Money Spells

Spell to help you to make astute financial decisions

Spell to help you to make astute financial decisions

This is a spell to guide you towards the most suitable way for you to earn money and become wealthy. If you have been oscillating about what to do this spell will help you to make a decision with logic and intuition, the perfect balance.


Items: Three beeswax candles in suitable containers

One teaspoon of honey placed face up in a saucer

One teaspoon of white sugar face up in a saucer

One cinnamon stick


Ritual: Place the beeswax candles in a line from left to right and light them. Next to the third candle place the saucer with the honey to the right, the sugar to the left and the cinnamon stick in the middle. Recite the following.

Golden coins come to me

Fall like snowflakes one by one

Grow like seed within tilled soil

Prosperity now is mine to be

It will be so

Blow out the beeswax candle on the right and on the left, let the middle candle burn for three hours.




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