Money Spells

Spell to help you make your dollar go further

Spell to help you make your dollar go further
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Spell to help you make your dollar go further

Money spell to help you manage your finances and make your money go further.

Recite the following.



Hither thither I do go

Money fountain start to flow

Money here money there

Managing money now I dare

Two witches do walk by my side

Two witches now will always guide

They chant of life with rhyme and reason

A sure security to be mine

I handle money with aplomb

I understand life dynamics

Two witches do create their magic

They chant of how a practiced hand

Can now turn metal into gold

As I take steps of inspiration

I’m lead along the path of gold

I understand the twists and turns

No more will I misstep

No more will I ignore guidance wise

I now take steps of inspiration

Witches chant

Alchemists bow

They do now bind my spell

I now claim my path of gold

This is for me

This will be

When you have finished chanting light a gold candle, gaze at the flame and contemplate how wonderful you are going to feel as you begin to manage your money effectively. Think about the choices that will open up for you as you learn how to handle your finances. Taking charge of your money is empowering you feel as though you are taking charge of your life when you know exactly where your money is going, and you look carefully at how you manage your finances.

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