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Spell to help adjust your attitude towards money

Spell to help adjust your attitude towards money
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Spell to help adjust your attitude towards money

This spell is to do with your attitude towards money, whether it flows out as fast as it comes in or whether you hang on to every dollar, it promotes a balanced and harmonious attitude towards money. The element of fire is called upon in this spell.

You will need:
One blue candle.
One Incense.
Jasmine essence.
Six gold coins
Three silver coins
One small bowl
One talisman.
One small green crystal.
One green felt tip pen.
One white envelope.

Before you light the candle consecrate it with three drops of jasmine essence. Next light the incense and place it on the left of the candle. Then consecrate the crystal and place it to the right of the candle. Place the coins in a straight line in front of the candle, silver first then gold. Focus on the candle flame for five minutes.

Recite the following:

May money flow day by day. With ease I do now receive.  Let this be done.

When your chant is complete, place the silver coins, the gold coins into the bowl along with the crystal. Turn the bowl once to the right and twice to the left. After this place the coins in an envelope and seal it. Write the word abundance, with your green pen, on the back of the envelope then put it in a drawer for the magic to build. Take the envelope out now and again, hold it and imagine money flowing into your bank account.

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