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Spell to bring about financial opportunities

Spell to bring about financial opportunities
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Spell to bring about financial opportunities

This is a spell to make financial opportunities come to you, it will also help you to handle money effectively and cautiously. You will be calling upon the Sun and the Moon to empower your spell.

You will need:
Three silver coins.
Three gold coins.
One silver thimble
Two squares of green fabric, sewn together to make a bag.
One green ribbon, long enough to tie in a bow.
One teaspoon of basil.
Lavender essence.
One candle.

Wear the silver thimble. Consecrate the candle with the lavender essence, do the same with the coins. Place the coins in a circle around the candle. Light the candle.

Recite the following:

Golden Sun silver Moon, make money flow my way soon. Abundance I do now receive. Money spirit my prayers answer.  Let this be done.

When you have finished chanting pick up one coin at a time in your left hand, and place into the green bag. Put the thimble in the bag, followed by the teaspoon of basil. Place three drops of lavender essence in the bag. Tie the bag with the green ribbon, make a bow. Hold the bag in your right hand then focus on the candle flame for five minutes imagining you are wealthy. After gazing at the candle for five minutes, place the bag near a window where it will receive sunlight during the day, and moonlight at night. Allow the candle to burn down. This spell works gradually, after one month you should be able to notice that you are handling money in an entirely different way. After the bag has absorbed sunlight and moonlight for a month, bury it in the garden.

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