Spell to help you to take charge of your life

Spell to help you to take charge of your life

This is a spell for those who need to nurture an independent streak and have more belief in themselves. This spell helps you to take charge of your life and be financially independent.

Items: One purple flower of any sort in vase

One amethyst crystal

One black obsidian

Three drops of lavender essence

One oil burner

Ritual: Put two drops of lavender essence in oil burner, put one drop of lavender essence on one petal of the flower. Hold the amethyst crystal in your left hand and the black obsidian in your right hand. Recite the following three times.

I rise above I can now fly

Living life as spirit free

I go forth and naught entangles

Uncertain path no more

Secure life I do create

My own abundant space create

Deities of wealth make this be

Cary the black obsidian with you in your purse, bag or pocket. Black obsidian may be worn as a necklace.




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