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Spell to help fill the coffers

Spell to help fill the coffers
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Spell to help fill the coffers

This spell helps to boost a depleted bank account. Cast this spell at 8pm and do it away from television and computer screens. You will be calling upon the element of Earth.

You will need:
One small amethyst crystal.
Lavender essence.
Three gold coins.
Two squares of calico fabric sewn together to make a bag
One silver ribbon long enough to tie in a bow.
A garden or a plant pot with soil in it.

Place the incense on the table or altar and Light. Anoint the crystal and each gold coin with lavender essence, place the three gold coins in the bag. Tie the bag with the silver ribbon, make a bow. Hold the bag in your right hand and hold the amethyst in your left. You are now ready to cast your spell. If you are able cast this spell under the light of the Moon.

Recite the following:

Moonbeams send abundance to me. Help me grow a money tree. Replenish all I ask thee. Let this be done.

When you have finished reciting your spell, bury the bag containing the gold coins in the garden, or in your plant pot. Leave and allow magic to be woven.
When you go to sleep place the amethyst under your pillow, leave for eight nights.

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