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Spell to rebuild self-esteem

Spell to rebuild self-esteem

Spell to rebuild self-esteem

This is a protection spell to rebuild self-esteem, it is for those who feel their self-esteem has been chipped away at. Using this spell will help strengthen the individual, leading them to no longer allow another to deplete them.

You will need:
One cup and saucer.
Camomile tea bag.
One teaspoon of sugar.
Gardenia essential oil.
Rose essential oil.
One oil burner.
Lighter or matches.
One purple candle.
Two leaves from a plant or tree.
Cast this spell after dark.

Put water into the oil burner, add two drops of rose oil. Two drops of gardenia oil. Light the oil burner and place to the right of your table or altar. Consecrate the leaves with two drops of rose oil each. Consecrate the candle with two drops of gardenia oil, place the candle in the middle of the table and light it. Half fill the teacup with hot water, place the camomile tea bag in the cup, add the teaspoon of sugar and add the two leaves. Take out the tea bag and stir the liquid six times in a clockwise direction.

Recite the following:

I have power. I have peace. I contribute. I will be heard. My self-esteem does grow this night. And bring chances mine this is my right. So mote it be. And it harm no one. It will be done.

After you have finished chanting gaze into the candle flame, imagine yourself becoming stronger and more self-assertive. Do this for five minutes, then pour the contents of the cup down the sink. This protection spell often triggers an overwhelming urge to make effective and life affirming changes.

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