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Cancer 21 June – 22 July

Cancer Water Sign

Ruling Planet Moon

Birth Stone – Ruby, Metal – Silver, Power Stone – Sodalith


Cancer the fourth sign in the zodiac, Those born under this sign are lovers not fighters, they can be overly sensitive and withdraw at the most minute criticism, therefore it is necessary to tread carefully when with this sign.  They have a certain decorum to them and can be quite talkative and vivacious in the right company. Because of the specific way they like things to be, this can at times make them appear a little moody. They will protect their home and family above all else, they can also be very possessive. Cancerians are always ready to burst into tears if their delicate sensibilities aren’t pandered to. Because they value security they are very good with money but at times can be too thrifty. They love to eat and they love to exercise, there is a certain vanity associated with this sign.


Cancerians realise early that hard work will bring the cash flow, to allow for a comfortable home life which is very important to them, the stock market or merchant banking would suit, although I have known some Cancerian showmen who love nothing more than to sing, play a musical instrument and have attention lavished on them. Some Cancerians can be surprising.


Cancer likes to make the first move in a relationship and they love romance, anyone wanting tenderness with hearts flowers and a romantic dinner will enjoy being with gentle Cancer. You will always feel special if you are in a relationship with a cancerian, they are also intuitive lovers and seem to know exactly what you want and need, lucky you. You will find there is no need to remind your darling cancerian to remember your birthday or any special event for that matter, but be aware they will require the same consideration. They are tender and caring lovers who can be quite prolific in their love-making. Show your Cancer that they are loved, this is most important.

Love Compatibility

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.

Love and the Cancer Woman

There is emotion lurking beneath the surface of the Cancer woman and she is just waiting for love to release the hidden sensuality, she is not overt, you will need to tune into her emotional radar. She will only offer love and loyalty to someone she trusts, then she commits wholeheartedly and clings. She finds disloyalty devastating and never forgives, she has a subtle flirtatiousness in a way that is intriguing to many, she is very romantic and has a certain charm that makes men feel protective towards her. She is convinced there is a perfect love in life and she is very sentimental, she treasures gifts and photographs and will devote herself to her partner in life. She is a natural homemaker who is romantic, affectionate and intuitive, creating a warm and welcoming home is what she does best.

Love and the Cancer Man

The Cancer man likes to court, his approach is romantic, he offers flowers, chocolates and champagne, he won’t declare his feelings until he is certain you feel the same way, he is very sensitive and tries to protect himself from rejection. He is a romantic who falls in love easily, he plays out romantic scenes in his head, he is faithful and loyal and requires a committed partner to feel secure. The Cancer man loves the company of women and as a lover he is spontaneous, passionate and understanding, he has the knack of sensing how you are feeling and responding to your moods. He is an attentive partner who will dote on the object of his affections and he likes to plan with the one he loves. He is a loyal, protective and loving partner, he is in touch with his masculine energy, while being gentle and tender, he will devote his life to caring for and making his partner happy.

Cancer and Aries

An instant attraction with sparks flying, until Cancer becomes jealous of Aries wondering ways, Aries is a little too acid tongued for sensitive Cancer. Cancer needs security and likes to feel safe within a relationship, Cancer also has a need to protect the one they love and Aries finds this attitude too restrictive, Cancer wants to save money and Aries wants to spend it. With so many differences it would be difficult to make this relationship work.

Cancer and Taurus

Security and stability is important to both these signs, they share a loving, sensual and affectionate nature and Cancer inspires Taurus to be more daring sexually, Cancer is clingy and Taurus is possessive, which suits them both. Both are keen moneymakers and enjoy homemaking, Cancer nurtures and dotes and Taurus loves to be nurtured and doted on. Taurus helps to keep Cancers moods on an even keel, they each offer what the other needs.

Cancer and Gemini

Cancer is at first drawn to Gemini’s enthusiasm and outgoing nature, but this wanes as soon as Gemini’s erratic behavior surfaces, Cancer is emotional and Gemini is a mind person, making communication his and miss. Sexually they are well matched, emotionally Gemini’s, devil may care attitude towards love unsettles Cancer and Cancer’s possessiveness will make Gemini feel trapped. They are two people with an entirely different outlook on life.

