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Scorpio 23 October – 21 November

Scorpio Water Sign

Ruling Planet Pluto

Birth Stone – Topaz, Metal – Iron, Power Stone – Hematite


You can’t help but love fearless Scorpio and with a Scorpio on your side you can never lose, no-one could wish for a better advocate, they possess a quiet power, even seeming reserved at times, but don’t be fooled, they pack quite a punch with their intense energy and magnetism. They miss nothing, so don’t try and put one over a Scorpio, they will catch you out every time. Don’t get on the wrong side of Scorpio either, as they are unforgiving, they like a receptive audience when they have something to say and are highly opinionated, they can be cool characters when there is a cause that needs their attention and respond well under pressure. They are determined and when they feel they are in the right, will not back down under any circumstances, they take charge of their lives and will take charge of yours, if you let them.


If you have a Scorpio working for you, be assured the job will be done and be done well, they are researchers and work very well as independent entities, they  are self-motivated and charismatic, they are born diplomats, they pay close attention to people when they have something to say. They are drawn to psychology and will keep your secrets.


Scorpios have a healthy sex drive and need a partner to match their appetite for them to be truly happy in a relationship, intuitive Scorpio knows what you what and need in the relationship and wants you to be as tuned in to them as they are to you. They are confident, ardent lovers, they are caring and have a magnetic quality, charm oozes from every pore.  Expect a robust love life peppered with romantic dinners and surprises, their passions can at times be like a tidal wave, so be prepared. They do have the tendency to be passionately jealous as well as being passionately amorous and seductive. They enjoy the trappings of romance such as oil essence, candles, chocolates and flowers and they are the Masters of seduction.

Love Compatibility

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Scorpio Woman and Love

A Scorpio woman is strong, passionate and she knows what she wants, she is not interested in affairs, if a man isn’t interested in something serious she is not interested, the Scorpio woman is quite possessive and requires total commitment. She is an intense, passionate and fascinating woman who appears to many an enigma. Be warned, this woman does not compromise, she is an utterly magnetic and passionate lover, her intuition guides her in a relationship, she trusts her instincts unerringly and with her imaginative lovemaking her partner looks no further. She needs a relationship where her mate is totally tuned in to her and she cannot tolerate coolness as love makes her vulnerabilities surface, take note, the Scorpio woman does not forgive or forget. She is intensely and passionately loyal and will defend you to the death, her possessiveness is more than compensated by her generous and loving nature.

Scorpio Man and Love

He is a dynamic and compelling personality ever ready for passion, with a love of women, actually he wants that one person he can be with, but he has a hair-trigger defense system to stop himself from being hurt. He keeps well hidden his delicate sensitivities and the fact that his feelings are very easily hurt, causes him to feel lonely. He always keeps his vulnerabilities hidden and he cannot be dominated, he knows exactly what he wants and exactly what he is prepared to give. He analyses the mental, physical and emotional costs and if too high he will end the relationship immediately. He is a man of complex emotions, he can appear easygoing, but this is only on the surface, underneath there is a volcano rumbling. He knows his allure to women, his lovemaking is direct and intense, igniting the passions in his partner. He has an innate understanding of what a woman wants and does all he can to meet her needs, he is a complex and intense emotional package, but he has the capacity for a rich and fulfilling relationship

Scorpio and Aries

To begin with there is a strong sexual attraction that can’t be ignored, Scorpio’s sensuality is a match for Aries imaginative lovemaking. Both want to take charge and lead and both can be selfish and willful, with Scorpio vying for control and Aries wanting dominance. Scorpios secretive nature clashes with Aries flirtatious free spirited attitude. Scorpio’s jealous possessiveness is too much for Aries and the sexual rapport is not enough to make a relationship, with so many differences, work.

Scorpio and Taurus

Taurus is able to satisfy Scorpio sexually, but beyond this they don’t have too much in common. Both are stubborn and jealous, Taurus wants to control and Scorpio wants to possess. Taurus likes to spend on the finer things in life, Scorpio likes to save as much as they can. Both like their own way and neither will give in, together they are too inflexible to make a relationship work.

Scorpio and Gemini

Gemini’s exuberance draws Scorpio and Scorpio’s intense personality intrigues Gemini, there is sexual chemistry, but Scorpio’s intensity and need for commitment is too much for flighty Gemini. Scorpio has a need to possess while Gemini needs freedom, Scorpio dances to the beat of their own drum, while Gemini is a social butterfly. Sexually they will have some passionate moments but Gemini’s independence will end the relationship.

Scorpio and Cancer

The intensity of Scorpio makes for a passionate time in the bedroom with responsive Cancer, both are jealous personalities. Scorpio offers Cancer protectiveness, which calms Cancer’s insecurities, while Cancer is a loving, attentive and committed partner. Both get exactly what they need from this relationship.

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio wants to plumb the depths of Leo’s sensuality, but will not let Leo dominate, Leo wants elaborate romance. Both can be temperamental and fiery, Leo is flamboyant and showy, Scorpio disapproves of such behavior. There is a fiery passion between these two, but they are far too combustible emotionally for long term stability.

Scorpio and Virgo

Virgo’s restraint and Scorpio’s demonstrativeness are at odds with each other, although mentally they are a spectacular match, with complementary personalities. Both believe in financial security and are attached to family, their feelings run deep and neither is flighty leading to a loyal and committed relationship. There are so many positive aspects to these two signs that Scorpio can overlook Virgo’s less intense passions.

Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio’s complex nature draws Libra, who is always attracted to the unusual, Scorpio gives Libra the affection they need and Libra feels flattered by Scorpio’s possessiveness. Libra’s lighthearted attitude to relationships and flirtatiousness is too much for Scorpio. These two can’t get the balance they need for a satisfying long term relationship.

Scorpio and Scorpio

There is without question sexual attraction and emotional intensity, they are alike but find it difficult to tune into each other. They are jealous, demanding and quarrelsome together, both possessive and moody and each wants to control, it’s too much like a tug of war between these two, it has to end.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

To begin with Scorpio will be the dominant partner in this relationship, but free-spirited Sagittarius won’t let this last for long. Sagittarius wants adventure, Scorpio wants commitment and attention. Sagittarius’s casual approach to relationships conflicts with Scorpios possessive secretive behavior. Sagittarius wants freedom, Scorpio wants to be at home. This is a short lived affair at best.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpios intense passions unlock Capricorns inward focus and create a sexual and rambunctious partnering. Capricorn can comfortably bask in Scorpio’s jealousy, feeling safe and secure. Both are responsible and require security, they are financially cautious, ambitious and share a similar life outlook, Scorpio’s deep emotions find a responsive partner in Capricorn.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio expects a lot from Aquarius emotionally and can’t understand Aquarius’s casual attitude towards love, love for Aquarius can at times be another learning curve. Aquarius is too detached and independent, has far too many outside interests and is too unpredictable for Scorpio’s possessive nature to handle. Scorpio will try to make a stand and curtail Aquarius’s freedom, triggering Aquarius’s independent streak, bringing things to a sudden end.

Scorpio and Pisces

These two very different water signs work surprisingly well together, with Scorpio’s decisiveness anchoring oscillating Pisces. Scorpio’s creativity is inspired by Pisces imagination, loving Pisces giving Scorpio the love and attention they desires, together they are creative and inspiring lovers. Pisces heightened senses are perfectly in tune with Scorpio’s need, adding depth to the relationship, this is a bond that can last for a lifetime.

Famous Scorpio

You Share Your Sign With; Whoopi Goldberg, Pablo Picasso, Edith Head.



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