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14 Witchy Ways to Have a Magical Morning

14 Witchy Ways to Have a Magical Morning
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Nothing sets the tone for a magical day like starting your morning with a little witchcraft. From the moment our feet hit the floor, we have opportunities to weave spells, perform rituals and infuse our daily routines with energy, intention and meaning. Our mornings set the stage for how our power and presence will unfold over the coming hours.

As Witches, we know the importance of intention – of taking even the smallest of actions and imbuing them with purpose. And what better time for tiny acts of magick than in those first moments of stillness between sleeping and waking? It is in this in-between place, where dreamscapes fade and reality takes shape, that our abilities to affect change are at their peak. The veil between worlds feels thinner, energy and imagination flow freely. It is the perfect time to perform our craft.

Through simple rituals tailored to our individual paths and needs, we can start each day feeling fully charged, protected, motivated and connected to the natural tides of energy that guide our lives. Our morning practices, whether casting spells in the shower or scrying over tea, serve to center us in intention before the distractions of daily life pull our focus in countless directions. They remind us of our power to shape each moment, each interaction, each ripple outward.

And so dear witches, as dawn’s first light filters through windows or your Sabbat’s eve comes to a close, take a moment to imbue your morning routine with a little extra magic. Let these small acts of craft work their wonder, so that you may walk your day’s adventures feeling fully armed in your gifts and ready to weave your spells. The day is yours to enchant!

14 Witchy Ways to Have a Magical Morning

1. Cast a Protection Spell

Before heading off to the mundane world, cast a quick spell for safekeeping. Light white or black candles at your altar and call on spirits like guardian angels or power animals to watch over you. Sprinkle protective herbs like rosemary and sage around your space as you recite: “Spirits near and spirits far, keep safe places shield and guard. ”

Visualize a glowing forcefield of light surrounding and following you wherever you go. Feel confident venturing out into your day with magical shields in place. You can also anoint yourself with protective oils between your shoulder blades and wrists. Carry a charm like dragon’s blood or moonstone to reinforce the spell’s magic as needed. Start each day surrounded by a witch’s watchful web.

2. Practice Natural Glamour Magic

Envision glowing skin radiating inner beauty as you apply lotions. Infuse face products with a subtle glamour to carry confidence throughout your day.

3. Empower Your Toothpaste for Protection, Healing or Love

Sit your toothpaste beside protection crystals like fluorite and citrine, charged with healing energy. Ask them to lend their magic to the toothpaste, strengthening its care for your dental health and whole body wellness. Visualize pearly-white teeth fortified as you brush. For love spells, pair it with rose quartz and imagine attracting a special someone.

4. Connect With Your Familiar

Bond with your familiar—whether a cat, toad or unseen spirit guide—over breakfast. Chat with them about your day’s plans and intentions while you eat. Let them sip almond milk or nibble treats as you connect on a soul level. Animals are highly intuitive, so ask your familiar to provide any guidance they perceive.

Tune into their energy and notice subtle signs like certain behaviors, sounds, or feelings that may relay messages. Showing your familiar affection first thing builds a strong magical partnership. Their support will stay with you all day as you go about practicing your craft. Connecting to familiars is a magical way to start any morning.

5. Brew a Moon-Blessed Tea

infuse your morning drink with lunar magic. The night before a full moon, place teabags, herbs, or spices in a jar under the moonlight as it rises. Let the moon’s silvery glow charge the contents with her blessed power. In the morning, remove your moon-brewed tea items and make yourself a steaming cup.

As you sip, feel the moon’s loving energy enter your body. Lavender and chamomile are calming choices that lift your spirits. Spicy blends like cinnamon, ginger, and clove can energize and protect. Add a dash of honey for extra lunar sweetness. Carry your charmed brew with you in a thermos to keep the magic flowing throughout your day.

6. Release Negativity in the Shower

Let the warm water wash away troubles, envisioning them swirling down the drain. Emerging fresh and light, feel cleansed of dark moods lingering from sleep. A quick ritual each dawn brings mental clarity.

7. Meditate With Crystals

Lay out your crystal altar before bed and choose your stones for the morning. When you wake, take time to meditate with them. Hold each crystal and feel its unique energy, letting it attune your aura. Crystals like citrine and carnelian can lift your mood as the sun lifts the sky. Clear quartz amplifies any intent, so set your intentions for the day as you connect to your stones’ magic.

Feel tension and worries dissolve under their powers. You may even see visions in your third eye or get impressions to guide your day. Let crystal magic flow through your chakras and leave you buzzing with energy. Carry a small crystal in your pocket too for extra protection and power throughout your adventures.

8. Carve Sigils of Strength

Use a sharp tool to carefully etch runes or symbols into your soap or deodorant expressing hopes for the day, like courage in public speaking. Imagine it carrying those energies wherever you go. Make your own with empowering herbs for an extra magical boost first thing.

9. Commune With Plants and Trees

Connect with the green realm first thing by tending your garden or sitting beneath a tree’s boughs. Speak to the plants and listen for any messages they may share. Gently brush leaves or petal soft petals to exchange energy. You may receive intuitive insights or their vibrations could lift your spirits.

Offer water, compost or sing to the plants in thanks for the magic they provide. Dry or press flowers to make into talismans or potions. Carry a leaf or twig for extra nature protection. Nurturing your green allies infuses each morning with the earth’s healing powers.

10. Charge Your Bed for Sweet Dreams

Fluff and smooth your linens with vigor, shaking out stagnant vibes. Breathe luminous light to re-consecrate the space for restful slumber. Fresh magic readies the bed for nightly repose.

11. Perform a Dream Divination

Recall any vivid or symbolic dreams upon waking. Scry the remnants in a black mirror, bowl of water or coffee grounds to glean prophetic insights. Note down symbols, colors, people or scenarios for further research. Dreams can provide guidance for spellwork, life decisions or spiritual lessons.

You may also act out certain dream actions, like mixing potions or casting spells, to seal their magic. Divining dreams infuses your morning with mystic portents to ponder. Their messages may influence your day’s magickal intentions.

12. Journey to the Astral Plane

Use meditation, lucid dreaming or shamanic drumming to travel the astral realms before the material world calls. Commune with spirits for guidance or simply explore the mystical ether. Journeys beyond the veil of reality infuse mornings with otherworldly magic and wonder.

13. Charge Magical Tools

Place crystals, wands, athames and other tools in your east window to absorb the sun’s first rays. As they bask, visualize each tool’s purpose and will its magic to strengthen. Tools charged with solar energy stay potent for spells and rituals.

You can also place tools under the light of the full moon or leave them on your altar overnight for a boost. Charging your magical items primes your energy and practice for the day ahead.

14. Study your Book of Shadows

Flip through your grimoire over tea to choose your focus for the day. Research new spells, herbal remedies, moon phases or lore to expand your craft. As you read, take notes or jot down any magical ideas. Book of Shadows time ignites your inner witch spark and gets creative cauldron juices flowing.

Marking your spot, tuck the tome in your bag to continue studying between tasks. Revisiting your Book of Shadows imbues mornings with a sense of ritual, learning and magical evolution. Its wisdom stays with you, guiding your craft all day.

Final Musings

Now go forth and start your days with witchcraft, dear ones. Allow these morning rituals to nourish your spirit and light your path with power. Feel the magic you have infused into even the smallest of tasks carry you throughout your adventures.

And remember, do not limit your magick to just the dawn. Look for opportunities throughout each hour to perform your craft, whether casting impromptu spells in the checkout line or communing with nature on your lunch break. May your days unfold filled with wonder, your gifts felt by all with whom you cross paths. Blessed be!


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