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Decider crystals

Decider crystals
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Decider crystals

As I said in my psychic powers entry some psychics use decider crystals.

I am unsure of their original name but this is what I called them. Decider crystals are most commonly amethyst, they are of varied shapes and sizes. They are hung from a metal chain that is usually about 20cm long, you can make your own or buy them online.

How to train your crystals!

First, you must choose ONE decider crystal as your own, then teach it the basics of yes or no.

It can tell you this in 2 ways-

It can spin clockwise or anticlockwise and you can assign one way to yes and the other to no.

Or it can sway back and forth- forwards and back and left to right and again assign left and right to the particular motions.

But how do you assign the yes and no?

Well first ye hold it very still and then let go, hold the crystal and carry it in the motion you want to use, ie left to right, and tell the crystal this is yes or this is no.

Next, to check that it understands, ask it lots of yes or no questions that you know the answer to like, am I a girl or do I have a horse.

Remember to get accurate results holt it very still and only ask one question at a time!

I hope this was interesting, Little witch out X

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