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Shielded from Toxicity: A Ritual Spell for Protection in the Workplace

Shielded from Toxicity: A Ritual Spell for Protection in the Workplace
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“Shielded from Toxicity” is a ritual spell that creates a shield of protection around you in a toxic work environment, helping to promote a safe and positive atmosphere.

Items needed:

  • A quiet and private space
  • A small white candle
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A small bowl of salt
  • A black tourmaline crystal (optional)


  1. Find a quiet and private space where you can focus without interruption. Light the white candle and place it in front of you.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you. This bubble is your shield of protection.
  3. Take the piece of paper and pen, and write down any specific issues or situations that are causing toxicity in your work environment. Write them down, without judging or analyzing them.
  4. When you’ve finished writing, hold the paper over the flame of the candle and say:

    “I release these toxic energies, Let them be consumed by the fire. My shield is strong and bright, And negativity has no hold on me.”

  5. Allow the paper to burn completely in the flame of the candle, then drop it into the bowl of salt to extinguish it.
  6. Hold the black tourmaline crystal (if you have one) in your hand, and close your eyes. Visualize the crystal absorbing any negative energies around you, and filling you with positive energy and protection.
  7. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the floor in front of you, and say:

    “With this salt, I create a circle of protection, And shield myself from all negativity and deception. My work environment is a safe space, And I am strong in this protective embrace.”

  8. Take a few deep breaths, then blow out the candle.
  9. The ritual is now complete.

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