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Sagittarius 22 November – 21 December

Sagittarius Fire Sign

Ruling Planet Jupiter

Birth Stone – Zircon, Metal – Tin, Power Stone – Lapis Lazuli


Sagittarians are full of energy, they are talkative and don’t like to be still for long, they always seem to have one project or another on the boil, they can at times have the tendency towards hair-brained schemes, by becoming overly enthusiastic before thinking things through. They can quite literally wear themselves out as they are ever keen to learn anything and everything, they can be straight to the point and be blunt, often being unaware of any hurt feelings. They are good listeners once they stop talking and do enjoy hearing about what is going on in your life, they can be impatient but they are extremely loyal and make wonderful friends, they are very generous to those they care about and love. Sagittarians are outspoken in their beliefs and cannot be quietened, if they have something they feel is important, to say.


Many Sagittarians like to work outdoors although whatever work they do must offer them a challenge as they don’t like to be still for too long. They would also be very good in the self-help field as this offers an ever changing field for them to explore. Building is something they would enjoy also architecture and some excellent lawyers are Sagittarians.


Sagittarians know exactly what they want in a relationship and will pursue ardently the one they have set their sights on. They have a sense of fun and often bring that to the bedroom. Don’t be surprised if your romantic and playful Sagittarian books a luxury weekend for you both, as they love to do the unexpected. When they fall in loved they are devoted and attentive partners and like nothing more than to be close to the object of their affections. They are voracious readers and quite experimental in the bedroom. They have a keen sense of romance that never lessens. If you are the one you will not lack for attention from your loving Archer.

Love Compatibility

Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Sagittarius Woman and Love

When she is in love she positively glows, she is a positive, enthusiastic lover, relishing the excitement and passion of romance, a Sagittarian woman in love radiates positive energy, she approaches love with passion and enthusiasm. She repels domesticity and approaches love with a playful manner, if it doesn’t remain playful it spells the end for her. Love is not something a Sagittarian woman takes seriously, she likes the freedom to do as she wishes, loves to travel and is too restless to stay in any one place, love is the icing on top of her cake of life. She is likely to have early sexual experiences that are quick and passionate, she doesn’t look before she leaps into romantic situations and doesn’t think about the consequences of erratic actions, she often leaves behind hurt feelings. She loves to flirt and enjoys the lead up to an affair, she has a live and let live attitude towards life. When she does find the one she wants to spend her life with she will offer her partner unwavering loyalty. When she marries it will be for no other reason than love, she wants a partner who is an adventurer like her, he must have a sense of humour, and stimulate her intellectually. She is looking for passion and joy in sex, she wants a partner who like her gets the most out of life, in the long term she is a communicative and loving companion.

Sagittarius Man and Love

This elusive man does not want to be tied down, when he is with you he loves you, when he is not with you he loves who he is with. He is the zodiacs Casanova, there is always another love waiting around the corner. He plays the game of love with enthusiasm, every new conquest is a new adventure and there is nothing he likes more than adventure, he doesn’t want for admirers who are drawn to his irrepressible spirit. He has an engaging sense of humour, he prefers a casual social environment to a more elaborate one, he can’t bear pretentiousness. He is a divine lover, passionate but without the intensity of other signs, he feels life is for pleasure and doesn’t see why others take love so seriously. Marriage is not something Sagittarius looks for, he doesn’t want anything to stop his playtime. When he wants to be with someone he lets his feeling be known and you will be in no doubt he is interested, but it takes a certain security and a free spirited outlook to comfortably enjoy this man’s company. If an affair isn’t your cup of tea, then this man is not for you.

Sagittarius and Aries

Two social butterflys who love to socialise and to be out and about, both have a healthy sexual appetite and are intellectually in sync. Both have a range of interests, Sagittarius has a more philosophical approach to live, whereas Aries is apt to take things more personally, they both have fiery tempers and can be quite volatile. These two have a great deal in common and can have a titillating relationship with an active sex life, they both have a joy of life.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus wants to be the boss and Sagittarius will have none of that, Sagittarius craves variety and adventure, which is unsettling for home-loving Taurus. Taurus likes the status quo to be familiar, stable and resists change, whereas Sagittarius is ready for anything. Sagittarius’s outspoken way causes Taurus’s temper to bubble. Taurus loves to save and create security, while Sagittarius spends today and doesn’t think about the future. Their life perspective is far too different for an equitable relationship.

