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Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui first began in the west during the Han Dynasty around the third century BC. Feng Shui also known as Kanyu, is the art of placing and situating objects so that they are in harmony with their surroundings. Feng Shui believes that every object is living and has its own life and energy, and its harmony depends on its placement and its physical surroundings.

The meaning of the words Feng Shui are very simple, “Wind” and “Water,” it is an art that has been practiced for centuries, and by applying the simple concepts of Feng Shui you will invite abundance, love, harmony, peace and well-being into your home. To begin you must first understand the concept of Yin and Yang energies

Both Yin and Yang energies have their polarity, Yin is negative and  Yang is positive, they are both  necessary to each other and to you.  Yin is the passive and quiet energy and represents   darkness, cold, creativity, fertility, intuition and femininity, Yin is known as the moon energy. Yang is a more outward energetic energy and represents  light, hot, active, logical and masculinity, Yang is  known as the sun energy. Every object within your home has either a Yin(female) or Yang(male) energy, for sustained harmony in the home it is necessary to balance the Yin and Yang energies. Yin and Yang represent the ever changing landscape of life and everything seeks balance and tranquility. For the energies to flow around your home, first clear out any clutter and rid yourself of anything you do not love or like to look at, this in itself is a therapeutic activity and an essential part of Feng Shui. Spring is the season of renewal and is the perfect time to de-clutter, be ruthless, thus making the way for the new.

All Encompassing

Work on  your entire home one room at a time and you will notice significant changes in your life. By physically clearing away clutter you help to emotionally clear clutter. Practitioners of the Western method of Feng Shui believe that energy enters through the front door and flows into your home, but whichever method you decide to use the goal is the same, to produce positive energy and  to enhance your life. Feng Shui can balance and harmonise a building, at the same time it is necessary to look at your entire life holistically to fully reap the benefits of Feng Shui. The first step is called “Space Clearing”, do this to your entire home, be realistic and give yourself possibly a month to do the entire house, when you have finished inside you can start on the outside, unless of course you live in a high rise apartment. Add beautiful aromatherapy essences to every room, make sure there are items of beauty in each room. When you have finished with the house you can start on yourself and pay attention to all those things you have been procrastinating about.


The first step to creating energy flow is to clean and clear everything, these are two of the most important elements in the practice of Feng Shui. It is necessary to clean every room meticulously then clear the rooms, Chi (Energy) will not flow harmoniously if there is clutter of any kind, this goes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, lounge, garage, cubby-house, garden, car, office. Any space you inhabit is more hospitable if you honour the golden rules of Feng Shui. Dedicate yourself to one task at a time, one room at a time, and when you have finished with your home you can work on yourself and other aspects of your life.

The task of cleaning everything, and clearing all clutter and throwing or giving items no longer used by you away, can be a little daunting, but imagine how fantastic you will feel when it is done. When you are ready dedicate yourself to one task at a time, one room at a time, one drawer at a time, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you are consistent, you can give yourself one month to go through the entire house, then the garage, car, garden etc. Visualisation is all important as you are applying yourself to this task, visualise how nice everything is going to feel and look when you finish cleaning and de-cluttering, make sure you have bags for charity, bags for rubbish, document boxes for anything you are keeping and sorting. When you have finished cleaning and sorting you can think about how you want to use the space, consider colour, a coat of paint is an inexpensive way to completely change a room, the same can be said for calico curtains if you are on a budget, and many people are these days. Next the furnishings in the room, if a seat or couch needs a new cover you can use a staple gun ( bought at any hardware store) and some fabric, again calico can be used, then add some cushions, you can place fabric over an old table, add candles and your room has a new lease on life. After finishing one room you will be inspired to do the next and as you persevere you will feel lighter and clearer.


Crystals are often used in Feng Shui as they help to heal, balance and protect, they bring positive vibrations to any space they are placed. A Rose Quartz is used to attract love and romance, or to keep the romance in your relationship, also to heal a broken heart, the frequencies the crystals emanate promote heart healing emotionally. Black Tourmaline has strong protective energies and Citrine helps the self-esteem. If you need to address something in your life that you have been avoiding, there is nothing like a Black Obsidian to bring matters to a head. Most esoteric shops sell crystals as do some of the market stalls.


From the physical clearing you go to financial clearing, and sort out and through any matters you have been ignoring, it is very important to be fully aware of what you are spending your money on and how you are managing. You would be surprised to know how many people have no idea where their money goes, and this is regardless of their income, many find it easier to turn a blind eye to their spending habits. Feng Shui, in many ways, is helping you to take charge of your life, finances are an integral part as they  dictate the type of life you will lead. Once you have bravely looked at your finances, you then draw up a weekly budget for yourself and plan meals. Try to document every cent you spend, you will be surprised at how many ways you can save for the things you really want. After the month is up and all is done, you can then begins the Feng Shui placement, I feel the placement works best when the other things are first done, but if your home is a picture of tidiness and uncluttered you can begin the placement.

