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Gemini 21 May – 20 June

Twins Air Sign

Ruling Planet Mercury

Birth Stone – Alexandrine, Metal – Mercurium, Power Stone – Mossagate.


Above all Gemini likes to communicate, they have a myriad of interests and at times can be considered somewhat flighty, they are quick witted and can go from subject to subject while you are trying to catch-up . They love to learn and they tend to draw an eclectic group of friends into their life, they have a tendency to bore easily necessitating them to try something new, their charm always carries them through. They have a childlike quality to them and an engaging spirit, if you are feeling down in the dumps a Gemini will talk your ear off until you are feeling better. Gemini’s love to read and have several books on the go at once. Gemini’s tend to challenge themselves, sometimes taking on more than they can handle. Their learning curve is to finish what they started. Nonetheless they are engaging and joyous companions.


In a work environment Gemini requires a mental sparring partner to keep them interested and motivated, they work exceptionally well under pressure, they are technically minded and often their work environment spills over into their social life. People and white noise are needed for Gemini to stay focused and motivated. Dealing with the general public in one way or another suits Gemini.


If you are in a relationship with delightful Gemini, be sure to love their mind as well as their sexual prowess, they are scintillating lovers and surprisingly open and loving towards their partners. They can at times be testing to be around because of their speed of thought. If you are the jealous type, it may be difficult to maintain a relationship with Gemini as they are so magnetic, people are drawn to them as if by magic. They also have a great deal of stamina and are generous and sensual lovers, they are imaginative lovers and expect the same from their partner. If you love travel as much as Gemini does, you will both be happy in the relationship, they love the idea of love but it takes fortitude to be with the bright spark Gemini.

Love Compatibility

Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini Woman and Love

The Gemini woman has a dual nature, sometimes needing to be coddled and doted on to feel secure, but the bigger part of her needs excitement and novelty, it takes someone with a strong sense of self to be with this woman, who is unquestioningly fascinating. The Gemini woman likes to think of herself as the ultimate seductress but she doesn’t always make the effort. She enjoys the company of complex and interesting men who maintain the spark within the relationship, without this she loses interest and let’s go very quickly, without a backward glance. She is a cool customer when it comes to seduction, she needs someone who is deeply invested in her and she can become quite jealous. She is not an easy woman to understand and plays the game of love with a deft hand, her vivacious manner and quick wit make for a lively and engaging companion.

Gemini Man and Love

This man’s charm and wit is like a magnet to women but he does have a tendency to love them and leave them, although they will have a wonderful time while with him. This man genuinely enjoys women although he is like a butterfly going from flower to flower, he cannot be tied down. He is an intense and playful sexual partner and is fully engaged while he is with you, surprisingly he is often drawn to women who are deeply emotional, he likes the edge of dramatic emotions. His is a search for perfection that seems to elude him, he wants the perfect balance and is constantly seeking. It is very easy to fall in love with this man as seduction comes naturally to him. He can at times play a game of feigned disinterest and then catch you unawares and lure you into his web. He is an imaginative and adept lover who often seems as though he isn’t quite fully present, as though his body is with you but his mind is elsewhere. A romance with him will always be exciting and intoxicating, but he likes to keep it light, without this the glow fades fast.

Gemini and Aries

Dynamic lovers, who love adventure, have a sense of humour and are both very social, Aries will tend to lead and Gemini won’t mind the direction. The bedroom will always be a place of fun for this pair, as they have an active libido that is well matched, Gemini’s wondering eye will keep Aries alert and attentive.

Gemini and Taurus

To begin with these opposites attract, Gemini is drawn to Taurus’s straightforward manner and Taurus responds to Gemini’s vivacity, but Gemini becomes restless easily and unsettles Taurus’s want for an ordered life. Taurus loves the home and hearth and is content, while Gemini is free spirited and eager to be out in the world. Sexually they are mismatched with Gemini finding Taurus’s lovemaking lacking sparkle, Taurus wants to build and Gemini wants to feel free. Taurus is unable to handle Gemini’s dalliances.

Gemini and Gemini

There is never a dull moment as charm matches charm, wit matches wit and they both have a hunger for life and all it has to offer. Their conversations are scintillating, they are very social and have many friends and they love to entertain. Sex to them is a game that is played with fun and excitement. Together they are like fire crackers, they are a perfect match in the bedroom, but their restless and superficial outlook on life creates an erratic atmosphere out of the bedroom. Eventually they become too much for each other and the situation becomes unlivable.

