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Wandlore and Spellcasting

Wandlore and Spellcasting
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Wandlore and Spellcasting

The wand is quite possibly the most powerful of witchcraft tools, capable of channeling the wielder’s inner magical force and concentrating it towards a specific goal.

Wandlore is an ancient art, it has been used for thousands of years in magical and religious rites. They have a variety of purposes, they are used to summon spirits, draw magical symbols, for healing and for spellcasting. The wand is one of the four elemental tools of witchcraft, along with athame, pentacle and the chalice. They correspond to the four elements. fire, water, earth and air. The four elements are described through the Tarot card’s minor arcana, wands, cups, pentacles and swords

Traditionally the wand is represented by either the element of air or fire, but a wand-maker can also create wands for the elements of Earth and Water.

Generally, a witch will have one main wand to be used for any magical purpose, however they will often have a second wand designed to be used for a specific purpose, such as Samhain or Yule ritual.

Like a wand the athame can also be used to direct energy, though the wand is seen as a more subtle and gentle option. The athame works best for banishing rituals and protection magic, it can be used to cast a circle. The steel-bladed dagger is most suitable for banishing a mischievous spirit.

A wand is traditionally made from the wood of a sacred tree, such as oak, willow, elder, apple, peach, hazel or cherry but can also be made from metal, ivory or crystal. A wand is usually decorated with engravings, stones and metals.

Each kind of wood is unique and has its own magical strengths and powers. Oak trees are good for protection magic, while Willow is good for healing, Hawthorn is good for fertility and birch for purification. Alder is a best for battle.

Not all trees produce a quality wand, just like with wizards, some are powerful and others have little magical strength at all.

Each wand has its own personality and character, they can be happy, stubborn, grumpy or fickle. If a wand is unhappy, they can refuse to work well at all. Wands get much of their personality from the tree from which they are made. A friendly tree will most likely produce a friendly wand.

The Dryad of a tree is the secret of the magic wand. It is a transcendent spirit who lives within the wood. The Dryad spirit is a living creature with its own personality and does not like to be left in its box for too long. Give your wand attention and energy when possible and put it to magical use as often as you can. Be good to your wand and keep it in a calm environment and you will have a loyal assistant. When you create a wand with a dryad spirit, it will become part of you and will lend its power and magical propensities to help you achieve your intentions.

In time you will begin to learn from your wand and the wand will learn from you. There is a partnership between the witch and the wand, and in time an energy generated between the wand and the witch becomes significant and prevalent.

Some traditionist believe the wand should measure from the crook of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, as the wand is intended as an extension of the arm or pointed finger. Most Wiccan wands range from just over 7 inches to about 18 inches.

History of Wands

Most history on wands has come down from verbal tradition, though there are many stories of wands in history and myth.

One of the first mentions of wands in literature, was in Homer’s “Odyssey”, the witch Circe used her wand to transform all of Odysseus’s men into pigs. Also in The Odyssey, Homer wrote that the Wandlore - Witchcraft and Wandsgoddess Athena used her magic wand to turn Odysseus into an old man and then, with a wave of her wand, she made him young again.

Another wand is the legendary Caduceus, this wand was carried by the Greek God Hermes and in Egypt carried by Isis and Anubis. The Caduceus is a winged staff entwined by twin serpents and is said that whoever who holds the rod has the magic powers of the heavens. Another myth says that anything it touches turns into gold. The Caduceus is nearly universal, found in Mesopotamia, India, Europe and Egypt, where it is always a symbol of harmony and balance.

In Celtic legend, the three wise women (The Triple Goddess) are often depicted with wands. Using these tools, they would bring about their desires. One legend tells of the wise women facing cave dwelling giants and using their wands to dislodge boulders and rocks from the mountain to rain down upon the giants.

In Norse legend, Thor goes on his journey without his weapons. He is warned of the dangers he faces and is given a magic wand to use in his battles. In this story Thor uses the wand to fling a boulder and breaks the back of a giantess.

In Pharaonic Egypt, wands would often be left in the tomb of a dead person, together with magic texts which would enable the soul (Ka) to use them in the afterlife. Egyptian wands made from ivory have been found dating back to around 2800 B.C, these were not straight wands like we have today but were flat semi-circle wands with symbols carved into them.

