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Spellcasting for Witches

Spellcasting for Witches
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The first thing you do when making magic, is to have an intention, you decide what it is you want, create a vivid image in your mind’s eye and trust your intuition. It helps if you absolutely believe in what you are doing and the powers that you are working with. Try to begin with a positive frame of mind and a belief in your abilities, there is a degree of trust and a great deal of faith that is at the core of magic. Calming essential oils create an ambient setting, try lavender, rose, jasmine or gardenia.

Create a magic area in which to practice, choose a space in your home where you can keep your magical tools, and comfortably cast your spells. Designate an area you will be working in, it can be a Spellcasting for Witchessmall space within your home, or it can be a room, it all depends on the size of your home, and the available space.

The first thing you require is an altar, on this you can place your mystical paraphernalia. Your altar can be a simple table covered with beautiful fabric, and when choosing a colour go for colours that appeal to you as this is a very personal thing. You may decide on a more elaborate piece of furniture, especially for magic. An altar is traditionally placed facing north, after you have chosen your fabric you can begin placing your magical tools.

First place two candles at either end of the altar. Make sure you place them in sturdy candle holders. Next you will require four coloured candles, each representing the four elements. A green candle to the north representing the element of earth, a red candle  south represents the element of fire, a blue candle  west represents the element of water, a yellow candle  east represents the of element air.

I like to place a statue of a male and a female at either end of the altar, they represent the yin and yang energies, and the goddesses and gods you call upon when spell casting. Another power point is a pentacle as it is a symbol of the earth and may be worn as a talisman or placed strategically on your altar.

Before you begin spell casting, imagine a circle of pure white light around you, this is your ring of protection, it will help you to focus and build energy. Use essential oils, lavender is especially suitable, also burn incense this helps to create a mystical atmosphere in which to spellcast.

Something else you may wish to try is placing a broomstick within your sacred circle, closing your eyes and visualising yourself flying on your broomstick, sense what this would feel like and how freeing it would be. This helps you get into the right frame of mind and intensifies the magical energies you will be working with.


Use the powerful energy of the Moon to further enhance your magical practices, learn to understand the Moon phases and do not underestimate the power of the Moon.

Chart the phases of the Moon and your spell casting will be more potent, the Moon’s energy will heighten the effectiveness of your spell casting.

Below you will learn the best Moon phases for love money and protection spells.


Waxing Moon (small crescent to full Moon)

Magic can be practiced at any time, but by knowing the phases of the Moon, and aligning your spell casting to them, you can be a more powerful witch. As the Moon increases from a small crescent to a full Moon (between seven to fourteen days after the new Moon), it affects family, love, fertility, sex, healing, good luck, education and wealth. The most powerful time to cast a love spell is during the full Moon, especially if done on a Friday when you will have the influence of Venus the planet of love.

Full Moon

There is psychic energy during the phase of the full Moon, (this is from fourteen days after the new Moon). This is a perfect time for new beginnings and any project begun at this time will have the energy to project it forward. The full Moon expends the most psychic energy and it is a perfect time to practice rituals for healing and divination purposes. After this time the psychic energy begins to dissipate.

Gibbous Moon (ten to thirteen days after the new Moon)

This is a good time to complete things or to bring things to a head. During this time you may feel the need to quietly commune with your inner being, to meditate and to be still. If there is anything unfinished around you this is the time to attend to it.

By understanding the phases of the Moon and familiarising yourself with the ebbs and flows of energy you become more attuned to the natural energies and integrate them into your life. You can integrate other forms of energy intensifying items, such as crystals, talisman, amulet or runes.


Waxing Moon (going from small crescent to a full Moon, from three to seven days after the new Moon)

When you are chanting a money spell, the time of the waxing Moon going from a small crescent to a full Moon is the most powerful for anything materialistic, your money magic will be at its most effective during this time. This phase is three days after the new Moon, up to the seventh day. Anything to do with business, career and matters to do with finance are all enhanced by spell casting during this phase of the Moon.

New Moon (from day one to day three after the new Moon, a time for new beginnings)

If you have a new business venture and you want it to be financially viable, try chanting your spell around the time of the new Moon. You may also want to chart your emotions and see how the various Moon phases affect you. Many people believe they are affected by the Moon and are sensitive to the waxing and waning of the Moon’s energies.

Gibbous Moon (ten to thirteen days after the new Moon)

A gibbous Moon is a good time for chakra balancing and is particularly good for meditation and centering. You could also align your spell casting to the movement of the planets, such as performing a money spell on a Thursday when you will have the influence of the outgoing planet Jupiter, which is an especially helpful prosperity planet.


Gibbous Moon (ten to thirteen days after the new Moon)

If you chant your protection spells during the gibbous Moon, you are working with the energies of protection, meditation, healing and centering, this is ten to thirteen days after the new Moon phase. It is when the Moon is at the particular intensity associated with protection, and also helps you to be more courageous in your life.

