Protection Spells

Spell to protect you from gossip

Spell to protect you from gossip

Spell to protect you from gossip

This is a spell to protect you from those who gossip. It is more powerful during a full Moon.

You will need:
Two pieces of square fabric in red.
Red thread and one needle.
One red velvet ribbon, long enough to tie a bow.
One red candle.
One white piece of paper.
One red felt tip pen.
One pair of paper scissors.
Rose essence.
Cast this spell after dark.

Stitch the two squares of red fabric together to make a bag using the red thread. Take your pen and write the names of those you know are gossiping, cut around the name and anoint the paper with 3 drops of rose essence. Do this until all the names have been written and anointed, place them in the bag and tie it with the ribbon, make a bow. Place the candle in the center of your altar and light it. Place the bag in your lap.

Recite the following twice:

Gossip no more. Evil words be gone. Wagging tongues be silent. So mote it be.

When your chant is complete, focus on the candle flame and imagine it burning up any negative words. Do this for 10 minutes, then extinguish the flame. This spell becomes stronger the more you perform it.

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