Money Spells

Spell to bring you some much needed cash

Spell to bring you some much needed cash

This is a spell to bring some money into your life. For this spell you will be drawing on the element Air.

You will need:
Two silver coins.
One gold coin.
A lilac candle.
One gold ribbon long enough to tie in a bow.
Two squares of calico fabric, equal size.
Gold thread

Sew three sides of the calico together to make a bag, use the gold thread. Place the coins and lavender into the calico bag and tie the bag with the gold ribbon, make a bow.
Light the lilac candle. Hold the bad in your right hand, take three deep breaths.

Recite the following:

Air spirit to you I speak. Send abundance I beseech. Let gold rain down upon me. Let this be done.

Let the candle burn down then put the bag in a safe place, preferably somewhere dark and cool. Leave it there for 28 days.

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