there is a delightful soul connection between the two.

Monkey – Pig

The Monkey’s trickiness and the Pig’s naivety often create havoc even though these signs invariably are attracted to each other and come together.


Rooster – Rat

In this relationship both wear their boxing gloves, the Rat critiques the Rooster and the Rooster reacts not responding well to any criticism. They both have lively minds and are highly intelligent, this can be a stimulating friendship, but a long term relationship is likely to be doomed.

Rooster – Ox

This is an entirely inspired and stimulating relationship that has all the elements necessary for a successful long term partnership. Depending on their sex both are capable of running a warm and welcoming home, the Rooster is efficient and organized which the Ox loves. This is a durable and entirely satisfying long term soul partnering.

Rooster – Tiger

There is no ease of communication with these souls, they are at odds from the start, they can successfully have a passionate affair, but long term they would not be able to maintain a relationship.

Rooster – Rabbit

The Rooster looks down upon the delicate sensibilities of the Rabbit, even with effort on both sides the chances of a successful long term union is remote.

Rooster – Dragon

The Dragon is well and truly entranced by the lively and talkative Rooster, they can embark on a titillating relationship that offers each of them a dedicated and inspiring partner. Once they commit they are an item for life.

Rooster – Snake

The intuitive, relaxed and passive Snake is too philosophical for the aggressive and fast moving Rooster, they are both calculating, in control and physically appealing. They are an out of balance pair.

Rooster – Horse

Neither feels inclined to expend any effort for the other, individually they are strong souls, together they are lack lustre.

Rooster – Goat

The Goat cannot be bothered with the Roosters fast pace and critical nature, and would prefer a more relaxed and less judgmental partner. Neither gets what they want from this pairing.

Rooster – Monkey

Together they are a lively, spontaneous and interactive couple with both loving to communicate. They are both opinionated and have many combustible debates which each of them heartily enjoy. They work well together and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

Rooster – Rooster

They are more like sparring partners than soul partners, they are two highly strung combative souls each wanting their own way and to be center stage. This relationship would be full of conflict.

Rooster – Dog

When these souls are together they antagonize each other which leads to verbal confrontations, they each bring out the worst in each other. No matter how hard they try there is nowhere for these souls to go.

Rooster – Pig

The Pig is a soothing partner for the Rooster, the Pigs kindness and calm is readily imbued by the Rooster. The Pig will adore and respect the Rooster, while offering wise counsel, together they have the makings of a long term sincere and loving partnership.


DOGSoul Mates & Chinese Astrology

They are deep feeling souls who need a partner to understand them and form a loving and spiritual bond, the Dog needs to be shown tenderness, the Dog is passionate and loyal. The Dog does not take love lightly and understands the need to be in tune with their partner, when the Dog commits it is with heart, mind and soul holding nothing back. The Dog offers its partner patience, tenderness and undying love and loyalty.

Dog – Rat

The Rat spontaneously takes the lead in this relationship and is ever ready to criticize the Dog, making the Dog wilt and feel insecure. The Dog does not fare well under this critical eye and the relationship will not succeed.

Dog – Ox

Together these two are pessimist worriers, but the gentle nature of the Ox warms the heart of the loving Dog. Both show love, compassion and tenderness towards the other, the elements for a successful and long lasting soul relationship are there.

Dog – Tiger

Regal energies dignified and elegant, they are magnetized by each other and love easily and readily. Each is nurturing and caring, and with such compassion they are ideal destiny links, ideal soul mates.

Dog – Rabbit

This is a profound love connection deep enough to carry them to the stars, to not be together would be unthinkable. This is a soul mate partnership of extraordinary proportions.

Dog – Dragon

In business these two could rule the world, they would be dynamic, they are opposites in every way yet complement each other when working on a common goal. If they become love partners it would be a tense and difficult union, each would have difficulty relating to the other.

Dog – Snake

Friends and lovers, there is a spiritual, intuitive link with this couple and many delve into metaphysics together. They enjoy an active social life, and communicate on all levels passionately. Soul mates without a doubt.

Dog – Horse

Like minded lovers and friends alike, they are instantly in tune and utterly adore each other, wanting only what is best. They are attentive and compassionate, with an inspired and idealistic outlook on life, both interest in humanitarian causes. There is nothing these soul mates cannot overcome.

Dog – Goat

Not only do they bring out the worst in each other, they also expect the worst from each other. Neither can make the other happy, together they are dour and enervated. There is too much cynicism for them to successful align.

Dog – Monkey

The scandalous and mischievous monkey does bring a smile to the face of the Dog, however the Monkey’s wild abandon and sexual freedom will not further a long term relationship, certainly not one in which the Dog would find comfort.

Dog – Rooster

The Rooster is far too critical for the gentle and sensitive Dog, each is antagonized by the other. The worst traits of both souls surface when they are together.

Dog – Dog

They can confidently hold hands as soul mates and know that can successfully walk life’s path, each nurturing, loving and caring for the other. There is wonderful sexual compatibility, and when one is in pain the other feels it.

Dog – Pig

A long term relationship is written for these souls, an amiable and compassionate alliance, they each bring happiness and light into the life of the other.


