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The Pig

The Pig
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1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Natural Energy: Yin (Negative)

Natural Element: Water

The 12th and last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig. The Pig is a warm compassionate and gentle sign. Pigs are highly intelligent, diligent, generous, and possess a unique sense of humour. They are giving souls who reap much enjoyment from life. Their generosity, honesty and sincerity are evident as they help others. Due to their independent nature, Pigs rarely ask others for help, and if they do you can be sure they really need it. The pig will choose few friends and remain loyal to them for life, they seek peace and do whatever they can to maintain the status quo.  The favorite time of day for the pig is between 8pm and 11pm when the yin forces are at their strongest. The pig dislikes laziness, lies and hypocrisy and loves the pleasures and comforts of life, especially affection.

Character Traits

Happy, shy, modest, lighthearted, eager, sensual, peaceful, optimistic, flexible, sentimental, caring, fun and understanding.


The pig is one of the luckiest signs in business, often choosing careers as entertainers, artists, writers, scientists and computer experts. As a business partner the Pig can always be counted on, they are not afraid to take on responsibilities, are usually successful at earning money, and will hang on in business through tough times.


Compassionate, forgiving, and truthful, the pig makes a perfect partner and a loyal friend. Pigs are sexual and affectionate, and prefer enjoying their home rather than going out. Supportive and giving, the pig is a tolerant companion who is committed to long term relationships.

Love Compatibility

The Pig needs their soul mate like they need air to breathe, the Pig wants to be connected to that one person who understands it on all levels, they are gentle loving souls who yearn to love and be loved. The Pig offers undying loyalty, and requires a loving partner, and physical contact to help them fully function. The Pig is a romantic at heart and has a tendency to want to play the part of cupid, the Pig is a natural healer.

Pig – Rat

The Pig has all the compassion needed for the Rat to feel loved and understood, they are compassionate, kind and caring towards each other. Emotionally they are entirely in tune, soul mates meant to be.

Pig – Ox

There need to be serendipitous events to bring these souls together, they rarely seek each other out, but when they do meet they are instantly enamored. They will have a quiet and elegant love, both shunning the limelight and preferring the company of each other.

Pig – Tiger

The Pig is quiet and gentle, the Tiger is active and spirited, yet they are an ideal match. They each love the qualities of the other, they will be entirely successful as friends and lovers. Without a doubt they are long term.

Pig – Rabbit

They are gentle souls who recognise each other instantly, they will readily commit to each other and enjoy a long term bond. The Rabbit helps the Pig to feel more confident, theirs is a dedicated and gentle love.

Pig – Dragon

These two will have a joyous relationship, romance and spontaneity will be theirs, the Angels would weep if these two didn’t meet.

Pig – Snake

The Pig does not feel secure and safe with the Snake, or trust their motives, this creates unease within the relationship. The Pig’s effusive love of life, for some reason grates on the nerves of the Snake, they are not an ideal match.

Pig – Horse

The Pig dampens the Horse’s enthusiasm, and the horse does not bring out the best in the Pig. This is not a workable relationship.

Pig – Goat

Both have a relaxed approach to life, and roll with whatever takes place, there is mutual understanding and respect between them. Both are nurturing and like to help those in need. The Pig learns romance from the Goat and the Goat learns balance from the Pig, an easy and successful relationship.

Pig – Monkey

For some strange reason these souls often gravitate towards each other, yet they are not compatible. The Monkey is always up to something, and the Pig always ends up with hurt feelings due to an uneasy undercurrent.

Pig – Rooster

They relate to each other beautifully, it is a relationship with humour and love. The Rooster feels secure basking in the attention of the Pig, and the ease with which the two communicate.

Pig – Dog

Even though they are not part of a trinity, they do find depth and a connection with each other, they are unusual soul mates. They form a bond that will not be broken.

Pig – Pig

Generous, loving, caring, gentle, moral with a desire to care for each other and lead the best life they can lead, they form a sensual and romantic partnership of everlasting love.



Metal Pig

Metal Pigs are ambitious, enjoying a busy social life. The Metal element provides the Pig with much strength and a tough exterior, which benefits them in all areas of their life. The Metal Pig is trusting outspoken, diligent and loves everything they have, although they do have a tendency to be stubborn.

Water Pig

Water Pigs are extremely social and love having a good time. They can be very trustworthy but sometimes overly trustworthy, due to this others may take advantage of the Pig’s good nature. Water Pigs are very influential and articulate and often get what they want.

Wood Pig

Wood pigs are excellent communicators, easily able to express their thoughts and feelings, they enjoy helping others. The Wood pig is best suited to a career as a diplomat, this career allows the to use their skills to the fullest, they are strong minded, sincere and have loving hearts.

Fire Pig

The ambitious Fire Pig is likely to seek careers that allow travel and adventure, and once the Fire Pig makes up their mind it’s all or nothing, this is the same in business, their love life, and career. The thrill seeking Fire Pig may be too eager at times, and find themselves in unexpected situations, they make excellent leaders and bosses.

Earth Pig

The World holds little interest for the big hearted Earth Pig, who prefer to settle down early in life and is content with family and home. Earth Pigs are most attracted to the simple pleasures and joys of life. The cunning Earth Pig will never approach a task without formulating a plan first

Famous Pigs

Emma Thompson, Winona Ryder, Stephen King, Val Kilmer, Minnie Driver, Noah Wyle, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Billy Crystal, Tom Arnold, Edward James Olmos, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Woody Allen, Julie Andrews, Richard Dreyfuss, Sheena Easton, Farrah Fawcett, Marie Osmond, Carlos Santana, Brian May, Tracey Ullman, Phil Donahue, Luciano Pavarotti, Nastassja Kinski, Randy Travis, Rosanna Arquette, Elton John, Steven Spielberg, Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Henry Kissinger, Oliver Cromwell, Samuel F. Morse, Noel Coward, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carl G. Jung, Henry Ford, and the Dalai Lama.




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