The Dog

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1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Natural Energy: Yang (Positive)

Natural Energy: Earth

Occupying the 11th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog. The Dog has great loyally towards those they love and extremely fierce towards their loved ones enemies. Dogs will often offer kind words and useful advice, they are great listeners and will be there when needed. Souls born under the Dog year learn the lesson of “watchfulness” and the ability to be alert and cautious while protecting those they love. The happiness of the Dogs friends is more important to them then money or career. The Dog soul intensifies some of the most altruistic traits of human nature. The dog is loyal dependable and will never turn their back on a friend. Dog are determined individuals with strong morals and ethics. The defiant dog strives to correct any injustices.

Souls born under the Dog year make lifelong friends and loyalty is the key element in their character, they have an attractive personality yet can be insecure about their own talents. The Dog likes to keep a clean and well maintained home and would much rather spend money on luxurious goods then practical items. Dogs can benefit from learning to relax and being more rational.



Honest, trustworthy, kind, honourable, loyal, heroic, faithful, generous, unselfish, compassionate, responsible and idealistic.



The career choice for the dog is a leader, a judge, a missionary or teacher, they will also find happiness as writers, poets and philosophers. Dogs are trusted by their employees and seen as valuable co-workers, the dog can always be counted on help out, especially if they can learn something new. The dog must be able to believe in what they are doing if they are to give the best of themselves. Good career choices for the dog include scientist, professor, police officer, nurse, interior designer and politician.



The dog makes a thoughtful, loving and loyal partner who will take their time falling in love. Although the dogs are trustworthy they will have trouble trusting others. The Dog as a lover is more affectionate than passionate and can easily become hurt by the words of their lovers. If the dog doesn’t build trust they are likely to be judgmental towards others.


Metal Dogs – Years 1910 and 1970

Metal will strengthen the dogs morels and ideas, they are very committed to whatever they do whether it me their careers or relationships. The Metal Dog will be forthright and like to speak their minds. They have high expectation both of themselves and others. Metal dogs are most drawn to careers in charities or religion.


Water Dogs – Years 1922 and 1982

The water dog will be more adaptable and intuitive, and their self confidence will grow when they are in a pack. Water dogs are big softies and will often take in the local strays. They are faithful, flexible, relaxed and will fill their home with unconditional love.


Wood Dogs – Years 1934 and 1994

Wood dogs make excellent companions, they are easy going warm-hearted and faithful. The Wood element makes the dog open to new experiences and to be less judgmental. Wood dogs are more open minded and are the most empathic of the dog family


Fire Dogs – Years 1946 and 2006

The Fire gives the dog passion and confidence, they are true leaders. Fire dogs can easily balance their own needs with needs of others and are far more confident than most dogs. Others will enjoy being in the company of Fire Dogs, they’re sexually attractive, charismatic, vibrant and confident and always on the go. Fire Dogs are true leaders.


Earth Dogs – Years 1958 and 2018

Earth dogs are confident, realistic and inspirational. They have a great sense of fairness that enables them to be very supportive of others. They are practical and excel at detailed work. Being double earth will help to balance the dog’s phobias and anxieties.


Famous Dogs

Claudia Schiffer, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Jamie Lee Curtis, Andre Agassi, Cher, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Gary Oldman,  Mariah Carey, Rodney Dangerfield, Missy Elliot, Candice Bergman, Kate Bush, Freddie Mercury, Winnie Mandela, Ralph Nader, Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Lenin, Voltaire, Socrates, Debussy, John Wesley, Golda Meir, Itzhak Rabin, Jose Carreras, Jacques Cousteau, Sally Field, Victor Hugo, Charles Manson, O.J. Simpson, George Gershwin, David Niven, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Prince, Norman Mailer, Linda Ronstadt, Shirley MacLaine, Brigitte Bardot, Connie Chung, Donald Sutherland, Prince William, Bill Clinton, and Laura and George W. Bush.


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