The Pig needs its soul mate like it needs air to breathe, the Pig wants to be connected to that one person who understands it on all levels, they are gentle loving souls who yearn to love and be loved. The Pig offers undying loyalty, and requires a loving partner and physical contact to help it fully function. The Pig is a romantic at heart and has a tendency to wants to play the part of cupid, the Pig is a natural healer.

Pig – Rat

The Pig has all the compassion needed for the Rat to feel loved and understood, they are compassionate and kind and caring towards each other. Emotionally they are entirely in tune, soul mates meant to be.

Pig – Ox

There need to be serendipitous events to bring these souls together, they rarely seek each other out but when they do meet they are instantly enamored. They will have a quiet and elegant love, both shunning the limelight and preferring the company of each other.

Pig – Tiger

The Pig is quiet and gentle, the Tiger is active and spirited, yet they are an ideal match. They each love the qualities of the other, they will be entirely successful as friends and lovers. Without a doubt they are long term.

Pig – Rabbit

They are gentle souls who recognize each other instantly, they will readily commit to each other and enjoy a long term bond. The Rabbit helps the Pig to feel more confident, theirs is a dedicated and gentle love.

Pig – Dragon

These two will have a joyous relationship, romance and spontaneity will be theirs, the Angels would weep if these two didn’t meet.

Pig – Snake

The Pig does not feel secure and safe with the Snake, or trust their motives, this creates unease within the relationship. The Pig’s effusive love of life for some reason grates on the nerves of the Snake, they are not an ideal match.

Pig – Horse

The Pig dampens the Horse’s enthusiasm, and the horse does not bring out the best in the Pig. This is not a workable relationship.

Pig – Goat

Both have a relaxed approach to life, and roll with whatever takes place, there is mutual understanding and respect between them. Both are nurturing and like to help those in need. The Pig learns romance from the Goat and the Goat learns balance from the Pig, an easy and successful relationship.

Pig – Monkey

For some strange reason these souls often gravitate towards each other, yet they are not compatible. The Monkey is always up to something and the Pig always ends up with hurt feelings due to an uneasy undercurrent.

Pig – Rooster

They relate to each other beautifully, it is a relationship with humour and love. The Rooster feels secure basking in the attention of the Pig and the ease with which the two communicate.

Pig – Dog

Even though they are not part of a trinity they do find depth and connectedness with each other, they are unusual soul mates. They form a bond that will not be broken.

Pig – Pig

Generous, loving, caring, gentle, moral, with a desire to care for each other and lead the best life they can lead, they form a sensual and romantic partnership of everlasting love.



Gwyneth Paltrow – Prince Charles – George Washington – Franklin Pierce – David Duchovny – Leo Tolstoy – Jules Verne – T.S Eliot – Al Gore – Hugh Grant – Claude Monet.


Napapoleon – Gerald Ford – Margaret Thatcher – Jack Nicholson – Gore Vidal – Malcolm X – Kate Moss – Anthony Hopkins – Nehru – Renoir – Bruce Springsteen – Robert Kennedy – Charlie Chaplin.


Hugh Hefner – Phil Collins – Isadora Duncan – Oscar Wilde – Ludwig van Beethoven – Princess Anne – Marilyn Monroe – Emily Bronte – Rudolph Nureyev – Karl Marx – Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Placido Domingo – Shirley Temple Black – Neil Diamond – Robin Williams – John Lennon – Lewis Carroll – Sarah Bernhardt – Patrick Stewart – Salvador Dali – Keanu Reeves – Frank Zappa.


Franz Schubert – Princess Grace Kelly Ranier – Martin Luther King Jr – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Aristotle Onassis – Oprah Winfrey – Howard Hughes – Johannes Brahms – Edgar Allan Poe – Indira Gandhi.


Ella Fitzgerald – Theodore Roosevelt – Ulysses S. Grant – Sean Connery – Isaac Newton – Ingmar Bergman – Bargra Streisand – Rutherford B. Hayes –  Neil Armstrong – Jimi Hendrix – John Travolta – Clint Eastwood – Vivaldi – Khrushchev.


David Copperfield – Eleanor Roosevelt – Michael Douglas – Harry Houdini – Bette Davis – Johny Cash – Julius Caesar – Ted Kennedy – Andy Garcia – Chelsea Clinton – Will Smith – Milton – Frederico Fellini.


Nancy Reagan – Van Morrison – Joan Collins – Rudyard Kipling – Deborah Harry – Katharine Hepburn – Prince Philip – Errol Flynn – Eric Clapton – Le Var Burton – Dolly Parton – Peter Ustinov.


George Gershwin – Donald Sutherland – David Bowie – Judy Garland – Sylvester Stallone – Cher – Freddie Mercury – Victor Hugo – Prince – Socrates – Elvis Presley – Sharon Stone – Bill Clinton – Winnie Mandela.


Humphrey Bogart – Carl G. Jung – the Dalai Lama – Arnold Schwarzeneggar – Luciano Pavarotti – Lucille Ball – Fred Astaire – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Julie Andrews – Emma Thompson – Elton John. © 2010

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