Egyptian priests of Horus used what is known as “The Wands of Horus” These were hollow cylinders filled with a variety of metaphysical stones used for healing. It is believed that higher priests used the wands to transverse the worlds of the living and the dead. In many Egyptian sculptures, the Pharaoh’s can be seen holding two cylinders, these are the Wands of Horus, they were believed to provide balance, and guidance into the afterlife.

In the Bible Moses was depicted as having used a hazel wand, known as the “The Staff of Moses” which he used in the parting of the Red Sea.

After Christianity took over that part of the world, stories of wands were distorted and people were made to believe they were an evil object.

The wand has been used through the ages, in many cultures, in various forms, shapes and sizes. But in essence the wand is still simply an extension of the witch.

Finding your wand – How to Make Wand

The wand chooses the witch; the witch does not choose the wand.

There are some very beautiful wands available at Wiccan or “New Age” shops but the most powerful wand is the one you make yourself.

Venture out into a wooded area, even your backyard, going by feel to find the right tree or branch.

Taking from a tree you know well is an excellent way to bond with your new tool.

Either find a branch on the ground or cut one from the tree.

When you find the perfect branch, ask the tree permission to take it, you will feel an affirmative or a negative, if you get a negative feeling, move on to a different tree.

Once you have your branch, thank the tree and leave a small offering such as a pinch of herbs, milk or honey.

An advanced wand maker will choose his wand under strict conditions, such as traveling to an ancient sacred area, picking from an old tree, under the constellation Libra, during a full moon.

Decorating your wand

Before you begin, think about what you’d like to use your wand for. You can make an all-purpose wand or you can get more specific such as a wand specifically for money spells, love spells, abundance spells, or heightened spiritual awareness spells.

If you use a metal or stones to decorate your wand, make sure you understand the properties of that item. Just like wood, metals and stones have their own magical properties.

There is no set way on how to decorate your wand, it is completely up to you so decorate it however you desire.

Here are some suggestions for decorating your wand.

1. Remove the skin from the branch and smooth it. Sand off any sharp bits, including the ends.
2. Carve or burn runes or other symbols into the shaft of the wand, such as Viking rune symbols.
3. If you like you can wrap wire around a small quartz crystal and attach it to the pointy end.
4. You could also wrap the handle or the entire wand with copper wire.
5. Wrap a strip leather around the holding end.

Empowering your wand

It is not the wand that causes magical transformation, the power of the wand comes from the witch who charges the wand with energy.

The most important step in turning your wand from a simple wood into a magical tool is the wand empowerment ritual. Below is the empowering ritual.

1. On one side of the wand engrave a word of power or a power symbol.
2. Light three candles and place them on your altar in a triangle layout.
3. Next Light incense and place on your altar.
4. Next anoint your wand using an oil essence, it is a personal preference which oils and symbols you engrave into your wand, though different oils have different strengths, such as rose for love spells or Lavender oil for healing.
5. Next hold your hand in your left hand, close your eyes and focus on sending your energy into the wand, this is known as charging your wand. Spend 10 minutes charging your wand.
6. Now say “By the four elements of power I consecrate this Wand” Place the wand in the middle of the three candles and leave it there until your candles burn out. After the dedicating ceremony is complete, you have your new wand.

You want your wand to be special, sacred, and reserved for magical use.

When not in use keep your wand wrapped inside silk or a sturdy box, this will keep it from getting dusty and being exposed to daily life.

Do not allow anyone else to handle your wand, you do not want others transferring their energies into your wand.

A wand grows more powerful with use, being imbued from the magic that has been channeled to it. A wand used by multiple Wizards will be experienced in a wide range of spells.

How to Cast a Spell

Spellcasting in the modern world can be summed up as a combination of the witch’s willpower, a specific movement of their wand, and a proper incantation.

Spoken spells are powerful but some of the most powerful spells are cast using wand motions. When you combine spoken spells with wand motions, the power is multiplied.

To cast a spell with a wand you must first learn to build up the energy in your body and send it through your hand into your wand. From there a beam of energy can be sent from the tip of the wand to achieve your desired goal.

The energy you send through the wand should be focused on your desired purpose. For a healing spell, focus on sending healing energy into your wand, or green light. For a love spell focus on sending loving energy into the wand or red light. For a protection spell charge the wand with protective energy or blue light.

