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Leo 23 July – 22 August

Leo Fire Sign

Ruling Planet Sun

Birth Stone – Peridot, Metal – Gold, Power Stone – Rock Crystal


Never get in the way of a Leo on a mission, theirs is a powerful personality, outspoken with a commanding quality, they are well organised and seem as though they want to eat up life. Their energy is boundless and you can’t help but be affected by them in one way or another. They are extremely courageous just like the lion, they also have the gift of telling tall stories. They love to charm people and feel quite affronted if they are not responded to, they are extremely creative and are able to accomplish much in their zest for life. Leo can become quite huffy if not the center of attention, they love all people of all ages. Leo does like to see people happy, especially family members and will go to great lengths to bring about this end.


Leo’s can create beautiful environments, they may be lawyers or barristers as they like positions of power, they can also be drawn to the more vulnerable members of society and some choose to work with children or the elderly. They would  be suited to a medical career in some form or other, or a position where they care for others, this type of work brings out the best in them.


Your Leo partner absolutely sizzles and loves to take risks, quick witted with a smoldering intensity that will leave you breathless, expect a great deal of attention from this lover if you can keep up with them. Leo will always want to take the lead in matters of the heart, they also have a certain regal quality to them, there is the tendency for them to be a little flirtatious. Their passion is red hot and they are commanding and demanding lovers. Whoever they are with is certain to be lavished with attention, the ideal partner for Leo will bow to the regal behavior and sensuous expectations.

Love Compatibility

Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Leo Woman and Love

The Leo woman will settle for nothing less than being adored and she has no tolerance for someone with a roving eye. She on the other hand is capable of having more than one man in her life and you will never see her without a partner. She has a certain dignity that attracts and always has a string of admirers, there is a certain narcissistic side to her and she always feels special. When in love the Leo woman gives her all and she expects the same in return, she is a sensual creature and involves herself wholeheartedly when lovemaking. The Leo woman loves marriage and blossoms in a partnership, she requires her partner to dote on her and can be dominating if her partner isn’t strong. If she is able to dominate her partner, it will be an unbalance love and not satisfy her need for a deep and intense love from a strong partner. If you don’t live up to her expectations and are too submissive she can turn, but with someone who is her equal they can scale the heights of passion. She requires a giving and attentive partner who is able to release all the tenderness she has to give.

Leo Man and Love

The Leo man falls in and out of love, but there is passion in all his affairs, the woman he is with always feels as though she is the perfect mate for him. And when he is with a woman she becomes the center of attention, he shines a spotlight on her and makes her feel like a Queen, but he can suddenly switch the spotlight off and everything comes to an end and you will never know why. He has the image of a mythical woman in his mind and women find it difficult to meet his expectations, he likes to be adored and feels it is his right to be pleased. As self-assured as he seems there is vulnerability, praise to him is like the air he breathes, as a lover he is attentive, sensual and wants to please his mate. He is an affectionate companion, gentle, loving and kind, he is extravagant but has a good head for business, He is a magnetic, irrepressible, cheerful and exuberant partner.

Leo and Aries

They are dynamic sexual partners who share an intense chemistry, this chemistry spills over into other areas of their life. The difficulty for these two is their over the top personalities and both wanting to be the center of attention. Beyond this they are a flamboyant and scintillating combination who can enjoy a successful long term relationship

Leo and Taurus

Two fixed signs with definite ideas, Taurus’s determination clashes with Leo’s need to be the boss. The more annoyed Leo becomes with Taurus the more stubborn Taurus becomes, they are two immovable objects, Leo’s extravagance offends Taurus’s financial caution. Taurus does not give Leo the attention they need and Leo is too self-involved to give Taurus the devotion they need. Leo’s is more flamboyant and enthusiastic than Taurus both in and out of the bedroom. Due to their unyielding approach towards each other difficulties soon arise in their relationship.