The Home


By paying attention to the energy flow in your bedroom you can enhance your love life, even find your soul mate. If you are seeking a partner or want to spice up your love life, try placing all items in your room into pairs, if you have a single bed it would be best to invest in a double or a queen size bed. Muted colours are the most romantic and sensuous colours to use. For restful sleep ensure that there is no clutter under the bed or in the bedroom. Make sure there are no work elements in the bedroom, it is wise to keep these areas quite separate. If you are unable to separate the two room, place a screen to define the areas. Wooden beds being a solid structure ensures a good night’s sleep. It is preferable to have the minimum of electrical appliances in the bedroom to allow for a refreshing sleep and allow you to wake in the morning bright and rested


In most homes the kitchen is the hub of the house, it’s the area where the family gathers and the flow of energy is especially important. There are steps you can take to create an ambient environment. If there is no door hang a curtain, or drape fabric and tie with an opulent cord that can be purchased at any fabric shop, this is done to help separate the energy of the kitchen from the rest of the house. The placement of kitchen appliances is very important, if your stove is opposite a door place a mirror above or behind to reflect the doorway, where possible separate your stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and sink. If your stove faces a window place a statue, plant or flowers on the windowsill. Make sure any broken implements are replaced or repaired and the kitchen is always clean, this area is an integral part of your daily life and can have a dramatic impact on your life. It is most important to create a serene and ambient setting, creating a space where you and your family and friends can relax and feel at ease. Choose colours that are welcoming and easy on the eye, make sure the furniture is comfortable and durable, this space should engender a feeling of warmth and be welcoming.


Choose colours that are appealing and that you enjoy, colours that are easy on the eye and create ambience, colours that suit overall harmony , make your room uncluttered , choose paintings and photographs that draw the eye, let it be a room you love to spend time in, and where possible have beautiful items, flowers and green plants, you want this room to have a lived in feel. Make sure you use scented candles, or/and essences to add that extra touch, our sense of smell is inherent to our memories.

The Bedroom

Restful sleep is an important element of your bedroom, therefore I suggest you purchase the best bed you can afford, this is one area not to stint on, paint your room a soft colour that suits you. Place any mirrors to the left or right of the bed, try not to have a mirror directly in front or behind the bed, if this cannot be helped due to a mirrored wardrobe, place a plant or statue in front of the mirror. A bed with a solid bed head is best, and try to place the bed against the wall with your feet pointing away from the door, if you can’t do this because of space constraints, place an amethyst and a rose quartz under the bed and leave the door ajar. If you have exposed beams place a wind chime and a dream catcher on the ceiling. The  Chinese believe a coloured coverlet is better than a white one because it is the colour of a shroud. Above all let your bedroom be a place that welcomes you each night and a place that allows you to have a restful night’s sleep.


Feng Shui your work area, make sure your desk is facing the door, if you are unable to do this place a mirror on your desk making the door visible, thus enabling you to see the reflection of the door. By placing a dragon statue on your desk, next to your door, or in the eastern corner of your office space, you will be assured of protection and good luck. A crystal or crystal figurine will help creativity and concentration, a live plant creates positive energy, also aromatherapy helps the ambience, Lavender or Ylang Ylan aromas in your work area help decrease stress and promote productivity, aromatherapy can produce immediate results. By using Feng Shui in your life you will feel as though you are taking control, this in itself is a liberating experience.

The Bathroom

If you only apply one Feng Shui tip to this often used room, let it be to always put the toilet lid down after use, by leaving it up you are letting energy flow from your finances and no one wants this to happen, this is a cardinal rule. Another way to protect your finances is to always keep the bathroom door closed. The best colours for the bathroom are blue and green, although you do have creative license, the only colour I suggest you don’t use is red as this conflicts with the water element. Use fluffy opulent towels and beautifully scented soaps, have candles and be sure any leaks are fixed. This can affect your finances if attention is not paid.

Your Garden

If there is a path in your garden make sure it is curved, as straight paths encourage the energy to flow too fast, a curved path has a slower more gentle flow of energy, a garden should also have specific areas to gather with family and friends. Mix different size and shape plants and flowers so that you have a riot of colour and a shape that is pleasing to the eye. Your garden is the perfect place for a water feature and if you can have a fish pond that is even better, bring some Yang energy by using outdoor lights. If you have limited space, such as an apartment veranda, you can still apply the same principals by using statues and potted plants. There are many items stocked by garden centres to help you create a beautiful and welcoming space for yourself, in this instance size does not matter as long as all items are pleasing to the eye, again make sure there is a comfortable place to sit, possibly place some fragrant herbs there which are very easy to grow, lavender, jasmine and bougainvillea are a particular favorite of mine, lavender and jasmine have the most exquisite scent.