Gemini and Cancer

Cancer’s deep passions suit Gemini physically and Gemini’s outgoing energy awakens a lightness of spirit within Cancer. Cancer is very sensitive and is easily wounded by Gemini’s devil may care attitude to relationships and Gemini’s flirtatiousness makes Cancer feel very insecure, creating volatility. Gemini has no time for Cancers need for security or their moodiness. Gemini can be too abrupt for Cancer, creating disharmony in the relationship and the two find it too difficult to continue.

Gemini and Leo

Both are affectionate, sensual beings who love sex, extrovert Leo titillates Gemini and is self-confident enough not to be put off by Gemini’s flirtatiousness, although Leo does require more attention and adoration than Gemini is prepared to give. When out together they are both show ponies and each tries to outdo the other, this is done with a sense of fun and is something they both enjoy. They both have a fantastic sense of humour and are passionate lovers who have a great time in and out of bed. They have a lot going for them.

Gemini and Virgo

Mentally their outlook is very similar, both being ruled by Mercury they have quick active minds. Virgo’s earthiness and deliberate manner annoys Gemini and Virgo finds Gemini chaotic and restless. Virgo views everything with an analytical viewpoint making them seem aloof to Gemini. Gemini seems scattered and out of balance to Virgo. Virgo can be judgemental and Gemini can be blunt, they find is difficult to ignite any passion into the relationship and things can go awry quickly. Gemini’s wondering eye will seal their fate.

Gemini and Libra

These air signs are a match in all ways, mentally, physically and intellectually, they inspire and stimulate each other and have a similar outlook on life, there is a certain ease with them. They are demonstrative, enjoy life and both love to socialise, they have a love of travel and entertaining, both love organising dinner parties for close friends. Both have a high sex drive and Libra is open to Gemini’s experimental edge, they are both extravagant and love the finer things in life. Managing money may be the only hiccup in this relationship, other than that they are ideally suited.

Gemini and Scorpio

They are a combustible mix, with Scorpios expressive and dynamic outlook and Gemini’s wild imagination. Their sex life sizzles and the bedroom is the one place where they get on, other than that Scorpios inflexible and jealous nature clashes with Gemini’s superficial and changeable nature. Scorpio likes time to commune and enjoys privacy and cannot understand Gemini’s casual attitude towards love, Gemini is social, outgoing and flirtatious. Gemini and Scorpio begin to act like two magnets repelling and they both let go.

Gemini and Sagittarius

They are on opposite sides of the zodiac but are attracted to each other and there is a melding of minds, both are quite restless beings and can be argumentative. They both love freedom and don’t want to be tied down, in bed there is not enough passion between them. Sagittarius is the more intellectual and Gemini is more social, there are too many opposing energies keeping this Air and Fire sign apart.

Gemini and Capricorn

Steady and dependable Capricorn is unsettled by Gemini’s devil may care, footloose and fancy free attitude. Capricorn contemplates security while Gemini relishes freedom. Capricorns love of routine drives Gemini crazy and Capricorn feels insecure with Gemini’s need for excitement and change. Capricorns sombre outlook has an enervating effect on Gemini’s sparkling energy. The sexual energy and passions do not run high in this relationship unless Gemini manages to arouse Capricorn’s sensual side.

Gemini and Aquarius

Eccentric Aquarius and irrepressible Gemini, share a desire for travel, change, socialising and meeting new people, they can both be erratic and unpredictable, making life difficult for themselves. Aquarius understands Gemini’s flirtatious behavior and enjoys Gemini’s joyous outlook on life, Aquarius can also live with the fact that the relationship may be short lived. In marriage they are a devoted couple with intense passion for each other.

Gemini and Pisces

There is no denying the passion between these signs although Pisces feelings get hurt by Gemini’s thoughtlessness, Gemini is too erratic for Pisces and Pisces can’t relate to Gemini’s playfulness and takes things too seriously. Gemini loves freedom, Pisces wants security, plenty of attention and yearns for commitment, Gemini struggles and pulls from a situation that threatens to stifle.

Famous Gemini

Queen Victoria, Henry Kissinger, Marilyn Monroe.

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