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Capricorn – 23 Dec- 20 Jan

Capricorn Earth Sign

Ruling Planet Saturn

Birth Stone – Garnet, Metal – Silver, Power Stone – Onyx.



Capricorns are the know-it-all’s of the zodiac, the philosophers, teachers, thinkers and can be quite moody, if you have a Capricorn friend you know what I mean. Aside from this  they are a delight to be around, always talking about something interesting and when they learn something they learn it well so they will know what they are talking about. They can be extreme in their ideas and do need periods of solitude, which you will need to honour, although don’t expect them to be as sensitive to your need to withdraw, they will not understand. They are hard-working and ambitious, Capricorns are stubborn and determined and give their all to everything they approach, often learning many new skills in their lifetime. Many Capricorns are drawn to esoteric matters, some create businesses along these lines.


Capricorns care deeply for others  and often go into a field such as counseling or psychiatry, they also have a spiritual bent and often study along these lines. They are born organisers and do require material success to give them the comfortable surroundings they require, they will work to this end.


They enter a love match with caution, weighing all sides of the situation and once their decision is  made nothing can deter them. They are decidedly charming and can switch the charm on and off depending on how they are feeling in the moment, in fact Capricorn can go from hot to cold and vice versa, in the blink of an eye. They are very concerned about their appearance and yours for that matter, Capricorns will do what it takes to keep their partner interested but beware do not flirt with anyone else or you will be given the cold shoulder. They are alluring and playful and fearless in the bedroom.

Love Compatibility

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Capricorn Woman and Love

She is a restrained romantic, she chooses carefully the men she spends time with, she takes love seriously and is looking for long term commitment, she won’t waste time in futile relationships. This woman thinks carefully before she acts, when in a committed and steady relationship a deeply sensual woman surfaces, she wants a partner who understand and cares for her. She is a resilient woman who will not rush into anything, she is strong and feminine, be prepared for a slow romance if pursuing a Capricorn woman, she will not surrender easily, she does not believe in love at first sight. The Capricorn woman has a very steady approach to a relationship and she wants classic romance, she will not let a love them and leave them personality into her life. On occasion she becomes involved with men who are younger than her, in this way she can take the lead in the relationship and make the decisions, if living together she will decide on how the home is run. The Capricorn woman can have difficulty finding her ideal man, which is a shame because she is a loyal, sensitive and sensual partner. She has a strong instinct about people and handles money well, she is a resilient partner and very loyal, those she does part from always remember her affectionately. Give her the attention and love she needs and you will have a rich and fulfilling relationship.

Capricorn Man and Love

Physical attraction is very important for the Capricorn man, he finds it difficult to trust and to let go in a relationship. He keeps a strong reign on his emotions and won’t allow himself to let go until he is certain the situation is safe. As self-possessed as he seems, he needs a woman to show him she cares for and admires him, he won’t reveal how he is feeling until he feels completely secure within the relationship. Once he does commit he is a faithful and loyal lover, he is a romantic, but is very self-disciplined and will be looking for a partner who complements him. Success is very important to the Capricorn man and once he attains his success, will relax more regarding love, the ones who marry later in life tend to be happier, his passions are just under the surface and he is an enthusiastic and tender lover and this never wanes. The Capricorn man becomes more charismatic with age and his libido remains active, he will always create a romantic bedroom setting, with candles and champagne. This man will reveal more of himself as time goes by and will be a spontaneous romantic, creating some elaborate romantic moments.

Capricorn and Aries

Fantastic lovers who disagree about almost everything, cautious Capricorn does not act unless sure of winning, Aries is more like a bull in a china shop. Together they will be argumentative with each wanting to dominate the other and because of Aries freewheeling ways, Capricorn becomes jealous. These two are more like sparring partner than lovers, they will eventually tire of the tensions.

Capricorn and Taurus

Two earth signs with a good understanding of each other, Taurians are drawn to Capricorns strength of mind and Capricorn loves Taurus’s affection and steadiness. Taurus has a way of breaking down Capricorn’s barriers, together they are sensual and affectionate lovers who enjoy pleasing each other. Capricorn is ever loyal and Taurus is committed, neither is jealous of the other, both value security, handle finances well and love to spend time in the home. These two signs are a fantastic balance for each other, making this a successful union.

Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn will not be able to restrain flirtatious Gemini and Gemini’s unpredictable flirtatiousness is at odds with Capricorns ordered approach to life. Capricorn needs stability and loves to be at home, while Gemini needs to be out and active, Gemini’s quick verbal acuity makes Capricorn feel as though they lack something. Regardless of their sexual attraction this relationship is doomed to fail.

Capricorn and Cancer

The sexual chemistry these two find in the bedroom does not translate into any other area of their life. Capricorn can be too demanding for sensitive Cancer and Capricorn finds Cancer’s emotional neediness wearing. Capricorn’s aloofness frustrates Cancer, both fear rejection and Cancer has a tendency to withdraw, making Capricorn become dogmatic. These two do not bring out the best in each other and it is a futile relationship.

Capricorn and Leo

Capricorn is far too secretive for flamboyant, outgoing Leo and Capricorn is frustrated by Leo’s impulsive behavior. Leo never thinks before they act and is impulsive, Capricorn is organised and cautious in all things. Reserved Capricorn doesn’t give Leo the adoration they need and Leo will not yield to Capricorn’s demanding ways. Leo adores luxury whatever the cost, while to Capricorn financial security is all important, they both want to dominate in the bedroom. This relationship will not work.

Capricorn and Virgo

Virgo’s ordered mind is a good balance for disciplined, hardworking Capricorn, both love their home and choose their friends with care, they inspire each other intellectually and communicate well. The differences arise in the bedroom as both of them find it difficult to be spontaneously affectionate and Capricorn doesn’t assert themselves enough to trigger Virgo’s deep seated passions. This is something they can work on together as there are some good elements to this relationship.

Capricorn and Capricorn

Both crave security, are hard workers and are financially cautious, each holds the other in high regard. They both have a reserved personality, there is a little too much sameness within this relationship. Sexually they are well matched and attentive towards each other, the dourness within Capricorn tends to surface when there are two Capricorns together and they never truly relax. There is a blandness with these two and the relationship won’t last.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Aquarius’s unpredictability unsettles staid Capricorn and Capricorn’s restrained, reserved way quickly annoys Aquarius. Aquarius is a creative, eccentric and Capricorn is an organised planner, Aquarius likes to wonder, while Capricorn likes to stay home. Freedom loving Aquarius will not be able to tolerate Capricorn’s staid approach to life, they can be friends but as lovers there is nowhere to go.

Capricorn and Pisces

Capricorn is a good balance for floaty, airy Pisces and Pisces likes the stability that Capricorn offers. Capricorn likes the way Pisces admires them and Pisces is happy for Capricorn to take the lead in the bedroom. Pisces leaning towards unconventional sex can inflame Capricorns passions. Attentive Pisces and loyal Capricorn create a safe and loving environment for each other. They each offer what the other needs.


Famous Capricorn

You Share Your Sign With; Elizabeth Arden, Denzel Washington, Louis Pasteur.



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