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Pisces 19 February – 20th March

Pisces Water Sign

Ruling Planet Neptune

Birth Stone – Aquamarine, Metal – Platinum, Power Stone – Amethyst


Pisces is the quiet achiever, as long as they know they have done something well that is enough for them, they have a generous nature and can be overly trusting, causing them to be taken advantage of at times. Their learning curve is to recognise their own potential and trust their own judgement. They can at times seem fragile, but they do possess a quiet strength to carry them through. They can be very introspective and then become surprisingly jovial, they also seem as though they have a secret that no-one but them knows about. They often have a floaty  way about them. They are highly intuitive and rely on their intuition often, to guide them when it comes to decision making. Pisces are the day-dreamers with the ability to bring their dreams to fruition.


Loving beauty, they are likely to be involved in events management or public relations, they are also drawn to hairdressing, dance and artistic pursuits. It is necessary for Pisces to push a little harder to obtain what it is they want, some are drawn to hairdressing and makeup.


They are romantic, shy and ardent lovers, pay attention to their needs and you will have the ideal partner, with their evolved sense of intuition they will always know what you want and need. They can be unpredictable, and love to give surprise gifts for no other reason than they care, it is part of the seduction for them, and when they are with you they are truly present.  They love to be touched and cuddled and they love to touch and cuddle, when they are with you, you will feel as though there is nowhere else they would rather be. They like to feel safe, loved and adored in a relationship, and have a selfless quality in the bedroom. They are loving, caring and tender partners.

Love Compatibility

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Pisces Woman and Love

She is a mysterious woman with an other worldly appearance, she has an instinctive ability to draw men to her. She uses her well-developed intuition to guide her in relationship choices, and she is acutely sensitive to people’s moods. The Pisces woman often finds herself attracted to emotionally unavailable men that she can pour all her affections into, or she can go the opposite way and choose an emotionally together man who will be her protector and guide. Love is the stuff that anchors her life, when all is going well she is secure and happy, when it’s not she is adrift. She has a romantic ideal of her perfect love and will change to accommodate the one she loves, while still retaining her elusive quality, she seems to live in a permanent daydream or fantasy world. The Pisces woman is particularly erotic and can lift her mate to the height of passion with her creative ways, she is affectionate but can slip into dependency. She can become touchy if she feels she is not receiving the understanding she needs, she requires an understanding and empathetic partner. A tender partner can bring all her erotic femininity to the surface and a spiritual connection can be formed, she requires an intuitive, tender and sensitive partner who knows how to romance her.

Pisces Man and Love

He is a charming, charismatic romantic, Pisces lives in a mystical, enchanted world inside his head, he is unerringly romantic. He’s always looking for that perfect elusive woman who will meet all his needs, he is absolutely charming, and he loves the excitement of affairs. He tends to be drawn to risky relationships with married women, and often makes mistakes because he falls in love easily. He has a turbulent love life and women find it very easy to fall in love with him, he is an emotional lover who has an erotic and experimental approach to sex, he is a sensitive and caring lover. He may have difficulty finding a suitable career because of his penchant for taking short cuts, he is an attentive and giving partner and emotionally generous, willing to do anything for the one he loves. Once he commits to a woman he will give his all to the relationship and be a considerate and compassionate lover, he will also connect spiritually to his mate.

Pisces and Aries

Dynamic passionate Aries has no trouble attracting sensual Pisces, and Aries is receptive to Pisces affections, Pisces has a way of Tempering Aries aggressiveness and bringing a particular sensuality to their love life. Aries will be the decision maker and protector and Pisces will be happy to let Aries dominate the relationship. Pisces will react to Aries tendency to criticise, and if Aries can temper this, the partnership could have a long life expectancy.

Pisces and Taurus

Floaty Pisces feels secure with steady and stable Taurus, while Taurus’s artistic leanings inspire Pisces creativity, both love their creature comforts and create a beautiful home together, paying special attention to the bedroom. Two passionate, sexual signs, although Pisces is more emotional than Taurus. Pisces basks in Taurus’s possessiveness. Taurus’s down to earth manner is at odds with Pisces dreamy romantic nature, with some effort they can work this out.

Pisces and Gemini

Mysterious Pisces draws outgoing Gemini, but they are an extremely off kilter pair, with Gemini’s flirtatiousness unsettling insecure Pisces, Gemini resents Pisces clinginess. They both have the element of changeability about them, Pisces has a tendency to drift without direction, and Gemini flits about like a butterfly. Each needs a more forceful partner to anchor them.

Pisces and Cancer

Each enjoys the sexual chemistry between them, and can revel in an intensely passionate and tender relationship. Pisces is happy for Cancer to be the decision maker, and Cancer’s responsible and cautious attitude towards money and security, provides the stability Pisces needs. Both love spending time at home, and Cancer is a devoted and protective partner to Pisces who dotes on Cancer. They can enjoy a romantic and loving relationship.

Pisces and Leo

These two signs operate in entirely different ways, Pisces likes to think carefully before acting, which annoys quick thinking and quick acting Leo. Over the top, domineering Leo is too abrasive for sensitive, introverted Pisces, together they are an emotional pair, with Leo prone to outbursts of temperament, causing Pisces to withdraw into their own world. Pisces need for togetherness is too restricting for social Leo. These two are like oil and water together.

Pisces and Virgo

To begin with Virgo is fascinated by Pisces gentle nature, but this is where it stops, Virgo is cool and aloof, while Pisces is all emotion. Sexually they are polarities, with Virgo unable to provide Pisces with the emotional interaction they need. Dreamy, spiritual Pisces doesn’t live up to Virgo’s exacting expectations. Virgo resents Pisces dependent nature and is unable to provide the security Pisces needs. They are too different for any relationship future.

Pisces and Capricorn

They work exceptionally well together, with Taurus’s take charge approach satisfying Pisces need for security. Pisces is happy to follow while Taurus takes the lead. Pisces brings an injection of romance into the life of staid Capricorn, and Capricorn warms to the affection Pisces lavishes on them. Pisces doesn’t need protestations of love from Capricorn, intuitively sensing the loyalty and love Capricorn offers. They are a perfect balance for each other both sexually and intellectually.

Pisces and Aquarius

Matching erotic leanings with an experimental approach, both open and passionate sexually, but Aquarius has too many interests and is too detached for sensual Pisces. Aquarius needs freedom and adventure, creating resentment in Pisces. Aquarius is far too free spirited for Pisces and doesn’t like Pisces neediness. Pisces is too insecure for this relationship and Aquarius is too detached, they have nothing to work with.

Pisces and Pisces

If they could spend all their time in the bedroom it would be a perfect match, but as they are both dependent signs that tend to deplete each other emotionally, a relationship if unrealistic. Both have a tendency to be withdrawn and negative, they can become a confused mess together, with neither having any sense of direction. Each needs a stronger partner to provide some direction, together they are like a sinking ship.

Use the insight you have gained from comparing the partnership Sun signs, to give you greater insight and understanding of your relationship, and take into consideration that each Sun sign has the influence of other planets, this can either intensify the influences of your Sun sign, or diffuse the energies.

Famous Pisces

You Share Your Sign With; Mikhail Gorbachev, Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor.



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