Money Spells

Spell to bring money to you through growth of ideas

Spell to bring money to you through growth of ideas

This spell will bring money to you through growth of ideas.


One ivy plant, or ivy cutting

One earthenware flower pot

Suitable soil

One small lapis lazuli crystal

One green candle in holder

A suitable indoor spot for your plant’s health

Small watering can

Ritual: If you are potting the ivy, after the soil has been placed in the flower pot and the ivy is carefully planted, gently place the lapiz lazuli crystal on the soil, not touching the stem of the plant. Place your plant indoors where it will get adequate sunlight and water as necessary. At night place your plant on windowsill where it will receive the Moon’s rays. Place the green candle in front of you on a table and light it. Recite the following.

Elements gather one by one

Money tree turn to the Sun

Rays of light make my plant grow

Lunar light adds depths and power

With this comes true wealth for me

Enchanted riches to be mine

Yes I say this is to be

Money money come to me






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