Money Spells

Spell to draw money into your life

Spell to draw money into your life
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Spell to draw money into your life

Spell to help you tap into the universe and draw money into your life.

Recite the following.


Prosperity to be mine forevermore
I am illuminated from within
Light of success does now shine
Initiation into new life
The pull of power I do feel
Radical turning point now met
Prosperity to be claimed forever
I call upon the powers that be
Make me a spell three times three
I call upon spirits benign
Freedom to pursue my calling
Freedom to now feel aligned
Appropriate action will be taken
A force within does build and grow
I am whole I know my path
My quest begins I am ready
My essence now brought into form
Self change transforms the time is right
I am enchanted
I am enriched
Prosperity mine
This will be
So be it
My time is now




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