Now you have your charged wand you can focus and direct the energy outward.

Start small with basic wand motions and simple spoken spells, as you learn the craft you will naturally evolve to more advanced magic.

To begin lightly shake the wand back and forth for a moment to wake the wand.

Remember to articulate the spell clearly and use continuous smooth wand motions. You must move your wand like you mean it, or the wand will think you are just playing around and ignore you!

To cast a simple protection spell, point the wand at the person or object you wish to protect. Focus on your intent and draw a circle with the wand, as you complete the wand motion say “gold ring”.

For more advanced spells you can draw symbols of power, such as, Futhark/Norse Runes. Make certain to match the symbol with the with the spell, a money spell would use the Fehu rune symbol and a luck spell would use the Perthro symbol.

For ritual magic use slow and majestic movements, rituals are sacred so treat this magic with reverence.

Wand Motions

Below are some basic wand motions that can be used to cast any kind of spells.

Basic Wand Motions - Wandlore

Common Witchcraft Spells

Every witch should know the basic spells to protect themselves.

These powerful spells are known as the core spells which are widely recognizable throughout the world, there are spells for defensive and offensive magic. These are particularly useful in combat. Numerous alternatives to each of these spells exist, some offering more satisfying results.

Exaramo – disarm

Repelula – repel an attack

Defendero – block/shield

Silancium – silence

Forotoro Memoriam – erase from memory/alter memories
(Foro-Toro Mem-or-Iam)

Votame [name of the object] – summon an object via telekinesis

Detango – dispel (magic)

Inhindio – stop, bind, immobilise

Comindium – command, take control over someone

Selringdia – guards you against physically harmful attacks

Aegis Medias – summons a shield against offensive charms

Protectima – conjures a magical wall between the spellcaster

Conjaro Deflecto – deflects a charm sent at you back to the caster
(Con-Jaro De-Flec-To)

Wataro Elemento – summons a water element to fight with you against an attacker
(Wa-Taro Ele-Men-To)

Zapitta Teshuba – sends a lightning bolt at an attacker. it gives the target the sensation of being struck by lightning.
(Zap-Itta Tes-Huba)

Pulso Visbo – sends a powerful energy bolt towards a target
(Pul-so Vis-Bo)

Crainium Actaba – inflicts a splitting headache on the target
(Cran-Ium Act-Aba)

To write all information on wandlore would take dozens of books, I have simply shown you some of the basics. Good luck with your magic and best wishes.

Magic Correspondence

Wand Woods and Their Magical Strengths

Almond: Clairvoyance. Divination. Wisdom. Money.
Apple tree: Healing. Love. Perpetuates youth.
Apricot: Love.
Ash: Prophecies. Good luck. Protection. Divination. Love.
Birch: Purification. Fertility. New beginnings. Protection.
Blackthorn: Protection.
Cedar: Longevity. Prosperity.
Coconut tree: Chastity. Purity. Healing.
Cypress: Protection. Past lives. Necromancy.
Elder: Protection. Prosperity. Healing.
Elm: Protection.
Eucalyptus: Healing.
Fig tree: Fertility. Energy. Health.
Hazel: Marriage. Divination. Reconciliation. Protection.
Juniper: Protection.
Lime tree: Healing. Divination. Chastity.
Linden: Protection.
Lemon tree: Healing. Chastity. Divination.
Mountain Ash: Strength. Protection.
Mulberry: Fortune telling. Knowledge. Wisdom. Willpower.
Oak: Strength. Longevity. Healing. Money.
Olive: Fertility. Peace. Security. Money. Fidelity. Marriage.
Orange tree: Marriage. Love.
Palm tree: Strength.
Peach: Divination. Love.
Pine: Health. Prosperity. Fortune. Fertility. Purification. Prosperity.
Poplar: Protection.
Red Maple: Love. Divination.
Walnut: Healing. Protection
Willow: Divination. Wishes. Enchantment. Protection. Healing.

Wand Metals and Their Magical Properties.

Copper: Healthy, abundance, money, love
Brass: Communication, resilience, protection, abundance, and money.
Silver: Psychic abilities, protection, and moon magic.
Steel: Protection, healing, good sleep.
Gold: Beauty, love, abundance, success, and money.
Tin: Divination, luck, and success.
Zinc: Protection, fertility, love, prosperity, and banishing magic.