Crescent Moon

Cast your protection spells during the phase of the crescent Moon, which is between three and seven days after the new Moon. By following the phases of the Moon you can attune your spell casting to align with the Moon’s particular energy, at any given time. Whether your spell is for protection, love or money.

Dark Moon

The dark Moon is eleven to fourteen days after the full Moon and is perfect for protection spells and psychic enhancement spells. Many people feel they are affected by the phases of the Moon and if you become familiar with the Moon phases you will understand how and when you react, or respond. As such you can chant your spells at any time, although I do suggest that you always chant in the evening when the Moon is out. The energy of the Moon creates more power for your spell casting. When you are casting your spells you may also choose to work your magic, not only aligning with the Moon, but understanding the planets and their movement. If you cast your protection spells on a Saturday you will have the influence of Saturn, and the energy of protection, whether your spell is for mind, body, or spiritual protection.


For another complementary energy source you may summon any of the gods or goddesses for them to add more potency to your witchcraft. Below you will learn the best Gods and Goddesses to use for love, money and protection spells

Gods and Goddesses of Love

Summon Ishtar, the Sumerian goddess of love, or Aphrodite the well known Greek goddess of love, and then of course you have Venus the Roman goddess of love. In Greek mythology there is Eros god of love, and who doesn’t think of Cupid the Roman god of love, when musing about all matters pertaining to love. You can also call upon Freya the Norse goddess of love and beauty. The Hindu goddess of Love is Radha, who was the wife of Krishna. Then there is the Hindu god of love, Kama. If you dare you can call on the extremely powerful Aztec goddess of love, sex and fertility Tlazolteotl or the equally formidable Aztec god of love Xochipilli.

Be guided by your own intuition, and by who, or what guides and inspires you.

Gods and Goddesses of Prosperity

Summon the god’s and goddesses to enhance your prosperity magic ask for their guidance to help you financially.

There is Epona Celtic goddess of prosperity, healing, nurturing and sustenance. The Chinese god T’shai-shen is the god of wealth, and Freyr is the goddess of fertility and success. The goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, she is depicted with gold coins flowing from her hands and by summoning her you will empower your spells. Euthenia is the goddess of prosperity and abundance, Abundantia is the Roman goddess of abundance and riches. Fortuna is another deity that you can call upon to help enhance the potency of your prosperity magic.

Gods and Goddesses of Protection

Call on the gods and goddess to further enhance and empower your spell casting. Here you will find the best Gods and Goddesses for protection.

Call upon Bastet goddess of protection, or Isis the powerful goddess of protection and magic, and there is Tara the protector who brings love, long life and peace. Summon Aife goddess and queen of the Isle of Shadow and goddess of protection. Breasal god of guidance and protection is also the protector of travelers, call upon him before embarking on a journey. You have the god of wisdom, protection, creation, knowledge and divination FionnMacCumhal. Scathach is goddess of protection, healing, magic, prophesy and teaching.  As with all matters mystical, only do what you feel comfortable with, you will find there are certain deities that you are drawn to these are the ones for you to work with.


A talisman is used to enhance your magic work and to add power to your spells, talismans are used to draw good things to you, such as love, money, health, spiritual enlightenment, psychic enhancement.

A talisman can be used as a point of power, it harnesses universal energies. Hold your talisman and charge it with positive energy to help bring to you that which you desire. Talismans have been used by various cultures for centuries. Rub some scented oil on your talisman to enhance the power. You may also use figurines or statues in fact you could have one in every room in your home, and wear or carry one on your person. Any material may be used to make a talisman, and they can be inscribed with a variety of magical signs, it all depends on you and what inspires.

When choosing a talisman go by feeling, let the inner being speak to, and guide you.

To intensify your money magic you can use runes inscribed with the energy of prosperity and growth of assets, such as Ehwaz which has the symbol for movement and change. Charge with the energy of prosperity and use to complement your prosperity spells. Another rune suitable for prosperity is Fehu, this rune contains the energy of prosperity, ambition and growth.

To intensify your love magic you can use runes inscribed with the energy of partnership, such as Gebo, which is a rune that speaks of two beings forming a partnership. Charge with the energy of love and use to complement your love magic spells. Another rune suitable for relationships is Inguz, this rune contains the energy of harmony within a relationship.


