Money Magic


Money Magic

A spell to make money come to you more easily, this is a catalyst spell to release the brakes and remove any blockage that has hindered your financial progress.

Items: Six silver coins

One black candle in holder

One orange

One salt shaker

Two berries or strawberries

Ritual: Place the silver coins next to each other, then place the black candle next to the coins and light it. Cut the orange in half and sprinkle salt on each half, put one berry or strawberry on each half of the orange. Recite the following three times.

Day by day the money flows

Money money comes to me

Money mine here to stay

Fortune grows as time passes

Gods of fortune seal my spell

My fate unfolds I claim my bounty

This will be

Allow the black candle to burn for two hours then blow out. Discard orange and berries as you see fit.


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