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Libra 23 September – 22 October

Libra Air Sign

Ruling Planet Venus

Birth Stone – Opal, Metal – Copper, Power Stone – Aventurine


Libra will always champion the cause of the under-dog and have an empathic and sympathetic nature, they crave harmony and balance in their life, they are extremely intuitive and feel there is a place for everyone in this world. Dear Libran’s will often tend to the needs of others before they tend to themselves, they are absolutely the best team players you could wish for. They are apt to suffer emotional problems if their life is out of balance. They are very sociable and need to have people around them. They often love the Theater and the Opera and can be quite sophisticated. They are smart and quick witted and fantastic reasoners. They require nice clothes and furnishings, they do enjoy entertaining and always make their guests feel welcome and cared for.


Librans are the ambassadors and diplomats of the world, ever tactful, often Spiritual, they love  to deal with people and are keen to learn, they often regroup and re-build more than once in their life. They can be interior decorators or designers, they have a sharp wit and can tell a good story, some may be drawn to the writing of children’s books, dance is another option.


Love a Libran but make sure they have space around them, they are ruled by Venus – the Goddess of Love and beauty, they are very amorous and enjoy sensual pleasures, be subtle but alluring with your Libran partner. They can at times be a little manipulative in a relationship but if you understand this side of their nature you will get on well. They love to be courted, Librans can be polar opposites also and enjoy the thrill of the chase, it just depends on what type of Libran personality is in your life. They are diplomatic regarding their love life and need mental as well as physical communication, they always need to speak their mind. They are usually very confident when in a relationship and are often very good looking, they can be extremely sexy.

Love Compatibility

Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Libra Woman and Love

The Libra woman is the quintessential enchantress, Libra wants everyone to notice her bright light, she has taste in all things and a refined aesthetic, liking all things beautiful. She heightens sexual desire with her romantic touches, she is first and foremost a performer, she then has to rest until her next performance, in this way she is somewhat changeable as she switches on and switches off. She is looking for the companion who can understand her moods. From her lover she expects all the trapping of romance, flowers, champagne, the works, she is often attracted to older men who are more worldly and give her the attention she needs. Libran women often marry more than once, she can be impetuous when she is young and fall in love with the idea of love, as she matures she begins to understand love and longevity. Romance has a higher priority than the sexual act, she needs a man who understands her idealistic and romantic nature and she often wants to stay friends with her ex-lovers.

Libra Man and Love

He is used to women falling in love with him, there is no question about his magnetic charm and if he isn’t instantly attracted to someone, he moves on immediately, he is a sensual lover who is fully aware of his charisma. He has an idealised view of what a relationship should be, he is looking for the perfect mate, he absolutely abhors conflict and will go to great lengths to avoid it. He will not stay in a relationship where there is friction, he needs balance, harmony and someone who instinctively understands him. He is the quintessential lover who adores making love, but he needs flattery, he is a sensual and attentive lover and understands women. His lovemaking is something that he refines like an art, always managing to please his partner.

Libra and Aries

Restless Aries can unsettle Libra’s calm, Aries is always looking for something new, while Libra seeks peace. Libra finds Aries lacking tact, Aries thinks Libra lives in a fantasy world. Aries wants freedom while requiring unerring fidelity from Libra but can’t cope with Libras inability to commit. Aries feels they doesn’t get enough from Libra emotionally. Physically they enjoy the sexual chemistry, beyond that it is too difficult.

Libra and Gemini

These two signs play well together, they love love and they love making love, they have quite a rambunctious time in the bedroom. There is togetherness with a certain freedom, which suits both of them. When it comes to making a decision and taking action, they both freeze with indecision, they are charmers who use charm to get what they want.

Libra and Cancer

Libra is a little too indecisive for needy Cancer and Libra doesn’t give Cancer the emotional depth they need. Libra’s shallowness triggers Cancer’s critical side, the always financially cautious Cancer can’t relate to extravagant Libra. While Cancer loves the home and is happy to comfortably stay there, Libra yearns for a glamorous social life. They may try this relationship for a time but find that it is too much hard work.

Libra and Leo

Proud Leo and sensual Libra, a sizzling sex life is promised for these two, with them tantalisingly meeting each other’s needs. Libra’s refined tact handles Leo’s ego with aplomb and if there are tensions Libra will gracefully yield. They both adore extravagance and luxury and together make a home to be desired. These two sparkle together and others are drawn to their light.

Libra and Virgo

Virgo’s aloofness is at odds with Libra’s affectionate enthusiasm, Libra needs words of endearment that Virgo is unable to offer. Home loving Virgo has no interest in Libras social excesses. Virgo is careful with money, Libra is extravagant. Virgos critical nature and staid unyielding approach to all things, is too much for Libra, the brakes will be put on very early in this relationship.

Libra and Libra

Together they live in a fantasy world, playing at life and love, each enjoys beauty and the acquisition of beautiful things, both are sociable, warm and tactile. Sexually they gain great pleasure from pleasing each other, although together they can have an unrealistic outlook on life. They are too much alike, both ooze charm and have a flexible way, but each of them needs a stronger balance in a relationship. Their similarities can cause restlessness in the relationship and the possibility of something lacking, however if they have enough outside stimulation, this may temper the restless spirits.

Libra and Scorpio

Intense Scorpio gives Libra the attention they need, but Scorpio’s sharp tongue causes Libra to retreat. Libra in turn becomes more possessive and this becomes stifling for flirtatious Libra, Scorpio reacts to Libras casual attitude towards sex, making Scorpio more jealous and overbearing. Libras can surrender to Scorpio’s demands or end the relationship.

Libra and Sagittarius

With Libra’s charm and Sagittarius’s adventurous spirit, these two signs can’t help but be drawn to each other. Both are romantics although Libra will be more ready to settle down than fly by night Sagittarius, but this is something they can work on. Sensual Libra knows how to keep Sagittarius’s attention. This can be a very free spirited relationship with both savouring the delights of each other.

Libra and Capricorn

Capricorn has the sexual energy to draw Libra, but not the inclination for the attention Libra needs, Libra needs love to be more dynamic but Capricorn keeps too much within. Capricorns earthy materialistic approach to life is in stark contrast to Libra’s extravagances, Libras easygoing ways disturb Capricorns sense of order. Social Libra and homebody Capricorn are too at odds with each other for any long term relationship.

Libra and Aquarius

Sensual Libra and innovative Aquarius enjoy ardent lovemaking, they are friends as well as lovers, sharing artistic interests and an active social life. Quick and astute Aquarius is a good balance for indecisive Libra. They have an all-encompassing outlook on life and seek to enjoy, they are attentive and passionate lovers who enjoy being together both in and out of bed. They have all the elements for a long happy and satisfying relationship.

Libra and Pisces

They have similar sensitivities and both are affectionate, they look at life through rose coloured glasses, but Pisces needs more attention and is needier than Libra is able to cope with. Libra likes to have a sense of freedom and feels stifled by Pisces cloying, Pisces feels insecure with Libras outgoing nature. Pisces doubts Libras sincerity and Libra feels unable to give Pisces what they need. Sexually Libra is active and Pisces is passive, there is too much to work on in this relationship.

Famous Libra

Margaret Thatcher, Annie Leibovitz, Luciano Pavarotti.



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