An amulet is different to a talisman, as an amulet is charged to repel anything that is negative, whether this be actual, or otherworldly. Witches generally will always wear an amulet and a talisman when spell casting, and usually have particular statues and items in, and outside their home, charged with a protective energy. All witches carry an amulet with them when travelling as this prevents them from losing anything, or being bothered by people they do not wish to talk to. It is a good practice to anoint your amulet with essential oils to further empower and intensify the protective energy. To charge it, first anoint with essence, then hold and concentrate on protection and you will very likely feel the amulet pulsing. If you are using a statue as an amulet, anoint is with essential oil and place your hand on it as you charge it with the energy of protection, visualise a golden light around you and your home. Any material may be used to make an amulet and a silver container with essential oil inside is a favourite of mine. You can make an amulet from wood, stone, crystals or clay, it may be any shape and you can inscribe it with magical signs. A pentacle is also quite powerful to use as an amulet, as is a black obsidian necklace.

Anything you do magically is a personal and unique act, no two witches practice magic in the same way and as long as you are working from love you can approach magic in a way that suits you.

Whatever you decide to do, or use, be guided by your inner voice, if something feels wrong, it is most likely wrong, and if it feels right go with that instinct.


Use crystals as a complementary source of energy to work with during your magic practices and to add potency to your spells. Crystals generate a most wonderful energy and will enhance any spells that you are crafting.

As you are no doubt aware everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability and you are able to enhance this by using specific crystals, when selecting a crystal, let the crystal choose you, you will find that you will be drawn to the energy of particular crystals, the crystal always chooses you.



Scolecite exudes the energy of love and helps to enhance the energies between two people, it is also very effective for healing, it relates to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

Rose Quartz

You can’t go past the gentle flowing energies of the Rose quartz if your mind is preoccupied with romantic yearnings. Rose quartz can be used in conjunction with love spells and can also be placed under your pillow to fan the love flame between you and your partner. Rose Quartz crystals can be worn as jewellery, or held in your hand during spell casting and can be quite a potent love inducer. Crystals that are used for love, align with your heart chakra.


A beautiful Moonstone can also be used in your love magic, a Moonstone helps to ignite passion and enhances sexuality. It relates to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.


Hematite can be used for love spells, and it is a good crystal to use if you want to improve a relationship.


Jade is especially good if you are spell casting with the thought of marriage in mind, it is associated with the coming together of two beings, it may be used with a Rose Quartz.


Rhodochrosite is a crystal that works well for those who want to let go of a past love and open their heart to new love, it helps to balance the emotions and aligns you mentally, physically and emotionally.


Larimar is a more spiritual love crystal, it helps you to feel love and be loving, and it is also a stone to help draw your soul mate to you.

Other Stones for Love

Emerald – Malachite – Rainbow Jasper – Blue Quartz can be used for love magic, they are also nice crystals to place next to your bed to create a loving and ambient setting in your bedroom.



Use Citrine, which is associated with the solar plexus chakra, this being your center of physical power manifestation, the gold colour makes you think of opulence and attracting gold into your bank account, it is also a good stone to help you handle your finances astutely as the coffers begin to fill.

Smoky quartz

As you spell cast you may choose to use the Smoky quartz as it helps to manifest desires and dreams, and is used to remove any negative energies that may be blocking your successful financial progress. This stone helps you to feel unlimited in your prosperity power and is a good stone to use if you are working on a new venture, especially if you are forming a partnership.

Tiger’s Eye

Try Citrine or Smoky Quartz in partnering with the Tiger’s Eye, as the Tiger’s Eye fosters patience and encourages you to move forward with caution in regard to money matters. However you decide to use the crystals it is up to you and which particular crystal, or crystals draws you. Any green crystals are suitable to use for prosperity spells.


Aventurine is a stone used for balancing and it puts you in a good frame of mind to manage money, if money has a tendency to slip through your fingers, this stone will foster caution and balance.


Chrysoprase is an apple green stone which is a powerful money attracting stone, this stone can be placed on the solar plexus to calm a nervous stomach it is also a stress reliever. You can combine it with meditation if you are troubled with nervous energy. It is a powerful stone to use if you are entering into a new business partnership, forming a home business or starting a new job, it fosters the energy needed to fulfill potential.



Amber was used by the Romans for healing and protection.

Black Obsidian

You can also use Black obsidian, which is an extremely powerful stone, use it in conjunction with your protection spells, it is a stone with the power to keep restless spirits away and is especially good for mind protection.

Black Kyanite – Black Onyx – Black Tourmaline

All offer protection and can be used to change negative energy to positive energy.

Bornite – Jet

These crystals will absorb negative energy and are very powerful, especially if you are feeling unsettled and nervous.

Smoky Quartz – Quartz

For protection and healing use Quartz and Smoky quartz, they work well used together. By combining different types of magic when chanting your spells, you help to intensify the magical energies you are working with.


Agate is a stone that balances emotions and helps protect the mind, it is particularly good for expelling negative thoughts from your mind, and repelling negative thoughts of others.

Other Stones for Protection

Malachite, Pyrite, Ruby, Zircon, Tourmaline, Yellow Agate and Magnetiteare all stones that are particularly effective for protection magic, these stones may be used in combination with each other, or alone, it all depends on how you feel.


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