Cancer and Cancer

They are both too sensitive and demanding, both needy and dependent, both require a great deal of emotional attention to feed their sensitive psyche. They want so much from each other that it is impossible to fill each other’s needs. In bed they sparkle and both have a sensual imaginative approach, this relationship is like trying to climb a slippery hill, it won’t go anywhere.

Cancer and Leo

Leo is over the top, excessive, strong, kind and generous and helps insecure Cancer to open up. Cancers intuition guides them to know what Leo needs, Leo feels nurtured and cared for by Cancer and is happy to be doted on. Leo is the dominant partner in the bedroom and more overt sexually than Cancer. Cancer’s moodiness is diluted by Leo’s good nature.

Cancer and Virgo

Cancer is emotional, Virgo is analytical, Cancer helps Virgo to show more emotion and be more sensual, there is great affection between these two and they can create a secure and loving environment for each other. Both need security and will work towards financial goals together, Virgo helps to steady Cancer’s emotions and Cancer panders to Virgo’s pedantic ways. Cancer is needy and dependent and Virgo needs to protect, they meet each other’s needs perfectly.

Cancer and Libra

Libra’s intellect doesn’t have time for Cancer’s emotional dependence, Libra wants to communicate and has little tolerance for Cancer’s moods, Cancer feels insecure with detached Libra. Cancer’s temperamental possessiveness alienates floaty Libra, it is difficult for them to find a middle ground. Sexually they are not in sync and this frustrates Cancer, they both love the beautiful things money can buy and can make a beautiful home, although while Cancer is happy quietly within the home, Libra needs the stimulation of other people. Libra is unable to tolerate Cancer’s criticism and drifts from the relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio’s passions enhance Cancer’s sensuality, Cancer’s loyalty keeps Scorpio’s jealousy under wraps and Scorpio feels secure with Cancer’s possessiveness. Scorpio feels truly in tune with Cancer’s emotional commitment, they both have a heightened sense of intuition and feel what the other needs. Together they can build a haven that they can both retreat into and bask in the glow of love, there is a particular depth to this relationship that gets better and better with time.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not able to satisfy the emotional needs of Cancer and Cancer is jealous of Sagittarius’s flirtatious ways, although mentally they are a delightful match. Sagittarius is intolerant of Cancer’s neediness, Sagittarius likes to be out and about, Cancer likes to be at home, Sagittarius is incapable of giving Cancer the commitment they require. Cancer is hurt by Sagittarius’s outspoken ways, they would be successful friends but would have difficulty maintaining a love relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn

There is instant sexual chemistry between these signs, they are directly opposite each other in the zodiac. Cancer doesn’t get enough attention from Capricorn with their wide range of interests and ambitions. Capricorn is quite dogmatic, distant and blunt, wounding Cancer’s fragile senses, Cancer withdraws and becomes sullen in response to Capricorn’s aloof manner. These two are very different and it would take a lot of work to maintain a long term relationship.

Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius’s aloof and distant manner dampens Cancer’s natural warmth, Aquarius feels stifled by Cancer’s clingy neediness. Aquarius has an active mind and unpredictable behavior and does not have the patience to deal with needy Cancer. Aquarius has a dry wit that doesn’t appeal to Cancer’s sensitive nature, Aquarius needs freedom, Cancer needs security. Other than sexual chemistry these two signs don’t have much to work with.

Cancer and Pisces

Two water signs who understand each other, they pander to each other’s needs and sensitivities, Pisces is dreamy and imaginative and Cancer is imaginative and a worker, they work well towards common goals. Cancer responds well to Pisces romantic overtures, both are dedicated, emotional and are tuned into each other, with Cancer being the protective lover Pisces needs. Sexually they connect well and are sensual and responsive to each other, they can have an erotic and intense relationship.

Famous Cancers

Bill Cosby, Meryl Streep, Julius Caesar.

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