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Tea Magic – The Magical Properties of Tea

Tea Magic – The Magical Properties of Tea
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Tea Magic – The Magical Properties of Tea

For centuries witches have been using the magical properties of tea in their spell work. Each tea has their own unique magical properties. 

Below you can read the different types of teas and their magical uses. 

Yellow Tea: 

Magical Properties: Prosperity, wealth, fulfilment, purification, health and happiness. 

Black Tea: 

Magical Properties:  Strength, courage, wealth, banishment, willpower, energy, stability, death and alertness. 

Green Tea 

Magical Properties:  Healing, love, sexual health, energy, longevity, immortality and cleansing.

White Tea 

Magical Properties:  Wisdom, happiness, protection, purification, clarity, cleansings, new beginnings, blessings, lunar magic and fertility. 

Herbal Tea 

Magical Properties:  Prosperity, love 

Oolong Tea 

Magical Properties:  Meditation, concentration, romance, wisdom, harmony, friendship and divination. 


Magical Properties:  Courage, Strength, determination, patience, longevity, determination and wisdom. 

Peppermint Tea 

Magical Properties:  Clarity, alertness, focus, productivity, social energy/luck in socializing, morale/confidence  


Magical Properties:  Divination, prosperity, wisdom, death, psychic development, banishment and reflection. 


Magical Properties:  Healing, abundance, receptive energy, protection, peace, wealth, reduce stress, helps you sleep and pain relief 


Magical Properties:  Success, prosperity, confidence, adventure, sensuality 


Magical Properties:  Cleansing, removing energy blockages 


Magical Properties:  helps sleep, dream magic 

Dandelion Root 

Magical Properties:  Dream magick, Divination, spirit work 


Magical Properties:  Love, beauty, protection 


Magical Properties:  Love, Divination, Dream magick and lust 


Magical Properties:  Prosperity and abundance 


Magical Properties:  Cleansing, psychic opening 


Magical Properties:  Protection from evil, illness, and magickal interference 

Yerba Matte 

Magical Properties:  alertness, focus, productivity, social energy/luck in socializing, morale/confidence  

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