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Spell to encourage you to make the right choices leading then to your financial capability and fulfillment. Recite the following.

With the power of Gryphons three
And three witches side by side
Hold one gold coin each with magic imprint
Three dove feathers
One ivy leaf
Into the cauldron stir three times
Enchant for me a life with plenty
Create all the wealth I need
I call upon all those who guide
Unearth for me pure momentum
Awaken what is there within
Possibilities abound
Set me on the path to prosper
Elves and pixies all around
They call my name up to the ether
Magic potion made by witches
Cauldron stirred with practiced hand
Alchemist does add his potion
He waves a wand two times around
One daisy petal is now added
One willing faery’s lock of hair
Sprinkle of stardust added too
Unearth for me all that is possible
Awaken what is there within
Witches chant to velvet sky
They help me now make choices wise
Set me on the path to prosper
A clearer vision is required
Procrastination melts away
Indecision is no more
I am on the path to prosper
It is to be
So be it

After chanting, sit and imagine yourself making the correct choices to enhance your financial situation.

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