Protection Spells

Spell of protection during psychic work

Spell of protection during psychic work

Spell of protection during psychic work

This is a protective spell for those embarking on any psychic work, it offers a gold ring of protection. It is especially useful for those who perform psychic readings, or those who channel messages from non-physical entities.

You will need:
One clear plastic water bottle.
One pink candle.
One piece of pink cellophane.
One elastic band.
One quartz crystal.

Fill the bottle with tap water, and wrap in pink cellophane, hold together using the elastic band. Place the bottle and the crystal near a window where they will receive the Sun’s rays. Leave for 2 hours, then refrigerate the bottle of water for 2 hours. After doing this, place the candle in the center of your altar, light your candle and place the crystal on your altar in front of the candle. Drink the entire contents of the bottle. Pick up your crystal and hold it in the hand you write with.

Recite the following twice:

Tara, Goddess of Peace and Protection. Watch over me. I have and hold divine love. I do progress for the good of all. May this be so. And it harm no one. It will be done.

Sit and meditate into the candle flame for 10 mins, let the candle burn for 1 hour, then extinguish. Perform this ritual before any psychic work, it ensures you will be surrounded by benign energy only. Your crystal may be used as an amulet once the spell is complete.

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