Animals create wonderful energy as they are always on the move, birds, dogs, cats, rabbits all have the same effect. I stress only if you are an animal lover, they bring good energy into the home, also think about a small fish tank, or an outdoor pond, the energy of swimming fish makes for perfect Feng Shui.

Feng Shui And Colours

Front Door Colours

The front door is considered the mouth of Chi, the energy rushes in whenever the door is open and affects your home in one way or another. The following is how to choose the correct colour for your front door. It is important to choose a colour that pleases you and the best colour for a North facing door is red. North-West facing doors should be red or grey with metal fittings. West facing can be black grey or red and should have metal fittings, this will help increase your income. South-West, choose grey or red. South facing doors, paint this door shiny black, green, blue or purple. For South-East, doors should be painted any shade of green cream or blue. An East-facing door, should be green or cream, wood can be used for your doorknob. Paint a North-East door with high gloss paint in white and use a metal door knob.

Colour for your Potential

Dashes of red enhance wealth, use sparingly as too much red can be overwhelming, you can use a lot of gold for well-being but only small amounts of green for wealth, health and abundance. You can mix red and gold, place this only in the south or west corner of your home.

Feng Shui Colours, Elements and Meaning


This is a strong supportive energy and the Feng Shui fire colours are; Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Bright Yellow.


Stability is associated with these earth colours they are, Light yellow and various earth colours.


These colours denote precision and clarity they are Grey and White.


Your water colours create calm and abundance, they are blue and black.


Growth is associated with the wood element and the colours are, brown and green.
General Feng Shui Rule of Thumb

  • Never overcrowd get rid of unnecessary clutter.
  • Make sure everything in your home is in good working order, anything broken, chipped or leaking, fix it immediately as your Chi will be affected.
  • Purchase a funnel cord from the hardware store for unsightly chords from electrical items.
  • Make sure you use every area in your home so that wherever you are the space feels lived in.
  • Clear your home and office space once a month so that no clutter builds.
  • Keep your car and garage pristine.
  • Maintain your wardrobe, keeping clothes and shoes well-maintained, clean, organise and tidy once a month.

Water is an important element for abundance, and if you are able, place a water feature outside in your garden and inside your home. Place your water feature in the southeast corner of your home as this is your prosperity corner, wood is also a bringer of wealth so place an item made of wood next to your water feature. If you home faces northeast or southeast place a water feature outside on the right-hand side of your front door, this helps benefit you financially.

Feng Shui and Directions


Energy for abundance the colour blue and water.


The energy of knowledge the colour is gold.


This represents the flow of energy for your health and well-being, green plants, bamboo and the colour of the sun for happiness.


The element of wood, representing the wealth section of your home, place a flowing plant, a small fish tank or a small red item.


This represents your fire energy, yellow can be used here, this corner also represents fame and success.


This is your relationship corner, try to place things in two’s in this corner to help maintain a relationship or draw one into your life.


Children, health, schooling and overall well-being. Metal and white are the ruling elements here, place something in copper or brass for balance.


The metal element ruling our benefactors and mentors, those people that help us along our way, a metal statue can be placed here, or a beautiful metal frame with a favorite picture.

Strategies In wealth and love

Make sure you have no sharp pointed objects pointing towards you when you sleep. Maintain good energy in home, health, business, by paying attention to these simple to use Feng Shui strategies and you will find all areas of your life can be enhanced.

Statues Luck Prosperity Health

Statues for health, wealth and prosperity, lions, elephants, turtles, horses, frogs, or replicas of the Feng Shui Gods. Place a light in any dark areas of your home, place crystals around your home, chandeliers are wonderful Feng Shui. Also plants and paintings, wherever you look something of beauty should catch your eye. Frogs and turtles are thought to be especially lucky.


Once you have finished your home, car, garden etc, you can then do your spiritual cleansing, this is known as smudging, you can purchase a smudge stick and incense from any esoteric shop and it is a simple procedure to clear any negative energies from your home, this is the final step after your fantastic Feng Shui clearing and placement.  Light the smudge stick, candles and incense and go from room to room with your smudge stick, while you imagine beautiful energies of love harmony and abundance flowing from room to room, also imagine an invisible energy surrounding your home creating loving, healthy and prosperous vibrations for yourself and loved ones.

Be guided by your intuition as to what feels comfortable to you. Your home is a place where you can feel safe, somewhere you can rest and rejuvenate after dealing with the trammels of life. This is your haven, your unique space, and it should reflect your personality. The simple act of cleaning and de-cluttering can have a profoundly positive effect on the psyche.

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