Money Spells

Spell to keep your bank account full and healthy

Spell to keep your bank account full and healthy

Spell to aid you in having greater understanding of your finances allowing you to keep your bank account full and healthy. Recite the following.



I do feel prosperous

Creativity mine

Money and opportunity flows to me

Undiscovered power does erupt

There within nascent state

Money be mine

Life enhanced

New position offered

I do accept

New position offered money flows to me

I have magic in me

Prosperous now I do feel

Money and opportunities I embrace

Fairies sing of gold awaiting

Ladder of success I do ascend

I climb with ease

My star does rise

Prosperous I do feel

I call mystical guides of the night

Create a spell of prosperous life

Add gold dust, rubies and jade too

Gryphon’s feather

Eye of Newt

Mix with honey and dragons fire

Opulence for me is to inspire

Success be mine

Gold to be mine

My star does rise

Willing mind draws abundance

So it will be.

After you have finished chanting sit and contemplate your power, feel the strength and energy flow through you.



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