Leo and Gemini

They both like going out, being with friends, glamour, extravagance, entertaining, both of them seek variety and stimulation. Gemini is a sexual dynamo with Leo, but Leo can become jealous of Gemini’s flighty approach to love. Leo lends a certain intensity to the relationship that Gemini lacks, but they do inspire each other, if Gemini can be faithful they will work well together, if not it will end.

Leo and Cancer

Serious Cancer wants a meaningful relationship, Leo wants an exciting relationship, both approach with a romantic outlook. Cancer is looking for security and someone who wants to stay home with them, Leo wants to play, go out and be around people. Leo actually enjoys Cancers dependency but requires adoration in return. Leo is over the top and unexpected in love, Cancer is intense, Leo likes what Cancer offers.

Leo and Leo

Both love attention, both love to be the center of attention, both want to be adored, there is intense passion shared, both are flamboyant, excessive, colourful personalities, with a high sex drive. The question is, who is the leader of these two healthy egos and can they overcome the challenge? If they are both able to give a little, each can shine and they will enjoy a fantastic love life.

Leo and Virgo

Virgo’s mind attracts Leo and Virgo is dazzled by Leo’s exuberance and sparkle, Virgo keeps its cool and is not especially responsive to Leo’s passion. Leo is extravagant and Virgo is cautious, Leo wants to live a flamboyant life, Virgo wants a more restrained life. Virgo can be critical of Leo and likes to do things their way. Virgo doesn’t give Leo the flattery necessary for their wellbeing, there is really nowhere to go with this relationship.

Leo and Libra

Libra appreciates the artistic and creative side of Leo, Libra also loves Leo’s decisiveness and their need to lead, they are two extravagant energies who love to spend and to live in a beautiful environment, this could lead to financial difficulties if they don’t take care. There is a certain competitiveness for attention, but when they are in the bedroom Libra happily surrenders and lets Leo take charge.

Leo and Scorpio

There is sexual intensity and magnetism between these two signs, although Scorpio’s jealousy unsettles Leo, Scorpios deep smoldering energy is the polarity to Leos light cheery approach. Leo finds Scorpio’s temperament difficult to deal with and Scorpio thinks that Leo is too showy and doesn’t understand their need for admiration, Scorpio can be too dogmatic for Leo, the sex is great but it will not hold the relationship together.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo’s warm and open spirit enchants Sagittarius and Sagittarius’s gregariousness and enthusiasm attracts Leo, both love freedom and adventure. Sexually they stimulate and ignite each other’s passions and Sagittarius is more likely to be faithful with Leo. Sagittarius likes to let Leo take charge and loves Leo’s self-confidence, while being happy to let Leo have the spotlight.

Leo and Capricorn

Leo likes to let loose and be flamboyant, steady Capricorn does not approve, Leo likes intense, elaborate lovemaking, Capricorn has a more stoic approach, although both are highly sexed, Capricorn’s sexual reserve does not satisfy Leo. Capricorn is not able to give Leo the attention and adoration they need, there is nowhere to go with this relationship.

Leo and Aquarius

There is attraction between these two signs, but Leo finds Aquarius’s cool and analytical approach akin to rejection. Aquarius has an unconventional approach to love which Leo does not feel in sync with, it takes Leo too far away from their comfort zone. They are both social creatures who enjoy new people, Leo always needs an audience which irritates Aquarius. Aquarius is too independent to bow to the needs of Leo and this is where the relationship ends.

Leo and Pisces

Leo is over the top and demanding, Pisces is floaty and in their own world, at first the differences attract, but they are so different, Leo is outgoing and social, Pisces is introspective. Leo needs an audience and attention, where Pisces prefers to stay away from the limelight. Both have a tendency to take more than they give, Pisces is imaginative in the bedroom but is at odds with Leo’s less experimental sexual needs. Leo will break free from this relationship, there are not enough elements to make it work.

Famous Leo

Martin Sheen, Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro.



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