Protection Spells

Spell to protect you from another’s magic

Spell to protect you from another’s magic

Spell to protect you from another’s magic

This is a spell to counter the effect of another’s magic. Perform your ritual on a Friday evening after 8pm. The person’s negative influences will be removed with this spell, it has proven to be very effective.

You will need:
Lavender essential oil.
One beeswax candle.
One white candle.
One teaspoon of basil.
One small bowl.
One black felt tip pen.
One sheet of plain white paper.
One wooden spoon.

Write the name of the person wielding the untoward magic, using the black felt tip pen. Fold the paper and rip it in half, keep ripping until the paper is in small pieces, place the pieces into the bowl and sprinkle the teaspoon of basil onto the paper, add six drops of lavender essence. Place the beeswax candle to the left of your altar or table, place your white candle on the right of your altar or table, consecrate both candles with the essential oil then light them.
Focus your attention on the flame of the white candle, at the same time stir the ingredients in the bowl, stir in a clockwise direction, use the wooden spoon.

Recite the following:

Artemis goddess of light. Protector of the vulnerable. Return all ill will to sender. Your power surrounds me. I bathe in your light. So mote it be. And it harm no one. It will be done.

When you have finished your chant, focus on the white candle light, imagine you are looking at a movie screen and the person who sent the untoward energy is on the screen. As you gaze at the candle flame, see the person getting smaller and smaller, until they are a tiny dot. Say the words “be gone” and see the person disappear, then take the contents of the bowl and bury them in the garden or in a plant pot. Sit down again and focus on the taper candle for 5 mins then extinguish both candles. This spell weaving will take 24 hours to work. You may also repeat the spell, in one week.

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