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Taurus 21  April – 21 May

Bull Earth Sign

Ruling Planet Venus

Birth Stone – Emerald, Metal – Iron, Power Stone – Rose Quartz


Strength and the ability to be incredibly stubborn, fixed and firm when they make their mind up. Taurus is an extremely emotional sign and hurt feelings seem to surface often, due to their determination to do things their way. There is a tendency to listen, but not to hear, this is something they can temper with age and maturity. They actually have an extremely generous and sympathetic nature and are always ready to go to the aid of someone in trouble. They like to be rewarded when they do a good job and can be very liberal with finances, they are quite self-indulgent. They are showy and love to surround themselves with the finer things life has to offer. Give them a mountain and they will be compelled to climb it literally, they usually enjoy the outdoors. They also enjoy cultural pursuits like the Opera or the Theater, they do like their food and often love to cook. They need a stable home life but at the same time often take risks, they reach their goals through their steady perseverance, this sign never ever gives up. Be aware with a Taurian their version of the truth may be slightly different to yours. Taurians  like to be around people who are comfortable with themselves and can be influenced by someone they  consider a mentor. Once this signs mind is made up, it is almost impossible to be changed.


Taurians are business minded and are often drawn to the culinary arts, they like opulent surroundings and a stable work environment, they are hard workers and do not mind working for the finer things in life, there is also an artistic side to their nature, painting, pottery, jewelery making would suit them.


Taurus will take time to commit to a relationship and is a sensual and romantic partner, once committed you have your Taurian for life. They do enjoy being in a relationship and pay attention to their partners, often showering them with gifts. Although Taurus likes to be the power in a relationship, the affection you will receive is well worth it. They also love to receive gifts and require a partner who knows this about them. They have a need to be understood and can be overly touchy and sensitive at times, seeing slights where there are none. They can also be utterly adorable.

Love Compatibility

Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo.

Taurus Woman and Love

A Taurian woman knows how to seduce her prey, she understands the game of love, she is on the lookout for long term love, she is devoted and protective towards the one she is with, the best of her surfaces when she is in love. She is a demonstrative and giving lover, she is tender and sensitive and has a healthy, active sexual appetite, she is an attentive partner who gives her all and expects your all. The Taurian woman likes all the niceties of seduction and is absolutely certain when she falls in love, she trusts her instincts and her intuition and won’t be swayed once her mind is made up. A Taurian woman is a romantic partner, sexy, creative and elegant with exquisite taste, she offers the right person a warm and loving relationship.

Taurus Man and Love

He won’t sweep you off your feet because that isn’t his way, he has a much steadier and thoughtful approach to love, he deliberates before he makes his choice, he is a patient man and will wait for love while he enjoys life’s pleasures. Taurus actually has a very romantic nature and when he does fall in love, he adores and cherishes the object of his affection, he may not always say the words, but you will have no doubt when a Taurus is in love with you. He is more likely to buy one well-chosen beautiful gift, rather than many trinkets, he may seem reserved but just under the surface is a passionate and physically demonstrative partner, who combines romance and sensuality. He has an active libido and sexual stamina, with no need for experimentation. The Taurian man is reliable, loyal, kind and has a sense of humour, he is a delightful partner for the one he falls in love with.

Taurus and Aries

Taurus is a sensual lover and Aries an emotional one, for a short time there is passion, that is until Taurus becomes possessive, causing Aries to become fiery. Aries reckless and extravagant nature clashes with Taurus’s careful and considered approach, Aries makes snap decisions which unsettles routine loving Taurus. An affair can work for a time, a marriage would be difficult to maintain.

Taurus and Taurus

No sparks within this relationship, both loving security and safety, both will work for what they want and believe in the work ethic, they are loyal and tender. Each is possessive of the other, although there is the chance they could tire of each other because they are too similar. For this relationship to work they would both need separate activities and friends, as long as this doesn’t trigger the possessive streak they both have. They are tender, sensitive and kind towards each other.

Taurus and Gemini

Gemini is flighty and restless and Taurus is reliable and steady and it is the differences that intrigue, Gemini is attracted to Taurus’s passionate side, but not to Taurus’s need for security, while Taurus will not be able to handle Gemini’s volatility. Gemini requires a constantly changing landscape, Taurus desires stability. Taurus’s way of life and want for steadiness, ultimately cannot be handled by Gemini who retreats.