Sagittarius and Gemini

They are total opposites in the zodiac, but their enthusiasm for life and restless spirit creates a delightful mix. To begin with they sizzle sexually, but this goes out like a spent firecracker and then the disagreements begin. Gemini is quite playful, while Sagittarius wants to be the boss, together they are fickle and as their interest in each other fades, both are on the lookout for new loves and new adventures.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarius at first finds Cancer’s sensuality compelling, but Sagittarius’s restless and adventuresome ways bother emotional and steady Cancer. They are at odds trying to understand what makes the other tick and Sagittarius is unable to offer, moody and jealous Cancer, the security they need. Sagittarius inadvertently hurts Cancer’s feelings more often than not while seeking outside excitement, this triggers Cancer’s jealous streak, causing Cancer to hold on tighter. A friendship is the most these two can expect.

Sagittarius and Leo

Two outrageous personalities, Leo manages to trigger Sagittarius’s passions and their love life sparkles, both outgoing, both love to socialise, both love to travel, both love change and adventure and they revel in being together. Both need and love freedom and there is no possessiveness or jealousy, Sagittarius strokes Leo’s mane the right way and knows how to deal with their enormous ego, they form a beautiful partnership.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Virgo seems too withdrawn and staid for irrepressible Sagittarius, both have active minds enabling them to have long and interesting conversations. Virgo is looking for stability and long-term commitment, while Sagittarius is looking for adventure and excitement, Sagittarius must have the freedom to wonder. Organised Virgo gets annoyed with Sagittarius’s devil may care attitude. When Virgo cares it criticises and Sagittarius doesn’t understand, there really is nowhere for these two to go.

Sagittarius and Libra

Libra is drawn to Sagittarius’s adventure loving ways and Sagittarius is intrigued by artistic Libra. Some delightful times in the bedroom for these two, with sexual harmony between romantic Libra and lusty Sagittarius. Libra even understands Sagittarius’s wondering ways and Libra’s charms are able to keep Sagittarius’s interest piqued. Although Libra loves home life and luxury and Sagittarius prefers the outdoor life, Libra somehow manages to inject balance into the relationship.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Possessive Scorpio attempts to contain outgoing Sagittarius and effusive, exuberant and outspoken Sagittarius unsettles moody Scorpio, Scorpio then becomes jealous. In the bedroom these two sign share a deep attraction, although Sagittarius has a more playful approach to sex and finds Scorpio’s intensity difficult to handle. Together they can both be volatile and it is a difficult and temperamental coupling.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

This relationship should really work with these freedom loving, independent, wanderers, but this is a very unstable relationship. For some reason they have the knack of bringing out the worst traits in each other. They both love to be out and about, have many separate interests and neither will commit to anything. Eventually they just drift apart.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Capricorn requires more than Sagittarius is able to give and steady Capricorn doesn’t understand Sagittarius’s flighty approach to love. Both are ambitious in different ways, Capricorn will do the hard work and climb the mountain to succeed, Sagittarius wants to take flight, Capricorn is a loner quite unlike active, outgoing Sagittarius. Capricorn is cautious with finances and concerned by what others think, Sagittarius likes to spend and couldn’t care less about what people think. There is no meeting point for these two signs.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Both have a similar outlook to love and life and have an expansive outlook, both understand the others need for freedom and accept this readily. Aquarius has an eclectic approach to life and Sagittarius has an experimental outlook. In the bedroom they will revel in each other and have a daring and curious approach to sex, these two genuinely like each other and the relationship will deepen over time. The prospects for a long and happy relationship are excellent.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Sagittarius’s love for life intrigues Pisces and Sagittarius is drawn to Pisces mystical quality, but they are both looking for different things, Sagittarius wants a friend and Pisces wants the perfect lover, neither being able to offer what the other needs. Pisces neediness dampens Sagittarius’s exuberance and Pisces need for permanency opposes Sagittarius’s requirements for freedom. The bedroom antics keep them together for a time but the relationship starts to wane.

Famous Sagittarius

You Share Your Sign With; Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Tina Turner.



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