Wand Crystals and Their Magical Properties.

Agate: Wealth. Protection. Vitality. Fertility. Dream magic.
Amber: Love. Purification. Peace. Harmony. Air Magic
Amethyst: Psychic Powers. Love. Meditation.
Ametrine: Clarity. Protection.
Apatite: Spiritual Cleansing. Remove negative energies.
Aquamarine: Psychic Abilities. Hope. Water Magic.
Aventurine: Money. Earth Magic.
Anandalite: Cosmic Knowledge. Akashic Records.
Bloodstone: Vitality. Perseverance. Fire Magic.
Calcite: Opens Spiritual Doors.
Carnelian: Increase power.
Cat’s Eye: Clairvoyance. Familiars.
Celestite: Healing. Dream Magic. Dispel Depression.
Chrysocolla: Serenity and Peace.
Chrysolite: Wealth.
Chrysoprase: Friendship. Connection with Spirit Spirits/Elementals.
Citrine: Money. Abundance. Energise. Revitalise magic. Air Magic.
Diamond: Channeling. Prophecy. Healing. Money Magic.
Emerald: Wish fulfilment. Joy. Love Spells. Wealth. Good Luck. Akashic Records. Past Lives.
Fluorite: Mental Powers. Creativity. Healing. Reverse Bad Luck. Prophetic Dreams. Air Magic.
Garnet: Sex Magic. Magical Regeneration. Fertility. Fire Magic.
Hematite: Purification. Realisation. Manifestation. Fertility. Protection. Fire Magic.
Jade: Vitality. Immortality. Divine blessings. Money Magic. Success Spells.
Jasper: Weather Magic. Wish Spells.
Kyanite: Water Magic. Emotional Healing. Freedom. Speech and Creativity.
Labradorite: Psychic Powers. Transformation. Wisdom.
Lapis Lazuli: Love Spells. Beauty. Psychic Protection. Clarity and Peace.
Malachite: Protection. Wisdom. Natural Magic. Attract Lover Spells, Communication with Magical/Spiritual Entities
Moonstone: Love, Divination, Prophecy, Wisdom, Beauty, Water Magic.
Obsidian: Grounding, Divination, Meditation, Alluring and Charming Spells, Summoning Spirits, Lighting Magic.
Onyx: Summoning Spirits, Protection, Absorbing Negativity, Grounding, Earth Magic, Astral Projection, Spells for Karma and Spiritual Time Travelling.
Opal: Reveal the Truth, Clairvoyance, Success.
Pearl: Water Magic, Love and Beauty Spells, Stores Magical Spells.
Peridot: Emotional Healing Magic (especially Jealousy), Money and Abundance Spells, Fame, Inner Strength.
Quartz: Divine Love, Magic Amplifier, Magic Storage, Remove Energy Blockages.
Rhodochrosite: Love Issues, Self-Love, Compassion, Identify Problems.
Rhodonite: Inspiration, Love Spells (especially attracting soulmates), Confidence, Self-Worth.
Rose Quartz (Pink Quartz): Friendship and Love Spells, Beauty Spells, Peace and Tranquility.
Ruby: Sex and Love Spells, Health and Vitality Spells, Psychic and Magical Abilities, Protection from Sorcery.
Sapphire: Creation, Fertility Magic, Love and Beauty Spells, Protection from all Harm.
Selenite: Connection with Positive Magical/Spiritual Entities, Wisdom, Peace, Spiritual Guidance, Radiance.
Sodalite: Water Magic, Fairy Magic, Courage, Protection, Dream Magic.
Staurolite: Protection, Fairy Magic, Good Luck, Optimism.
Sugilite: Clairvoyance, Visions, Hidden Knowledge, Connection with Spirits.
Topaz: Mystical Power, Wealth, Protection, Radiance (depends on colour)
Tourmaline: Attraction, Wealth and Power, Spirit Magic, Occult Wisdom (depends on colour)
Turquoise: Protection from Evil Eye, Healing Magic, Water Magic, Calm and Peace.
Unakite: Balance, Creativity, Love and Sex Magic, Passion for Life.

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