Taurus and Cancer

Both love the home and hearth, they are very sensitive, sexual beings and although Cancer has a tendency to be moody, Taurus can manage to counteract this with an easy-going attitude. Cancer can at times react to Taurus’s straightforward approach and feelings are hurt. Both are ambitious and desire security and harmony, they have the same long term outlook and as their interests are so similar, this makes for a balanced, tranquil, and loving relationship.

Taurus and Leo

Leo and Taurus have a tendency to compete with each other, and Leo’s constant need for praise is insatiable, thus causing Taurus to become stubborn and withdrawn. Taurus likes to be appreciated while Leo needs adoration, neither is able to satisfy the other, so both are left unsatisfied. Leo is wildly extravagant, while Taurus ever aware of security, is cautious and considered. Leo wants to live an over the top existence, while Taurus is looking for something more down to earth, they are well matched sexually but Leos approach to life is unacceptable to Taurus. There are too many conflicting energies for these signs to have a comfortable long term relationship.

Taurus and Virgo

A match made in heaven, similar intellects and pursuits, Virgo’s mind complements Taurus’s determination and they complement each other, both are careful financially. They both have an ordered approach towards life and lack spontaneity, which seems to suit them. Sexually it may be necessary for them to become more in sync, Taurus’s sexual flame is just what is needed to awaken Virgo’s passions. These signs have a great deal in common and would be great life partners.

Taurus and Libra

Libra is a warm and loving partner for Taurus and Taurus is drawn to Libra’s charm, Libras difficulty in decision making is balanced by Taurus’s steady approach. Libra doesn’t handle money as well as Taurus, although both love and like to collect beautiful things. As both have Venus ruling there is a certain sensuality they share, although both express this quality differently. Taurus doesn’t like Libras fickle attitude towards love and Libra finds Taurus’s possessiveness stifling, this is not likely to be a long term relationship.

Taurus and Scorpio

Signs that are opposite in the zodiac, although both share the traits of ambition, determination and are steady within a relationship, they are both strong willed and match each other well with their passionate sexual nature, which can overwhelm them both. Taurus resents Scorpio’s possessive and jealous nature, this will always be a tempestuous affair and would be a difficult long term relationship to maintain.

Taurus and Sagittarius

There is a strong attraction and Sagittarius ignites Taurus’s passions with sensual and uninhibited behavior, but Sagittarius’s roving eye is not something that Taurus can deal with. Sagittarius has a devil may care attitude towards sex and many other aspects of life, whereas Taurus’s approach is serious and possessive. Sagittarius cannot be tamed and this causes some friction within the relationship, there are many quarrels, this would work as an affair but not a long term relationship.

Taurus and Capricorn

They are a strong match for each other and uncomplicated passion is shared, together they don’t share romance, but they are sexually very well matched. They have a similar outlook on life with shared goals, they like the same type of people and both love money and security, they have a love of beautiful things. Taurus feels secure basking in Capricorns loyalty and around Taurus Capricorn allows a wry sense of humour to surface. The odds of a long term relationship are very good for these like-minded beings to walk life’s path together.

Taurus and Aquarius

They both dance to the beat of a different drum, conservative Taurus finds Aquarius’s unconventional and innovative approach to life difficult to accept. Taurus has a lustful passion, while Aquarius operates on a mental plane. Taurus finds it hard to tie Aquarius down and Aquarius is not enamoured by domesticity. Taurus craves security, Aquarius resents ties, Aquarius requires a more free spirited relationship and resists when they feel they are being resisted by Taurus. These are two personalities who would be unable to sustain a workable long term relationship.

Taurus and Pisces

Pisces likes Taurus’s dependability, while completely understanding Taurus’s materialistic side. Taurus supplies the tether that stops Pisces from floating away into their imagination. Pisces moodiness is buoyed by Taurus’s easygoing nature. These two are capable of loving and adoring each other, Pisces strong intuitive abilities fascinate Taurus, they are well suited sexually, with Taurus’s passion and Pisces sensuality.


Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Nicholson, William Shakespeare.




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