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Zodiac Signs: Unveiling Your Magical Gifts

Zodiac Signs: Unveiling Your Magical Gifts
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Do you know what your magical powers are? Do you think that perhaps you don’t have any? Have you ever heard the phone ring and instinctively new who was before you answered the phone? That was your psychic powers picking up on who the caller was.

All twelve of the zodiac signs possess their own magical strengths and powers. When we are born under these signs, we inherit the magical strengths of that planet.

Read the powers of your Zodiac signs and see what gifts and magical powers you were born with!

Jump ahead to your sign:


Ruling Planet: Mars.

In Roman mythology, your ruling planet is Mars the god of war. Those born under this sign are empowered by the element fire, this fire lights their path and inspires passion and courage wherever they go.

The power of fire makes them great at sex magic and banishing negative spirits.

Aries have a natural ability to charge amulets and talismans, they also have healing abilities.

Any magic which involves fire will be empowered.

Ruling Planet: Venus

By being born under the goddess Venus, your sixth sense is empowered. You have great instincts and can feel what’s going on around you before they happen. You have inherited the charms of your goddess which makes you irresistible to any lover.

Those born under the influence of Taurus have a natural ability to perform spells for wealth, love and good fortune. Without trying you attract good luck and good blessings.

Taurus are very grounded which makes them excellent at natural magic, such as the seasons, Sabbats and magic with the circles of the moon and stars.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

The planet Mercury has excellent psyche and the most active mind of the Zodiac. This mental agility is Gemini’s superpower, and if harnessed and directed, can be focused into creating some potent magic

Magic performed by those born under this sign are empowered for all intellectual matters and communication. This gives them great telepathic abilities and makes them more adept in Astral Projection.

­You have great intuition, and it is always spot on. When you pick up on something you need to listen, it will always be right.


Ruling Planet: The Moon

The Moon is associated with the element of water, this makes you innately intuitive and empathic. You can sense how are people around you are feeling.

The power of water makes you great at friendship spells or love magic.

You also are excellent at all forms of divination. You make great psychics.

Being a Moonchild, you are heavily influenced by the energies of the lunar calendar. Cancer can take advantage of this sensitivity by performing spell work that is linked to the cycles of the moon. Your magic will be empowered if you match the type of magic you are working with the correct phase of the moon. The new moon for wealth magic, or the waning moon for healing work. etc


Ruling Planet: The Sun

The sun is your ruling planet, you are generous and loving and can make others smile. You are a ray of sunshine and the world cannot get enough of your light. You are very fluid and can evoke changes when no one else could. You are charming and can make people give you what you want.

You are a master at Tarot and can easily see the story between the cards.

Leo is associated with the element of fire and makes you great at magic to do with pleasures. (Including sexual ones).

Leos are also great at spoken spells, if you are conducting magic in a coven and someone has to speak out a spell, you would be the best person for that job.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgos are down to Earth and grounded. You have a unique connection to plants, and can easily speak to with them and understand their wisdom.

Your greatest magic is herbology, you can whip up a potion like no other.

Those born under this sign are also naturals at healing magic.

You are great at cheering people up, if you walk into a dull room, you will have everyone smiling and laughing shortly after.

You are also good at telepathy & peace spells.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra’s element is Air so you experience Venus’ beauty from a mental perspective, as opposed to Taurus who sees the world through its earthy senses.Zodiac Signs and Their Magical Powers

You are charming and a natural chameleon, you can match yourself to any situation or environment.

Libirans have a natural talent for beauty and glamour spells, just as they are naturals with putting together an outfit or what makeup looks best on them.

They are also incredible with peace spells and spells to achieve balance.

Anything to do with harmony and balance comes naturally to the Libiran.


Ruling Planet: Pluto

Scorpio is associated with the element of Water. This gives you have an emotional intensity, which at times could be overwhelming to those around you.

Scorpios can cast powerful spells for sexual pleasure and they are good at defensive magic, banishing spells and removing obstacles.

You highly intuitive and a natural mind reader, you are really great when it comes to finding out the truth.

Scorpios are great at manipulating energy and can create powerful magic charms and sigils.

You have incredible instincts and survival skills and can adapt easily to every new environment.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius are great with spirit magic and magic with magical creatures. Any magic relating to other realms works well for the Sagittarian.

Sagittarius are able to tap into spiritual wisdom and secret information. Anything they want to learn, they can.

Sagittarius is associated with the element of Fire, so any magic they do with fire will be empowered, such as candle magic.

They are also excellent at charging items, they can charge them with pure energy without any outside negative vibes.

Sagittarius are also great at removing negative energy and replacing it with good energy.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn the Goat is ruled by the Wise Saturn. They can tap into ancient wisdom and always find a way to achieve their goals. If a Capricorn wants to achieve something, they do it.

They are determined and have an enhanced ability to stick with a routine.

Capricorns are amazing when dealing with wealth and career spells.

Capricorn excel at any kind of Ceremonial Magic. Rituals with a coven will be empowered by the Capricorn.

They can interpret any dream and without having to look anything up.


Ruling Planet: Uranus

Ruled by Uranus, planet of chaos and unexpected change. You have a gifted mind and eccentric point of view. You are talented and great at inventing new things.

You have the ability to liberate and break free from anything that imposes upon your freedom.

Aquarius is great when performing spells to break negative spells, curses and addictions.

You also have great natural ability for astral projection and remote viewing.

All magic you do within a group will be empowered.


Ruling Planet: Neptune

You are ruled by Neptune, planet of compassion and subconscious realms.

You are a powerful psychic with an enhanced intuition.

You are able to communicate easily with the universe and tap into its vast wisdom.

Pisces are able to manipulate and use their dreams to find out what will happen in the future.

The Element associated with Pisces is Water, so all magic you do related with water and water spirits will be empowered.

Pisces are also great at contacting the spirits and magical entities such as Fairies.

You are also great at removing negative energies.

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